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Setting up a perfect 3 Tier Campaign



  • @judderman - very nice results!  What is your setup or tiered structure like (obviously don't expect you to reveal all but any tips would be nice ;))?
  • @michty6 that was a new client's site getting on-page changes. Hadn't even started link-building. I just use PBNs right now but as it's a fresh site, I'll need to add some other links to broaden the profile.

    I used to run 3-tiers, all contextual, and with a ratio of 1:100:1000 or as close as I could get it. It meant that sorting the timings of the posting of T1 links was important and basically waiting for T3 to catch up before restarting T1 (or do T1 manual web 2.0s/PBN) but for the past 3 years I only used SER for all tiers, if I had higher paying clients I'd throw in some bigger links/press releases and boost those with SER.

    I've not used SER for 6-7 months now, not because it doesn't work, but just to see the effects of PBN only links. I do need to diversify but figuring out how to automate the whole process (I know there are tools out there but I haven't found one that does exactly as I want or I'm not bright enough to figure them out lol).

  • Tim89Tim89
    @JudderMan you should get in on my beta testing, if you want a way of setting up a campaign to your own personal pbns and streamlining the entire process, it can do just that.. besides, I'd like your input also.
  • JudderMan - thanks.  Very similar to my thoughts.  With PBNs the biggest thing for me is cost (hosting and so on - but also time cost).  Still trying to work on an optimal solution for that...
  • shaunshaun
    @OP check this thread out over on BHW myself and FC DC share a fair bit in there about using SER and tiers. I have tweaked a few things due to google changes though so test and adjust on burner sites.

    This is one of my latest test sites, No PBN or anything like that, just automated links from a very heavily optimized SER instance with 100% auto spun content and the best part is it just kept climbing through the penguin 4 launch.

  • @shaun B-)

    @Tim89 sorry I meant automate the SER process, as I was doing a lot very manually, but with that came really good results. My PBN solution is as quick as it needs to be right now, and I have mulled over joining yours but I don't think I could commit much/any time to it to be useful to you (or even if I could be useful at all), which is why I haven't yet...but I'll think about it. I got the email the other day :)

    @michty6 have a look at @Tim89 's PBN solution or (prices for go up in 2 hours time, the owner namdas is on here).
  • @shaun are you still using the 2 tier structure pushing 50 links per day a tier 1? I've been using that and was able to push 3 of my websites to page 2 at its peak but can't go past beyond. 

    I'll try to start up a new website and try @JudderMan and @Tim89 strategy of only using contextuals
  • shaunshaun
    bencrabara  nah I use three tiers on that site.

    T1 is as said on BHW.
    T2 is the same platforms as T1.
    T3 is what is said as T2 on BHW without directories.

    I dropped directories as I found they slowed the LPM down too much, I have dropped forums completly too as they just dont stay in the index since the index update a few month back and I have reduced the contextual profile link type as they are hard to index now too. I have also dropped a fair few contextual article link types such as easyblog as the script seems to be broken. I have started to include MacOSWiki because they have decent link retention and index rates and looplines list has a fair few of them to make it worth while.

    I have set off some new test site batches last weekend with another 7 to go live this weekend. Most of them wont be using the contextual profile link type at all and I dont think they will be negativly effected for it. I also have some test batches that are using actual indexing services rather than a T3. Some of the test sites that go live this weekend will also just have a T3 of blog comments and image comments on their T3 as a good friend who uses an inhouse tool that does a very similar job to SER has traced a potential problem to the use of Trackbacks, I havent noticed it myself but I am going to split test to investigate and dodge anything that might be coming up and in all honesty blog comments and image comments will be enough to index anyway.

    The initial index rate for my T3 method, elite link indexer and express indexer were all within a couple of percent of each other so I am happy with that. Every 7 days I will keep checking their index rates and comparing index rates and current ranking to decide what way I will go in the future as dropping the T3 frees up a load of resources to build more T1 and T2s for other projects.

    I have also been playing with RX a fair bit recently and have test sites climbing nicely with them as the T1 rather than SER, but I also customise the platforms I use on the RX side of things as I feel the majority of it is a waste of time. Off the top of my head I think I think I have a solid 25 domains on RX that met my requirements and will be used in testing this weekend.

