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  • I too would like to know if this is working now or not. I also notice above you say that you are close to a v2 recaptcha OCR solution but on the buy page it says that the service includes recaptcha v2 solving so does it have that yet or not?
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    Hey truth,

    We are close to releasing Recaptcha2 solving. Google made things a bit confusing, because "classic" Recaptcha had several version. We solve all of those - and hopefully in the next few days will be able to release support for recaptcha2 (the image puzzles).
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  • MashafeeqiMashafeeqi Https://powerseoranker.ocm
    there is no way of canceling the subscription of this service
    i was trying and no use they still charge me and i dont want their service as am using xevil
    yet they still keep charging me for subscription and i contacted them and no use.

    i will esculate this to paypal

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    @Mashafeeqi as I explained via the email support system we are unable to cancel your subscription for you. Cancelling a PayPal subscription requires the user to do so themselves. as noted in the email please follow the instructions in the link below from PayPal's official FAQ to cancel your subscription.

    Ie: https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/how-do-i-cancel-a- subscription-faq577


  • MashafeeqiMashafeeqi Https://powerseoranker.ocm
    No such option in my account
    and no such option in ur site user dashboard 
  • MashafeeqiMashafeeqi Https://powerseoranker.ocm
    Found it , u are not even there , u just keep charging me and i dont even approve it
  • MashafeeqiMashafeeqi Https://powerseoranker.ocm
    And no way to cancel it
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    edited November 30
    @mashfeeqi please look for the word "JVZOO" followed by "1captchas". I assure you, we are there. You approve the payments when you created the subscription agreement. 

    I'll look around inside of jvzoo and see if that allows us to cancel this for you since you seem to be having so much trouble. Normally PayPal will not let us cancel user subscriptions from our end.
  • MashafeeqiMashafeeqi Https://powerseoranker.ocm
    i still think its a good service and still tell people to use ur service but i was very upset by this that i cant cancel the subscription so sorry for being harsh
  • it says $12 on the homepage http://www.1captchas.com/ but once you click signup,  the $12 package nowhere to be found.  Can you pm me the coupon code ?
  • PeteSPeteS USA
    edited December 5
    Bought it 3 days ago. Somehow got charged 3 times
    Transaction ID: 54A82542PG3672708
    Transaction ID: 7GA759224E3414849
    Transaction ID: 3DD200321V608105S
    1 charge 3 days ago and 2 charges today. What is strange is I dont even have preapproved agreement with them in my paypal preapproved  list. How can they charge it ? I dont even know and nor having the ability to remove nor cancel it
    Can you refund the 2 latest transactions ? I only need 1 service.
    For the record, for the last 3 days, this genius never answered emails, skype chat, nor message NOR ANYTHING
    Still have not received credentials or API to use the service FOR 3 DAYS.
    In fact, will charge back  all three transactions in about a couple of hours of no response.
    AVOIDED at all cost
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    edited December 5
    Hey Pete,

    You had multiple charges come through because you created multiple subscriptions/thread upgrades over time. I have to imagine you were aware of this because it's a rather involved process.

    I went ahead and refunded your most recent transaction from today, since you are certainly not the first person to forget to cancel a subscription - and don't appear to have used any captcha credits from it yet. No harm, no foul. 

    Unfortunately since the other transactions each appear to be from different PayPal accounts, and because you filed them as unauthorized transactions rather than opening claims, I can do nothing to help you with the other charges and that is in PayPals hands now. 

    If they decide against your unauthorized transaction disputes, let me know and I'll refund you the money after the fact. I cannot do anything about it until they close those disputes for us though. You can reach me here, in the support area, or via email at admin[at]1captchas.com

    At a guess, You can no longer find the subscription agreement to cancel them because they are automatically canceled when you open a dispute (ie:PayPal does this. Not us).

    Your credentials are literally created when you create your account. I have to believe you have these because you've been using us for quite a while, and because you've created multiple subscriptions overtime to increase your thread count. Your credentials are, additionally,  emailed to you multiple times, and you literally use them every time you open a support ticket. I'm not sure where the confusion here came from.

    I've answered your queries a few times now, so I'm also not sure where the disconnect happened regarding communications. If you login to the user area, you'll see all your tickets were answered in a (relatively) timely manner. Likewise, if dig through your inbox (unless they hit your spam folder, for some reason) all your emails were answered as well.

    Anyways, rather than beat a dead horse, I'm just going to say that I'm sorry you've had a negative experience with our service. If you decide to resume your membership in the future, our support staff, and myself, are always more than happy to help users get setup using our API and other advanced features. I'm not sure where the communication failure happened, but I'll try to figure it out so no one else has similar issues in the future.



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