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new domains get instant penatly now? impoosible to rank for months?



  • Tim89Tim89
    @Kaine‌ I don't think you obtain a negative impact from a simple OBL coming from a penalised site..

    If the site is penalised, it means it will primarily effect that website any OBL's that come from that website may lose it's strength but it will not cause a direct negative impact to the linked site...

    You can not make a decision on something like this based on a YouTube video, I'm sorry.
  • KaineKaine
    edited June 2014

    Stop keeps spreading of thought and tried, and not only on one vidéo but on many, many account ...   if you want test on website it's your decision.

    I think that it is to push the admin to disavow backlinks, i'm not Google.


    I think the real problem is the spam report and disavow link, and risk is maximum with comment.

  • Tim89Tim89
    edited June 2014
    You can not state that something is true on a video then convert the assumption toward a website, they are two different types of media.

    @Kaine I find it really hard to understand your google translation friend, perhaps I'm getting the wrong impression from what you are typing, I don't know if I should feel offended by your comment or to agree or disagree, I'm somewhat confused, so let's just end it here.
  • KaineKaine
    edited June 2014

    Yes sorry my english is bad, do not feel offended.

    i have one website really penalysed (manual) and if you want make test no problem ;)

  • edited June 2014
    Well it all depends on the penalty...

    If you've had a manual penalty then your screwed both for linking/redirected/continuing, I just dump these.
    If you've been filtered by panda then you can change the content, build a site with new content and redirect.
    If you've been filtered by penguin then you can leave it to come back once the links have dropped off and anchors have normalized, blast it and hope it comes back the next refresh but I would say a redirect won't do much until another data refresh. I've found links from filtered sites still work in moderation.

    They're based off my personal experience. I had a site hit by penguin over a year ago and it came back just before the last panda 4.0 which, looks like a penguin refresh, panda 4.0 then hit it 2 weeks later but I redirected it and no problems.... site's had 80k+ links blasted over 1 year. I would say a site with no unnatural link warning is still usable.
  • goonergooner
    edited June 2014
    @RayBan - I only use links in posts/pages - So they are contextual.

    @grax1 - If you have a strong PBN you can use SER only for link diversity as you said and then for boosting the PBN. I use one different money anchor per PBN site and a very low percentage in SER.
  • @rayban I avoid site wide links in footers and sidebars, but that night be me being a tad over protective.

    Read this and form your own opinion:

    @Kaine Sorry but I don't understand and I'm guessing my French will be far worse than your English but are you trying to say:

    Linking from Youtube to site causes problems?

    Liens d'youtube sur votre site entraîne des problèmes ?
  • thanks @gooner,
    @davbel - you can have footer/sidebar links that are shown only on front page or specific page even in wp. Don't like sitewide links as well, as they distort anchor ratio, but sometimes use those as well.
  • Some really good stuff here Tim89

    I am in the process of rebuilding my list of contextuals (had it at 8k at one point and yes that included about 3k being XE!!).

    You mentioned "I'm only using GSA SER + GSA CB + Express Indexer" so are you not using any third party captcha solver?  Seems like it would be hard to get the volumes you are talking of without a good backup to CB?

    Have you made any modifications to the engines to increase your success rates for the better engines?

    And lastly, for your contextuals I assume you have a lot of the options unselected in the project for link type so only true contextual links are created?

  • Tim89Tim89
    Thanks @Flembot

    No third party captcha solving at all, I'd rather scrape longer and harder and build a solid list that doesn't need 3rd party captcha solving, you can do it without that.

    No modifications..

    Erm, yes, I select which platforms/engines I want invdividually, not all are ticked.
  • Ok cool, thanks  Tim89

    lol, guess you didn't care about the recaptcha blob issue then?!

    Not sure if you misunderstood me or I misunderstood your reply :/   By selecting the link type I was not referring to the actual platforms but within the options (about half way down) under "Filter URLs" headed "Type of Backlinks to create", are you selective there so you only get links in the content and not profile links?

    I have been running a little sheepishly of late trying to keep getting the good/non-blob recaptchas but I have just scraped a list of about 3M so not got time to go through that slowly, half the sites will be dead before I finish!! Time to crank up the threads!!
  • @Tim89 do you not use Santos's Footprint Tool? It helped my SER scraping massively. Looking at my modified Drupal folder, it's 4x what the standard amount of URLs is from the non-modified file. I'm sure with more effort on the footprint side of things, that would be even higher.

  • @JudderMan, the Santo's footprint tool you are referring to, is this the one:

    When you say 'modified drupal folder', do you mean your own custom footprints? If so, how do you go about creating your own custom footprints?
  • @qwiz open 10-15 drupal websites , find few common words like themes footer , text generated by plugins etc etc . you should have a handful in 30 mins 
  • Tim89Tim89
    @JudderMan don't really need it
  • very nice reading, thx to all
  • KevinRBKevinRB Chiang Mai, Thailand
    edited September 2014
    Many thanks for this i couldn't have summed it up more eloquently!....

    "I always viewed ranking in Google (the algorithm) as a black object on a black canvas. I literally cannot possibly know what all the secrets are (the shape of this algorithm). But if I throw enough darts, an image will begin to emerge on the canvas. I will know what the misses are, and what the direct hits are. Kind of like that game Battleship. I will find direction from both my misses and my direct hits. Every dart has a lesson."
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