    I have also been talking with a few developers to have my own tool made to merge the strengths of RX and SER put into one tool along with a few features no other tool offers to make everything more streamlined, easier to set up and quicker but I have other things to do before I will put any serious effort into that.

    Although I have started to scrape my own Buddypress and Drupal targets again to suppliment it I am a big fan of looplines list and i'm pretty sure that the majority of links for that site were built off it although I never added the date I started integrating his list to my site logs so I cant be sure. I have been talking with Loopline about him adding a do follow only list to his service as that would save me so much time and system resources and he seemed onboard so im hoping that comes soon too.
  • Just noticed today that one of my sites is ranking like a mofo because of in particular. 

    Something's changed. Need to test on other sites and look into it more. 
  • shaunshaun
    JudderMan what are you building to the 301?
  • shaunshaun
    bencrabara  BTW are you using a do follow only list?
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    @judderman interesting because ive just recently started building tiered 301 shorteners in my tier 1 to go along with articles and web 2.0s

    Any tips on what your doing?
  • @shaun it would have been SER back then when I was using 301s.

    @710fla this would have been a year ago, stopped around January, and the site has taken a mega boost recently, nothing been done for 11 months. 
  • @shaun
    • For tier 1, I let SER scrape its own targets from related keywords. Contextuals only and a mix of do-follow and nofollow (I build links with engines that have 'sometimes' if you hover over the engine details. I don't build links with engines that have 100% nofollow links). Around 60-80% dofollow.
    • For tier 2, I let SER use my contextual verifieds. Building links to dofollow tier 1 links only. 
    • For tier 3, I let SER post to all blog/image/guestbook engines, may it be do follow or no follow.

    That's what I'm mainly doing while targeting keywords with 15-30 keyword competition level with keysearch. I mostly reach the second page by the end of the second month on 3 of my websites. By the 3rd month, link decay, index drops/refresh and what not keeps me from pushing into the first page. I think my main problem is that I only have a small list of about 150,000 (which I scraped on my own) but I'm strapped for cash and can't justify subscribing to a 50$ list service when I earn only 120-160$/month right now freelancing. (Am a student so I can't devote all my time into it) 

    I took your lead and bought a package on EliteLinkIndexer. Hopefully it gets my tier 1 link indexed faster.
  • shaunshaun
    @bencrabara  If your system can spare the resources I highly recommend you set up a burner project targeting and push all your blog/image/guestbooks through it. Once it is complete Right click the project - Show URLs - Verified - Right click again - Select - Do Follow - Right click again - Add to site list - (whatever folder you want).

    Then make sure nothing else can write to that folder and have your blog/image/guestbooks projects pull only from that project. I can stress enough how much no follow links are a waste of your time and resources by the time you get to this tier and they offer no help at all when it comes to indexing. This is one of the twists I use for my own indexing method that increase efficiency massively but im keeping the rest to myself :P. I have done tons of testing with do/no follow and it seems Google detect the no follow tag and don't even pass through it to see what it's aiming at anymore so when you are trying to use a tier for indexing avoid no follow at all costs.

    You can test this yourself if you like, repeate what I said above but select no follow links and save them to a different folder then set up two burner campeigns and hit them with a T2. One do follow only, one no follow only and track their index rates. Do this will also help you understand that the whole "let the links index naturally" shit people spout just doesnt happen on these types of links and you will see that no follow does nothing of use.

    I have seen a few people here and on BHW saying using blog/image/guestbooks to index passes penalties up the chain but the screenshot above uses it to index and its ranking.....also if it was that easy to pass a penalty all you have to do is use AHRefs to find your competitors T1 and blast it with blog/image/guestbooks. It just doesnt happen....
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited November 2016
    @shaun I don't think using trash links to get things indexed causes a penalty per say (I haven't seen the bhw posts you mentioned above), but I believe it devalues the strength of that link therefore defeats the purpose of mass link building or tiers for that matter because the point of using a tiered structure is to provide mass amounts of link juice and funnel it all to your money site, if these links within these tiers are automatically devalued due to having trashed spammed at it to become indexed then it'll hold up your rankings.

