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    @Metster - No problem. I never said "James is so involved he can hardly sleep" - all I'm saying is him and his team are indeed working on it. Since you're moving on we'll go ahead and cancel your free license so other people can test. Thanks for the input you gave during the testing period. 

    @viking - I'll talk James about seeing if we can get an exact timeline for some new engines. 
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    @Mester ;

    I am surprised that you've been moving to Senuke and Money Robot. Because as we all know those software are bullshit. Senuke has hardly updated any of their high authority scripts. Senuke code base is bullshit and it costs $149/month. Money Robot is also bull shit. Take a look at the list of social network sites (so called high quality one), they have about 50 sites but you can only successfully create accounts and post to 30 sites at max. And those 30 sites are Money Robot sites (the owner bought those 30 domains and hosted them on different hosting services), check the sites mate (if you have background in programming).

    I can understand your frustrations with SERengines (it is not good due to some technical defeciencies) but moving to Senuke and Money Robot is just dumb. Giving the number of posts you made here the decision to migrate to Senuke and Money Robot and their shortcomings, I don't believe you. If you can pay $149/month for Senuke and $67/month for Money Robot why you asked for free access to the SERengines beta?
  • I would have a agree with Alden, SE nuke and Money Robot is not the way to go........
  • Yes. There should be no free access. instead give time to james for making it more reliable. Though I'm not user of SER engines. But still i think so and also SEnuke and Money Robot price is high as compared to SER engine. Senuke is not working more. Yes with money robot some links can be build on web 2.0 sites. But I shocked to know owner hosted own domains for his tool? So, now others can also make hosting of 30 to 50 websites and lunch their softwares. This is not fear. 
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    @Metster - You seem to be taking it all too personal. The only thing I can remember you pointing out is that there was a password problem from 1 engine in SERengines v1. (an update was out very soon after) Although this thread has nothing to do with SERengines v1, its for v2. I pointed out to everyone they could export their account data to clearly see the passwords are in fact random if they are concerned about password "footprints" but it seems you wanted to lead people to believe this was happening with all accounts and that the programming couldn't be trusted. 

    You said, "I'll check back on this thread from time to time but we simply have to move on" so we decided to pass your license along to someone else who could make use of it while you integrate with SEnuke/Money Robot. 

    Anyways, I'm not going to get in a back and forth with you here about this and its nothing personal, but you should just move on as you stated you would.

    @everyone else - I removed some of the comments that are going off topic about other link building tools. You can discuss them outside of this beta thread for SERengines v2.

    A little note directly from James (SERengines creator) "As for dates on new engines, I like Sven try not to give hard dates about new engines / updates because we would be missing deadlines. We honestly thought that this UTF8 issue would be have been resolved easily and within a few days. So I will give a guestimate, according to my programmer yesterday, he has completed the downgrade to Delphi 2007 and using the 3rd party UTF8 library. Today he is testing those changes to make sure things work. Now, if everything runs fine with the tests today, then we move on to pushing out new engines full time. Not really a hard date as I am a bit nervous about getting this UTF8 bug sorted right, and hopefully it will go smooth this time.

    Also a note on "NON-INVOLVEMENT of the developer and FEW COMMITMENTS MET!"... Sven and our team have done so much work on this which is not seen by the public. We are not talking days of work, we are talking many many months and Svens commitment to SEREngines v2 has been amazing and appreciated. I think our emails back and forth to Sven would now be in the thousands and SEREngines cash investment has been large so there is no way I would let SEREngines v2 slide. We won't be giving up on this project and are working hard to solve this last bug so we can push out engines full time."

    Also, a few of you keep a lookout at your inbox for PM's. 

  • your efforts are much appreciated
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    @s4nt0s thanks for the update, I ended my subscription for the meantime but will be back once more engines are added.
  • I think we should keep it open and not just close it because of people's opinions. It works for people it doesn't for others. The error happens to me, but after closing the error window its still running and making me links on all the platforms.
    It's been mentioned before that what I am now doing does not work, yet I get links from everywhere like it should and it works perfectly for me.

    SEOSpartans catchall. 30 semi dedicated proxies from buyproxies. allow it to post on same sites again, making 1 account & post per site with a max of 100 times. I think @viking mentioned this explained a little better and it works perfect for me so thankyou viking.

