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➽➽➽ 1CAPTCHAS.COM ➽➽ WORKING Recaptcha OCR + 4587 Others + TextCaptcha Solver - 20% Off For Launch!!

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Hey folks,

Most of you are probably familiar with our service for GSA Ser. If not, then all you really need to know is we have been helping our fellow linkbuilders out for OVER 3 years now.  Today, were putting that reputation on the line again with what we think is the Cheapest, Fastest, and Most effective OCR service currently available.


Solving Recaptcha V1, V2, AND V3 + 4783 Others + Text Captcha Solving

PS: Reviews and feedback from our beta testers should be forthcoming. Please, feel free to ask any questions you might have.




  • shaunshaun
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    *Removed at users request*
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    I was lucky enough to be one of the beta testers for this captcha solving service. The results of using this with 1lniklist lists have been quite phenomenal. I've been seeing a ton of new sites being verified on my installs of ser across all platforms.

    I've set up my installs to first use CB and then send everything else to 1captchas for solving. LPM is ticking over nicely at 100+. Actual solve times on recaptchas do vary from as quick as 0.5 seconds to 4 or 5 seconds.

    Success Rates:
    It's not just the recaptchas that get solved, as I'm seeing the text captcha and other image captcha types being solved correctly too. Even captchas that CB couldn't solve itself. The user dashboard allows you to see the solves for image captchas and text captchas individually. Text captcha solving appears to have very high success rates. Image captcha solving is well over 50% as an estimate (including recaptcha). The main signal for me that the service works great is the number of new sites I'm seeing verified links on. I've also been sad enough to sit there watching CB solve for many hours, send to captcha service when CB fails and see 1captchas solve correctly.

    Having tested the service whilst in beta, my mind was made up on the first day that I was going to subscribe after seeing the solve rates. I was a bit concerned about the pricing model for this as historically service providers have had some strange pricing models based on captcha thread or software threads. Personally I felt they were always over priced. Fortunately, when I saw the pricing model for this service, I was pleasantly surprised, as it was priced a lot lower than I was willing to pay for it! lol

    Although its only been 2 weeks since I've been testing the service, I'm already seeing rank increases from the tiering I've been doing on my projects. No doubt the new sites I've been able to build links on is contributing a lot to it. That is also in very competitive niches, so for those of you that are doing local seo or in less competitive niches, this service will make a huge difference to the ranking power you'll have. Just think of all those new sites you'll be able to build links on that have been untouched.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    I've also been beta testing the service, and as I may have mentioned in that thread this is the best ocr since eve shut down a while back. It doesn't slow SER down much / at all, and it solves more than enough hard captchas to justify its cost. What else can you really ask for? The other two reviews cover enough specifics that it's not worth it for me to get into detail. I can say that I'll be picking up a subscription though.
  • I've been beta testing this service since day 1 and I have to tell you, for the money it really is the best one out there.  I've used other services and the threads vs success rate makes it really hard to look at you numbers in SER and figure out if there is benefit or not.  Not so with this, I saw consistent increases in links in my contextual project and my VPM doubled.  Plus the owner has always been there to troubleshoot, often times, notifying you even before you see a problem that it has already been fixed.
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    Just signed up yesterday. Looks good so far, except a short period when the service was down.
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    Hey everybody,

    Thanks for all the good feedback.

    I apolegize about the downtime today (We were down for a good 3 hrs or so.)

    We've been hit with a huge DDOSS attack, and though we have mitigation in place it looks like it managed to cause access problems for everyone regardless.

    Were back up now, and I'm putting further measures in place to deal with this in the future, so it should not happen again.

    Thanks for your patience,

  • very interesting ..  i sent you PM 
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    do you offer trail so we can test first?
  • Ok. Today i buy "50 Captchas Per Minute" for test.

    TEST 1. Only Recaptcha.
    Send 35 images. Only 1 solved. See image

  • ErMaxErMax UKRAINE
    edited February 2017
    Test 2. Other captchas.
    For this test i use random captchas images.

    Total i send 498 images to 1captchas.
    And this images i send to "" for get human answer with 100% recognition.

    And i get result:
    • 424 captchas solved
    • 74 captchas no solved.