    To be totally honest, you seem like a guy who likes testing things and doing your own case studies so if I were you, I'd set up two sites, two campaigns or tiered projects and one use trash links to index things and the other use just high quality (or as highest possible generated by SER) contextual links in 3 tiers, see what happens or shall I say produces the better results and then also what happens on the next google refresh.
  • shaunshaun
    @Tim89 thats exactly what im doing :P.

    From my post higher up the page a few days ago....

    "I also have some test batches that are using actual indexing services rather than a T3"
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited November 2016
    @shaun are you building a clean T1, T2 (contextuals only) and I'd also suggest building a T3 also for your test, if you're building 3 tiers in your other test, so essentially;

    contextual campaign

    T1 > T2 > T3 = indexer

    kitchen sink campaign

    T1 > T2 > T3 > KITCHEN SINK

    depending on what you're trying to rank for, a fully completed tier 3 structure would be ideal for analysis.

  • shaunshaun
    Essentially im using a carbon copy of what I do to rank sites right now for test keywords that meet my criteria but some have a T3 of blog/image/guestbooks and others don't have a T3 and send to an indexer.

    Although the T3 may add dome power it is mainly there for indexation but if the one with the T3 out performs the one without then I will stick with that method anyway.
  • Tim89Tim89
    I'm just thinking of a google refresh, Google tends to drop links from the index that aren't "popular" or to you and I, don't have any inbound links pointing to it.
  • I just send the Tier 1 and 2 contextuals to the indexer I'm using. Tier 3 is waste of resources in my opinion and from my tests. 
  • Tim89Tim89
    @antonearn that's all well and good for now but when a google refresh comes along most of your tier 2 links will get removed from the index and your rankings will plummet, most of the juice is provided by the tier 1 and 2 but the tier 3 links are the links that keep your tier 1's and 2's indexed when a refresh comes, this is why I always recommend a minimum of 3 tiers for any campaign if you're using automated link sources/tools.
  • antonearnantonearn Earth
    edited November 2016
    @shaun, is that the site you previous reported in SERE thread, where you used SERE as Tier 1, or is this another one with only SER C in Tier 1/2? 

    I am currently using SERE + SER C (Tier 1) SER C (Tier 2) (Article, Social bookmark, Social Network, Video, Wiki). 
    That's basically all. Having crazy results with it! Nice to see you're doing well in the SERPs aswell. 

    Using @loopline list:  with 25 semi dedicated proxies. 

    Important step regarding what anchor texts to use: 

    Content made with KM. 
    Indexing with Elite Link Indexer. 

    Last but not least a great video from Charles Floate discussing Pinguin 4.0 from a seminar last week from Chiang Mai, Thailand: 

  • shaunshaun
    @antonearn They are both test sites, different sites but the same/similar keyword sets. I dont have time to dig out my case notes right now but im pretty sure the one linked in this thread doesnt use SERE but uses automated links from SER and a few RX platforms. T1 and T2 is SER/RX and T3 is SER.

    You have shown the platforms for your T1 and T2, whats on your T3?
  • I am refering to this: just wondered if it was SERE in this case also.

    I dont use Tier 3 at all. I focus on 1/2 instead. And it has paid off well.
  • antonearnantonearn Earth
    edited November 2016
    Also curious if you go all in and do thousands of links as soon as the moneypage is indexed or if you start "slowly"?
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    @tim89 wouldn't your tier 3 contextuals get dropped out of index on next Google refresh since they don't have any inbound links?

    I understand not pointing spammy links to your tier 1 and tier 2 contextuals tiers since it devalues them, but wouldn't pointing non-contextual links to your tier 3 keep them indexed?
  • shaunshaun
    @antonearn Yea I know the site you mean just checked the one in this thread is RX and SER no SERE at all. I dont even wait for the MS to index as soon as its online I start building.
  • I see. Do you let it run 24/7, or you build x-amount before stopping? I have SER running until #1...
  • Tim89Tim89
    @710fla yes, but your tier 1 and 2 remain in the index and that's where the power is in a tiered structure.

    When google comes along and de-indexes your 3rd tier, you just rebuild them, most importantly, your rankings remain or with little negative effect.

    Btw Charles is a joke, he said SER doesn't work anymore when I believe there's alot of people that can prove otherwise.
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