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Setting up a perfect 3 Tier Campaign



  • shaunshaun
    edited November 2016
    @antonearn Right so I just had some spare time and checked my case notes for my test sites and the site linked in this thread is from a different test batch with different keywords and is from about three weeks earlier than the site linked in the SERE thread.

    With RX I set it up with the 40 free emails per day usually but now and then I will throw xx paid emails into it if I need link batches for testing, one thing I will say about RX is that they seem to have kept ontop of their scripts much better since SERE went into open beta as my link yield from them has gone up a fair bit with them recently. The sites with RX in their tiers also seem to climb quicker but on the flip side the links it can kick out per day is much lower than SER due to they type of links its making but I have plans to do some testing with this over December to see if its quicker/more efficient to just smash out T1s with RX and have SER blast as T2 and then I will just buy more RX licences to meet the links required.

    With SER I have always had it running 24/7 for years on both test sites and money sites but with my latest test batch I am trying something new with a site to test if it works as well as efficiency as the way I use SER doing it this new way will produce many more links over the course of a month than it does with my current method. Although its all theory right now and none of it is proven For the specific test sites I am having SER do nothing but build my T1 for a single test site and then letting those links site for 7 days (literally a number plucked out of thin air, im going to test link retention soon for a better number) then after 7 days I have SER do nothing but build out the T2 for that same single project and then it sites and then they sit and wait again for 7 days for link retention and then I submit them to a link indexer to dip feed over 30 days.

    In all honesty its just a test and I don't think it will work as Google has long been able to read the posted day on a page and know when the link was actually built rather than when they first crawled it so they will know the full T1 was made on 1 day and the full T2 was made over the course of two days but I am interested to see how it goes :).

    @710fla Have you ever noticed a Google refresh of this kind on any of your projects? Just curious as my T3 has always had links built to it by other people so in theory if this did happen then I wouldn't have experienced it before but if you open the SERPs for some random keywords you can see plenty of sites are ranking top 10 with no recorded links pointing to them and they don't drop out even when you discount the stuff like wikipedia and CNN that are there due to authority.
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    edited November 2016
    @shaun I've never personally experienced this since I've always build non-contextuals to my last tier to index it.

    @Tim89 I see what your saying thanks for explaining. I'll have to do my own research to see if spammy non-contextuals can have a negative effect on your tiers. But like @shaun said if that was the case people would simply point spammy non-contextuals to their competitors site.

    Will definitely look into building 3 contextual tiers though, first two tiers SER/SERE and last tier SER.

  • Tim89Tim89
    @710fla I've explained this a couple of times now, I'm not saying that trash links give you a negative effect per say as you said, if this were the case then negative seo would be simple, what I am saying is that spamming these links to clean contextual links will lessen the value that link can give in juice, you will not notice it unless you test it out for yourself though.

    It's hard to negative seo a well known branded company simply because their link profiles are filled with huge authority domains so spamming these links will slightly lessen their value BUT the links they have are far superior than links you would be able to get for your own site.
  • Interesting stuff. Thanks for the value you provide here! 
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    @Tim89 thanks for explaining it more thoroughly, I do believe you have a point since Google devalued many spammy links in the last update.

    Like you said I'd have to test it out and see if there's any major differences.
  • Charles never said GSA is dead if you have read his blog, he just claimed you can't use it as Tier 1. 
  • Tim89Tim89
    why can't you use SER as tier 1? It's not advisable but it works.
  • antonearn in our very reputable slack SEO channel Charles is a huge joke topic.

    If you ever wanted to get serious attention from other SEO guys stop referring him or people like him like matthew etc.

  • Tim89Tim89
    indeed @derdor, I didn't want to say it out-right but yeah you hit the nail on the head.
  • antonearnantonearn Earth
    edited November 2016
    I don't know why he is saying so @Tim89 . I'm using SER as tier 1, no problems.

    @derdor You think he just made up those results he shown in the video?
  • shaunshaun
    Is that the guy who used to call himself god of SEO or something like that? If it is him then even before he was arrested and BHW had rumors about the stuff the police found on his laptop I tried to avoid anything he said.

