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    Welcome aboard Tarana :) You should have recieved your login details by now, dont hesitate to contact me or Sagar if you need any help.

  • @sagarpatil

    Please check my support ticket, 


    if possible.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @dariobl responsded to your ticket.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    Exciting news today. We've just finished bringing 17 new processing servers online, and that means bigger, badder list than we've ever delivered before.

    We are now adding 100,000+ new URL's everyday.

    In other, equally awesome news - We've also brought online 6 new "Contextual Only" harvesting servers. This means we will, without a doubt, be bringing in more contextual links than any other resource out there.

    So enjoy! Over the next few weeks the new, improved 1Linklist should really start to shine - and fill your copy of GSA with even more verified and contextual links than ever before.

    Yours in success,

    -Jordan, Sagar, & the 1Linklist team
  • Hi

    I was wondering do have any trial session so that  I can ensure you service is good and worth the monthly subscription ??
    It's because so far  I have tried 4 other services that claiming daily unique fresh list but they were scams with bunch of crap lists.

    If you could provide a trial so that  I see your service is good I would be happy to be a subscriber 

    Thanks. & Regards.
  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ -
    Hey Specialist, We have some free lists up here on the forum, unfortunately we do not offer any kind of trial subscription. Were focused solely on pumping all the links we can into our member lists ;)

  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    Please direct all support questions to me as Jordan (@1linklist) will be busy for next couple of days. You can either leave your questions here in the thread or send me a PM. I'll be happy to help.
  • Hello, i am using it since a week looks good.


    Totally worth every penny. Switched to 1linklist after using other list sources out in the market. Nobody else offers effortless syncing with GSA, auto-updated lists, and high quality properties to output at this volume. 

    Average output daily winds up being 200k+ submitted, average of 160k+ verified. Without a doubt, if you're serious about putting out volume (I'm using 1linklist across over 4000+ campaigns in GSA), you NEED this. 
  • Hey guys. This is the kind of stats I am getting with 1linklist, and at just 200 threads too. ;)

  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    Thank you for all the positive reviews. We are glad you are enjoying our service. Happy halloween everyone!
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @xtrz Wow. Those are impressive numbers. Congratulations!
  • Hi

    I have subscribed to your service and using it for almost 3 weeks but I'm getting only 16 LpM

    I'm running your service on my dedicated server with 1000 mb/s speed.

    Do you have any Idea what is the possible problem ??

  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @specialist - Sure. Let me have a look at your setup and I can fix it :)
    I'm sending you a PM with my skype. 
  • Last list submitted on Tue Nov 11, 2014 2:44 am

  • How about to incorporate da/pa filtration with your service?
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @yurium with the volume of links that we scrape everyday it wouldn't be possible for us to do that. Maybe it could be incorporated in GSA SER in future.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    We are undergoing maintenance. Service might be down for a bit. Expect an update soon.
  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ -
    Lol Sagar, behind schedule here :p Everythings back to normal already folks!
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @1linklist damn, we are fast :)
  • Hi,
    I'm interested in using mostly contextual links, and I can see that you have added servers to get more contextual links.

    Do you have a separate contextual only verified links list? I would also use the mass spam verified list for lower tiers, but it is much more efficient to run a contextual project using a contextual only verified linkslist rather than having to filter out from a general list.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @slimdusty72 All our lists are separated by platforms, for your contextual projects you can select the contextual engines that you need and use our 1sync tool to only run contextuals. So yeah, it is possible.
  • i'm using this service but my lpm is less than 20. i've added jordan's skype three days ago but no response. anyone can help me?
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    Hey Ivan,

    Send me your Skype, I'll take a look at your setup.
  • i've requested skype twice over 2 weeks and still no accept from his end. 
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @blackhat‌ send me your Skype through PM, I'll help you out.
  • sent pm, now waiting for Skype add. thanks.
  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ -
    edited November 2014
    I have no pending skype requests, so you guys have added the wrong ID or something. I approve all contact requests and send everybody a welcome message daily. If Sagars not gotten to you yet, my skype ID is "Epic1Links". Please add me/contact me again and we'll get you sorted.
  • just signed up guys Transaction ID: 9P041379ND*******
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