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Setting up a perfect 3 Tier Campaign



  • shaunshaun
    @tim89 im not 100% on the numbers but in that video Charles said something like if you build 100 PBN links to your site within a month it will be penalised and that was the final straw on the video for me, on some of my test and money site pages I build more than that per day and don't have a problem.

    He was probably trying to upsell them some bullshit PBN management service where he charges crazy cash and gave them a hand full of links per month or something.
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    Thanks a lot for the help everyone, I'm taking all your approaches for consideration and have been altering my projects as well as getting as much link sources as I can through link expansion. Going to test with the following structures. 1:100:10000 - approach of contextuals. 1:100:10000:max - with the last tier made entirely of comments. 1:100:max - basically a poor man's version of the second link structure.
  • @shaun I am still just playing with PBNs only right now, not even entertained T2s yet (life getting in the way of even starting up SER lol)
  • @Tim89 similar - I have 63 PBN domains (soon to be 100) and bulk upload articles to all of them in one day. Not all of them get indexed that same day so I suppose that's the randomness/drip feeding but then again I only see good things if I force them to be indexed. Once my PBN is 500+ domains I suppose I might take it easier a little and do 50 a week or something (or a random figure). 

    Has anyone created a PBN T2 layer ie cheaper/maybe slightly not as powerful domains ie TF15 or something as T2? If you can pick them up for $5-7 each, boosting one or two PBN T1s that might only be say $100 on domains to make a strong T2 layer. I'm liking the full control of PBNs right now hence why I still don't have a huge emphasis on restarting SER just yet.
  • shaunshaun
    So you don't pin the posts to the home page? I keep meaning to try more PBN stuff.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @judderman I do use PBN domains for tiering also.. if that's what you're asking.

    @shaun I don't bother pinning or making my posts homepage sticky(s) no, I set my PBNs up so that the internal links allow juice to flow around the entire domain.
  • shaunshaun
    Never tried it like that, I on my PBN I pinned the domains. I might give it a try.
  • @shaun depends I sometimes have 10 articles and one OBL to one domain or 10 articles and 10OBL or 50 articles and 10 sticky articles. Just depends, trying to be as random as possible, which is difficult when you overthink things haha.

    @Tim89 OK cool that's next on the list to do for harder keywords.
  • beastmodebeastmode NYC
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    Do use RX or have any custom Engines for SER I had links from SER custom engines with DA 80 already so you might want to use the edu/gov wikis for first tier combined with RX 

    Plus SER spit out wikipedia links on the custom engines

    Then I know ALOT OF MEMBERS will disagree BUT edu/gov PHP just regular PHP platforms as tier 2 will rank you, they push out link juice. I rank all the time with them
  • shaunshaun
    JudderMan Fair one, I keep meaning to do more stuff with PBNs but other stuff just comes up.

    beastmode Do you mean the PHPWeb engine? I have avoided it in the past because when I opened a bunch of the verified URLs loads of them had porn ads. There was asian characters in the sidebar and stuff too that I didnt understand and could mean anything but I have some tests going with PHPWeb engine now to see how it goes.
  • Well i said i am off this thread but little joys of life brought me back..

    @antonearn  your SEO hero got sitewide penalty from G :)


    But here comes the funny part. He got this penalty because of anchor text.
    He used anchor just it was like 1999 :)))

    Here is his anchor text breakdown.


    Even 12 year olds don't do this mistake now :)

    Please let him be your hero and share us with his latest ground-breaking SEO tips.

  • shaunshaun
    Lol that guy is retarded man, google don't care about the crap he is posting as its snake oil. The more people who waste their time on it the better it is for them.

    site: returns over 1 million indexed pages.
    site: returns over 56,000 indexed pages.


    site: 1200 indexed pages.

    Matt does pretty much the exact same thing as Charles although now it seems to be more guest posts of people providing him content in exchange for leaking traffic to their blogs.

    Theres plenty of other affiliate blogs out there too without these problems.