    I understand how the bug set everything back and is taking a lot of time but take some help offered or do something where you can fix bugs and add engines around the same times. It seems slow from my point of view. Yes it's BETA but for how long?
    I'm new to SERE and I wanna see it grow awesome like the potential it has.

    So I'd like to keep my engines in V2 and please try add engines as mentioned before diversity is what this is missing.

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    @Anth20 -Thinks for being honest about your results. I had no intention of closing the thread because of peoples opinions, it was going to be closed temporarily until the main bug was fixed then opened back up. However, someone mentioned they prefer to just keep the thread open so I have no problem doing that. 

    About taking help offered, we've never turned down help or feedback but the help some people are talking about is help from their developers or developer friends. This isn't something they will be able to fix, Sven and James have both been looking into it and its complicated. Also, it wouldn't be wise to hand over source code to random people on the internet. For any other feedback/suggestions, anyone can feel free to share.

    I agree, some new engines need to be added regardless of if the main bug is fixed. I'm talking to James about that now since that's what the customers are wanting.

    Thanks for sticking around and offering USEFUL feedback. 
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @Metster - What do you think this thread is for? Reporting problems. We're aware of the headless crash and UTF-8 problems and that users are wanting new engines. That's the kind of "help" we were looking for when starting a beta, general feedback on issues that come up. Not any kind of programming help. You reported one problem with which isn't even SERengines v2, its the old SERengines v1. This was quickly fixed and its the only engine that even had the issue yet you say its a HUGE FOOTPRINT and say its yet to be addressed. You continue to repeat yourself and try to trash this thread. Your FREE license was revoked because you said you were moving on and judging by your previous post, you seem happy to be using SEnuke now. It's seems your intentions are now to repeat yourself and to try and trash this thread.

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    @Metster - I sent your message to James like I do with pretty much all messages posted here. He read how you were moving on and decided to revoke your FREE license. I don't have access to the system to generate/revoke licenses myself, James handles all of that ... it's not that hard to understand really. 

    Version 1 used SER to submit web 2.0's and SER wasn't designed to work with those type of websites. A lot of the web 2.0's use javascript so that's why the submissions engine was created for SERengines 2 that is integrated with SER to handle the javascript heavy sites. As you know SER wasn't really designed for Javscript heavy sites. After releasing this thread bugs have come up based on the HELP we received from testers and that's what's being worked on and causing the unfortunate delays. 

    Anyways, since you're no longer a beta tester, you don't need to be in this thread. Take care & good luck on your projects. 
  • SvenSven
    I think some people have a wrong view about SEREngines and what is going on with it so I would like to put some words about it.

    1. SEREngines is an addon which will make SER use javascript to submit to sites that are hard to script without it
    2. SER itself is prepared for that now with a API that James and I developed. However even if things looked good first, we now have problems with UNICODE and some strange freezes. I can garantee you that we both try our best to find and fix this. BUT, it'S not that easy to reproduce and every coder knows that debugging threads is not an easy thing.
    3. This beta thread is, after all BETA. So please keep that in mind.
    4. We work hard on it even if we do not post updates about it all the time.
    5. @s4ntos is not getting any dime from this and he does an excelent job helping to pass bugs to James and me to solve this. Any insulting of him is just not correct and ethically very questionable. Of course everyone can think what he wants but knowing him for so many years makes me sad whenever I have to read so hard words about him and his work.

    I hope that explains things a bit...Im off to bed now (11:30pm here). All sleep well whewver you are ;)
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    What makes the projects go blue and freeze, it makes me force restart SER to get it running again which is annoying. I just wanna let them run making me links :)

    Noticed an update. Is there any changelogs or anything?
  • @Anth20 It means that ser is verifying the submitted articles. You can disable this in the tab options and try again. 
  • @przamunda I know this, but with SERE it freezes and does nothing. So it's blue as if it's verifying but it's not doing anything. May have to turn that off then
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    @Anth20 - Are you noticing this with the new update or were you having this same problem before? Is it only happening on SERengines projects or other SER projects too?
  • on my side things are working well. I am running a bunch of projects as I type this and all are running well. I especially like FC2 platform accounts as I am seeing some actual traffic being referred from some of them in my logs.

