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Setting up a perfect 3 Tier Campaign



  • shaunshaun
    Good to see you back mate!

    Yea I think it's best to use two instances so each can maxamise thread use for their individual tasks.

    I have both but SERE is still in beta so is expected to have a few dramas. RX is doing all my Web 2 heavy lifting right now.

    The other list is 1linklist and it's better than Looplines. Even the base list without their custom engines gives more Articles. Then they have a few custom engines that give you even more articles.

    I still use Elite link indexer as my non contextual method is just getting worse and worse for indexing. The start of the year was getting around 80% indexed now it gets 40% if I'm lucky.
  • @shaun - thanks, I'm gonna get everything up and running this week. Really appreciate all the tips :)
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