    I totally admit I havent read any of his posts but from seeing this kind of stuff and what I have heard from people I trust he is kind of like the retarded one when you go to buy a puppy. Like the one who is licking the wall or chewing on a live electric cable while the other puppies all come to play with you. He is funny to look at and good for entertainment but you aint going to take it seriously.
  • SEO hero? I have not claim he is my hero. And negative SEO can hit any site around so don't be a fool, please.
  • shaunshaun
    Negative SEO isn't his point, the point is that he didn't realise it or tried to upsell it as a manual action to look better and scam more people.
  • Okey...
  • shaunshaun
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    "Quotation, The act of repeating erroneously the words of another.” ― Ambrose Bierce, The Unabridged Devil's Dictionary
  • @shaun hey I bought a puppy like that. Gave her a boy's name due to the retarded nature. And then got another girl one, who looks like a lesbian. Great dogs.
  • hello @shaun : one question, is it OK to submit my site to google analytic and webmaster tool in case i spammed it with GSA link?
    thanks in advance
  • @YKT27 , though @shaun knows way more, I would say this ain't a problem at all.
    Would be weird if it is. You could even disavow links with the Webmaster Tools.
  • shaunshaun
    Exactly, I only use Google Analytics right now and have never had a problem. I have Webmaster tools on one site as I dont see the point in it, its been hit with SER and theres no messages from them.
  • @ykt27 I have many of my spam, test, money sites and client sites on GWMT (and Analytics) and 90% have been blasted with SER direct at one time or another. Done this for years and not made a difference.

    Other sites that aren't on, I kinda want to know if there are any penalties or not. It's data that I like to use, crawl rate, duplicate metas (handy for huge sites), sitemap/indexing problems etc. 

  • Charles is a fraud like Donald Trump. Look him up.
  • thanks a lot everyone :) 
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    JudderMan shaun antonearn Quick question

    I want to build tier1 with 5 separate keywords I want to target. I want tier 2 to be the same 5 keywords and the anchor text to match up to the first keyword anchor text on tier1. Then blast with tier3 into tier2, and tier1.

    My tier filter options for GSA tier2 are below.

     1.  "Url must have verified anchor" is checked marked for my tier filter options.  I have my 5 keywords in there like keyword|keyword|keyword|keyword|keyword.  Why isn't it working?

    The problem Is my tier 2 is not building the exact same anchor text as my tier 1 anchor text keyword.

    Any suggestions on how to match these 5 keywords up to one another for tier 1 and tier2?  I don't understand what the hell is wrong? GSA builds 5 keyword anchors, but anchors are not the same as tier1 anchor text, which I want them to line up.  Thanks in advance.

    I usually just build on GSA targeting with 1 keyword, but wanted to try it this way.  I mean the keywords are similar as i'm doing local geotargeted keywords, like city>keyword> 

    Only thing I can think of is GSA is getting confused possibly sense the keywords are similar?

  • shaunshaun
    TBH I would have just made 5 different sets of tiered projects and set each one up as I want.
  • shaun Yeah, that's what I usually do.  I thought maybe I could make it a little easier since it is local seo stuff and the keywords are pretty easy to rank.

    So if you have an inner page on a site and you think you can rank 5 keywords for that 1 inner page.  You just build out a project for all 5 keywords.  I don't understand why gsa has this option under tiered options if it doesn't work?   Thanks.
  • shaunshaun
    Totally depends on keyword comp mate. Sometimes I would just use one project and put like 25% anchor usage and put the spintax for the 5 keywords in there so it breaks down to 5 each. Other times it would get a project each for harder keywords.
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    shaun  When you do this, does tier1 anchor text match tier2 anchor text? So for example, I build tier1 and 1 of the 5 keywords is "Kennesaw mortgage".  I want gsa to be able to make sure that tier2 anchor is Kennesaw mortgage and links to tier1 Kennesaw mortgage anchor text.  I don't want any of the other 4 keywords to link to Kennesaw mortgage on tier2, only Kennesaw mortgage.  Get what i'm saying? I hope i'm explaining myself correctly here.

  • shaunshaun
    You would need seperate projects.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
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    @shaun - been a while since I used ser / checked this forum, glad to see you're still here kicking ass and sharing such great stuff :) I have some projects that have been laying dormant for a few months and want to start working on them again. Your advice sounds spot on as always, but I'd like to make sure I understand everything you're saying before I get going with ser again: 

    - am I correct that you're recommending two instances of ser, one for filtering out dofollow links on the good platforms and the other for posting to real projects?
    - are you having better success with RankerX than SEREngines right now? I'd like to pick up one or the other. I'm looking at ~10 projects right now, so quality > quantity there.
    - what's the other list you're using besides loopline's?
    - did you end up sticking with Elite Link Indexer?

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