    I honestly tried to watch all 11 minutes of that video but had to tap out at just after 7 minutes as I couldent take it anymore because it was making me angry lol, I started typing out a post to counter his points raised but it was making me more angry so I deleted it.
  • "Don't hate what you dont understand" - John Lennon
  • Tim89Tim89
    @shaun yes that's him and yes I did exactly the same while trying to watch but I turned it off at about 3 minutes in.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited November 2016
    @antonearn because he talks nonsense, just because he is publicly speaking in Thailand, doesn't make him correct in what he preaches, he and Matthew Woodward are the same, rehashed dribble which is found on practically every single wannabe SEO blog out there, the only difference is they speak at events oh, and not to forget, his huge affiliate platform that turns in £42,000 per month in revenue, lol. 

    A mediocre amazon affiliate can turn over that much gross "revenue" in sales quite easily, but big numbers make noobies all wet behind the ears, but don't listen to what I have to say, you were practically ignoring my input a page ago and now you ask for my reasons?
  • antonearnantonearn Earth
    edited November 2016
    What do you mean with nonsense, have you actual tried what he preaches or? Why should he travel to Thailand to just spit out garbage?  Come on, haha! Don't distrust people Tim. I really don't like your approach against stuff you don't understand or have tried yourself. 

    Come up with constructive criticism or be quiet. 
    I can't say he is right or wrong, I just believe in testing it yourself before open your mouth. 
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited November 2016
    Lol @antonearn deal with it, everyone is entitled to an opinion, it's a forum after all, you've asked me for my reasons and I've expressed them, who says I haven't tried his approach? Why are you so in love with this guy anyway? You do you and I'll do me. Stuff I don't "understand" lol cmon mate don't be a complete fool and try to hit me with a low blow like that, it doesn't take an ape to understand what he's saying, I'm just telling you that there are easier ways to rank than the corporate babble he's talking about to try and poach clients.

    Why would he go to Thailand? Well, cost of living over there is like 1 quarter of what it is over here in the UK, I've been to Thailand and I've lived like a king over there for absolutely nothing, so why not? If the rumors were actually true, what was being said over at BHW a year or so ago, all we have is a child pedophile fresh out of prison, getting out of the country for a fresh start and I say that with a big "IF" the rumors are true, don't get me started.

    You don't like my approach? I'd rather test things myself and help people on a forum when and where I'm able to on a forum that belongs to GSA SER, with people that use SER on a daily basis, than migrate to Thailand and chat corporate shite or post random BS that may hurt GSA's reputation.

  • @everyone - drop the Thailand thing. I used to live there and there's so many 'gurus' there that are full of shit. The ones I met/dealt with didn't like me or my brutal honesty and calling them out. This Charles fella is just another wank spanner.

    I've been around for plenty of time. I can honestly say that 3 people in the whole of the industry are worth listening to, granted I don't follow people or do the whole social thing. Even then, I say this all the time and will say it again: 

    Don't listen to anyone. This is a unique industry where you can make your own methods, figure shit out yourself by testing like a mother fucker, do things your way and not conform and still get as awesome results as the next guy. Don't be a sheep for fuck's sake.

  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    One thing I always keep in mind is that no one is going to just post their method to making thousands of dollars on a forum for free without getting something in return.

    Always do your own research instead of trying to find a magic money making method. Cause if there really was an easy way to make money online wouldn't everyone and their mother be doing it?

    Just my thoughts.
  • antonearnantonearn Earth
    edited November 2016
    Bla bla bla. If you have tried the approach please provide something of value than just throwing out opinions. Data speak louder. @Tim89

    @JudderMan @710fla I agree...

    There's a million ways to make a million dollars.
  • @JudderMan 'wank spanner' :D Sums it up in one that mate!

    It's not a rumour about this guy he was charged and then convicted of computer hacking and when the cops went round and siezed his computers they found 111 indecent photos of kids on them. He pleaded guilty to both charges and got 8 months although he was lucky because it was suspended for 18 months. I find it remarkable that this has since been ignored by a lot of people.