    See full report (download)

  • ErMaxErMax UKRAINE
    edited February 2017
    Problem with statictics.
    1884150 Total Image Captchas Solved

    But I do not post as much capthas
  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ -
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    Hey Ermax,

    Thanks for your feedback, (And upgrading your package this morning!)

    So, I felt like I needed to answer your post here - and talk frankly about our Recaptcha OCR for a second.

    First - 35 requests is definitely a small sample size for any kind of OCR. Out a several hundred thousand test images, our ACTUAL solve rate hovers right around 30%. Admittedly we have a ton of ruin for improvement - but you seem to be missing the best thing about an OCR driven service.

    Your never going to get the same kind of solve rate from an OCR as a human-powered service.

    But you know what? You never need to.

    Even IF our solve rate for Recaptcha was as bad as indicated here - You could simply turn retry attempts up to 10, and still come out WAY ahead.

    People use OCR services instead of human solvers, despite the lower accuracy, because it is orders of a magnitude cheaper. You can AFFORD to just hammer away at a captcha until you solve it - and it actually works out better for you that way.

    Here's some math:
    Assuming a 10% solve rate, as indicated by your sample-set (VS our actual solve rate of around 30%)

    Our cheapest package is $15 a month, and allows 50 captchas per minute to be submitted.

    That's 72,000 Captcha attempts per day ( 50 CPM * 60 Minutes * 24 Hrs)

    At 10 attempts per solve, that's 7,200 Recaptchas solved per day.

    Assuming an average of $1.00 per thousand for a human solver service, that's going to cost you $7.20 per day.

    That's $216 per month worth of human-solver credits - for $15.

    If you plug in our real solve rate (30%~) instead, it comes out to $21 a day, or $648 a month worth of Captcha credits on a human-based service.

    Anyways, that's our thinking - and I like to think most other peoples to based on the response we've had so far.

    Thanks again for your feedback though - really. I've already fixed the bug with "Total Images Solved" reporting in the backend, and might not have caught it for a long time if you hadn't brought it to my attention.

    And of course, we are always hard at work over here getting our solve-rates up - No matter how good (or bad) they might already be.



    PS: I've completely left our other image OCRS out of the math here, since we tend to really nail those (80-90% across the board, as long as its in English).  The math on that is even crazier. With an average of about 90% on traditional captchas,  our $15 package comes out equivalent to $64 a day or $1944 a month in regular human-based captcha credits.
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    Some news guys!

    We now offer a $1, 24 hour trial of our base-level package. There is no rebill for this, so you can see exactly how our service works before opting for a full subscription.

    -Response times are now down to an average of 1-2 seconds, Though Recaptchas do sometimes still take up to 7-8 seconds (Though not frequently)

    -We just rolled out another Recaptcha improvement of about 8%

    -200 additional captcha types were added this week

    -HUGE Improvements were made to our textcaptchasolver, especially regarding math and logic based questions. So give that a whirl if you have not been using it.


    -Jordan & The 1Captchas Team

  • Thats  great  you offer  trail  :D  will check  
  • Looks interesting.

    How it compares with CB as for the other captchas, any claim there?
  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ -
    Hey seomarketking,

    CB is still absolutely vital for running SER properly; but we do a stand-up job of catching most of the captchas it misses.

    Go grab the $1 trial and see for yourself :)


  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    1Captchas Review

    To say that the SEM stage has undergone a wave of change in the past few years would be an understatement. And it has mostly been for the better. We still recall spending a bomb each month in our early days purely for Captcha solving, especially for our clients in the more ‘upscale’ niches.

    It would require at least OCR services and 1 primary human captcha solving service for us to get anywhere close to our targeted number of verified links each day.

    Thankfully, we have since been able to narrow down on our monthly expenditure on Captchas and also reduce the amount of time and effort we spend managing multiple services, thanks to

    This is a short blurb of our experience with what we believe is hands down, the best OCR solution for Recaptcha and a bunch of other captcha types.


  • edited March 2017
    Hello, I received an email with a good offer to evaluate the service in exchange for free captcha service worth of  $35. And it's perfect opportunity to see how the service works for me and tweak some configuration.

    I am using it with GSA SER as a second service after GSA CB. I have been using it for approximately 4-5 days with 10-15 projects and 200 threads. I am using the 10 threads/50 captcha per minute package I got 261312 Total Image Captchas solved and 38613 Total Text Captchas solved.