    I have still not yet figured out why I can't get any EDU accounts created.

    And as per my previous post, the platform list is way too narrow and very risky right now. Need a lot more platforms asap.

    Other than that I am liking this service.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @viking - thanks for the feedback, James is actually working on new engines now :)
  • @s4nt0s it happens even before other update. Yeah I agree with @viking when they are running they are awesome and I also love the fc2 they seem to index in minutes!
    I also get traffic from there & also wikidot gives me small amounts.

    Im happy with the fact they are working on new engines :D Excited!

    Maybe mine freezes if I'm running too many SERE projects together? Not sure, I will try say 5 at a time and see what happens.
  • Another thing, can you ask james why when we stop SER the SERE projects never ever stop threads. It just sits there and it could be hours.

    Then if I make the project inactive, it sticks at "stopping" for a long long time also.

    Not a biggie, just would be a good fix in future.
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    All the engines for me are sweet. The only ones I don't see many of is:

    Everything else runs smoothly, gonna run ONLY the ones what don't work and see why it happens, will report back.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    @Anth20 - How many SERE projects are you running at a time? How many threads? I'll ask James about the projects not stopping/taking a long time to stop. Maybe give it a try with less threads/projects for now and see if the same thing happens.

    Also, I don't seem to be facing the problem with projects staying blue. I see mine turn blue when going into verification but they don't stay blue, they go back to green after verification is finished. I'll try to see what could be causing that for some people.


    To everyone, just wanted to mention if anyone ever wants to talk to James directly, you can login to SERengines website and open a support ticket. You can always get a hold of him if you want to talk directly. The developer is not hiding like some would try to lead you to believe. Just wanted to clear that up. :)
  • shaunshaun
    That thread holding problem happens on native platforms too, I get it all the time when running my blog, image guestbook projects. Thankfully I dont care about verifying these links so dont care if they are lost by closing SER in task manager.
  • Ok I'll try everything and explain why later on.

    What mine does is, it goes blue BUT it's still submitting etc. Or it goes blue and nothing at all is happening.

    I'll take that onboard, give it a shot and explain.

  • Ok I've quickly noticed why the engines i mentioned are not working, and after manually checking its true:

    11:51:43: [-] 2/5 SerEngines: failed with [name=\"about_me\"] couldn't be found -

    11:53:47: [-] 4/5 SerEngines: failed with [name=\"about_me\"] couldn't be found -

    11:52:47: [-] 3/5 SerEngines: failed with [href*=\"/register/\"] couldn't be found -
    11:50:46: [-] 1/5 SerEngines: failed with error form-error -

    Do these engines work for anyone else? @viking does yours make these?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    James said regarding BCZ: 
    11:52:47: [-] 3/5 SerEngines: failed with [href*=\"/register/\"] couldn't be found -

    This error happens when they detect your ip as a bot. He suggested rotating out your IP's if you can. 

    Regarding the unblog error. He said this happens because some data entered in the signup form is wrong, that can be email already used, email provider not accepted, etc.

  • I'm getting the same error messages and having problems with the freezing too Anth20
    As Shaun mentioned I've noticed the freezing with SER too but it's only happening when SERE running. However I'm not pushing SER native engines that hard now.
    I've recently turned off reverification to see if that makes any difference.

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @TheGypsy - Ok, let me know if that stops the freezing. James seems to think its something on the SER side from one of the recent updates but we'll see.

    New platform is out called XTGem. It gives a random theme/subdomain (16 to choose from)

    You will need to completely stop projects, restart SER and start projects again to get the update.

    Note: If you get an error "Error signing up, contact support" - This is because your ip has been banned and the it will retry with another proxy, but if it keeps coming up you would need to rotate out proxies for new i.p.'s.

    Also, testing this engine with was successful, but catchalls with don't work.

    More engines coming.

  • Great :D Gonna try it out now, had SERE off all night while others build links, back to SERE all day :)
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    That's nice! I agree the catchalls don't work & my did.
    The few it's made so far are 42 DA, 43DA, 45DA, 48DA & 52DA

    I love the fact they are all different styles/templates/arrangements.

    Keep it coming :D
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