    You got to laugh at this bit though:

    Detective Sergeant Nigel Collins, from the West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit, said:

    "Today’s sentence is the result of a long and extensive investigation into Floate and his illegal activities online.

    We have worked closely with partner agencies in this country and abroad throughout the investigation and are pleased with today’s outcome.

    One thing I want to stress is that Floate is no computer genius - we found evidence that he used online guides to carry out this work and when it became too difficult for him he paid other people to do it for him."

    Sounds like his SEO work :D Anybody calling themselves a GURU or in his case a THE GOD OF SEO :D should be a red flag to anyone with half an ounce of common sense. I've been ranking websites since 1996 and the days of Geocities, am I a guru? Am I fuck. And neither is Floate, Woodward or any body else who promotes themselves as such.

    @antonearn you might want to prick your ears up when @Tim89 has something to say. He's worth listening to but as he says, don't take anybodys word for anything. You can buy an xyz domain for less than $1 go buy 100 of them - spam the shit out of them in 100 different ways and see it for yourself.

    Wank spanner ... that's cracked me up :D
  • antonearn : me and tim tried to help you but somehow you defended charles like he is your brother.

    Charles is a joke. Period! He is a guy making adwords for GOD OF SEO keyword.  We even have a counter for that.
    And for @Tim89 he is one of the very few guys still posting in this forum, most of the knowledgeable guys left because of newbies like you and their attitudes. If i were a newbie like you, i should listen to him instead of attacking him to defend a fraud.

    Look at his previous posts and maybe you will understand.

    When it comes to SEO always listen to people who ranks not people saying they are ranking.

    One of my friends in the same vertical with Charkes in the .uk SERPS and Charles can't even make it to the first page.

    Here is your assignment for today. Learn the difference between "someone is ranking" and "someone telling that they are ranking".

    And again thank you for reminded me why i haven't reading this forum for quite some time. I am out of this thread.

  • Anyone wanna enlighten me on what ratios I should use? I've been doing 40% url, 40% brand, 20% target keywords.
  • I am also out. 
  • shaunshaun
    @bencrabara In my oppinion anchor text ratios are over rated mate. I have some tests going with one set with exact match and LSI included and some batches with just generic and URL and they are climbing at very similar rates.

    The ratios I was talking about (cant remember if it was this thread or another) as well as what I beleive other people are talking about is the ratios of tiers.

    For example.

    Money site - 1
    T1 - 100
    T2 - 10,000
    T3 - 1,000,000
  • Are you doing all the tier 1 and tier 2 links as fast as possible or are you spreading the creation over several days/weeks or even months ?
  • shaunshaun
    I explain my method in this thread somewhere along with some tests I'm doing.
  • @lack77 why wait? I never have. I don't get that whole thing. Neither adding one PBN a week - that's BS.

    @Johan haha new favourite word. 

  • shaunshaun
    @judderman I have only just started tests where I build out the full T1 one day, then I pln to build out the T2 over the course of two days all at once rather than spreading it all out.

    Is this how you have done it?

    I have always went with xx posts per day because of the style of sites I use with SER it made more sense to me to do it like that at the time.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited December 2016
    indeed @judderman I don't "wait" either, I build what I need to build and control crawling as much as possible using drip feeding.

    I've built 30-50 pbn links in a month without seeing any long term negative effects.. there are gurus out there saying to build 1-3 pbn links a month lol, fair enough if you're building the pbns solely for a specific site and you're on a budget then that's fine but if you've got the resources in place already then why not smash the competition? Lol these gurus ey.

    A test I did just over a year ago, I built all my links at the same time, I must have built over 15,000,000 links in a month within a 3 tier structure bearing in mind, then set all those links on a drip feed and watched my rankings increase day by day, week by week, month by month as more and more links were being found, hey but who are we to know anything when there are professionals like Charles Floate saying to build only 200 links.

    The entire point of automation and scaling is to build and set & forget, build more set and forget, this is what scaling is, if we were to spend 100% of our time on a single site, we wouldn't get anywhere. The method I mentioned above is a prime example of what a newbie can do in order to see profitable returns, build site, build links, move on, build site, build links, move on durr.

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