    The minor issue that I noticed is that I had 25777 captchas exceeded my thread count, so I changed in captcha setting "use only for hard captchas" and this fixed the issue.

    What I like:
    - Unlimited Text Captcha Solving that is not included in 10 threads that I am using. This is very good. The cheapest service I was able to find before was $8 per month per 5,000 Solves Per Day. That wouldn't work for my project.

    - It's simple to integrate with GSA and looks like it is also easy to integrate with anything else just by following the instructions.

    - It's affordable.  And the quality is good.

    Here is a recent screenshot of a captcha being solved.
    So I like the service and it seems to be doing what it's supposed to. 

    Thank you for providing a good service! Excited to try more threads.
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    Hey Vitaly,

    Thanks for dropping us a line (And for the positive feedback, we love it!)

    For anyone wondering what he meant, we've offered any *paying* customer a free 30 day, 50 thread upgrade for leaving us a review. The review MUST mention that its incentivized, since we are listed on many forums and some of them have policies about that.

    This offer still stands for any of you who might have missed the promo-email.


    -Jordan & The 1Captchas Team
  • I want to congratulate @1linklist and leave positive feedback for him after applying to his 50 threads plan. I want to confirm that It does solve recaptchas. I wanna increase the plan so I'm leaving a feedback to get a free that I can make more retries and increase the success rate! (I hope this won't have side effects as in the remote site switching to nocapcha or different capcha after seeing retries?)

  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ -
    Thanks for the feedback seomarketking!

    Just a headsup for everyone else, we now offer an unlimited, no rebill, 48 hour trial for $1.


  • For the past few days my success rate for forum profiles is WAY down and I'm getting a lot of Captcha Error in GSA SER logs
    Don't know if it's something about GSA SER or your service
    But please take a look if everything is working as it should bro
    Nice service BTW!

    Thanks in advance
  • edited March 2017
    Hey @1linklist

    So I've in the panel "Current Access Level:149 Captcha Threads."

    I've 2 gsa ser instances, 1 with 1k threads and another with 250, Total software threads 1250 at 10 retries for 1captchas (after gsa cb and before 2captchas)

    Yet there are several "
    EXCEEDED Thread Count - Please Wait a few seconds" in 1captcha logs and as well at GSA, I believe I'm just hammering the current plan with too many requests. How many threads should I upgrade to given my said current setup?

    I wanna figure out how actually cost efficient is your service compared to a traditional captcha service. I reckon (very raw estimation) that it can turn out to be 2.5x times cheaper at your current plan rates.
  • Still getting a lot of this error since yesterday: " Error: undefined error message (probably down)"
    Your service are barely resolving captchas on GSA SER
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    edited March 2017
    Hey Lauuer,

    We actually fixed this about half an hour ago. A minority of users were (sometimes) getting load-shifted to a server that was not functioning correctly, but everything should be back to normal for you now. Sorry for the trouble!

    Also, @seomarketking, that package should really be more than you need. Have you tried running captchas through CB first and filtering chinese types? I noticed a TON of these myself, and had to make a custom filter to skip them.
  • I'm testing it right now and it seems that everything is running smooth again

    Thanks a lot for the fast support!

    Great service! For now it's the service I'm getting the best success rate with Captcha Breaker

    Great job!
  • Hey @1linklist

    What you mean by filtering chinese types? up on CB settings or?

  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ -

    Thanks for your patience! We really DO lose sleep over down-time, but it's a small-team and were still taking the "Training wheels" off of our service since launch. Hopefully we get everybody to 99% up-time sometime in the near future - Were still working out all the load balancing kinks related to scaling automatically when new people sign-up, but we are confident we will get there soon.


    The easiest thing to do is just enable skipping unknown captcha types / disabling "Try to solve unknown captchas".

    Since this then skips all the captchas we know but CB doesnt, the setup I use in SER looks like this:

    Service 1: CB -> Retry X10 -> CB Skips unknown types AND sends captchas to us for solving if it cannot solve them

    Service 2:, retry X1

    I'm guessing the issue your having is with retrys set so high, CB slams us repeatedly with captcha-types we just dont recognize.
  • @1linklist

    Way better now after doing some changes (including those you suggested)

  • downtime again? I got many ServerError403 in CB, hope it back to normal soon...
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