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new domains get instant penatly now? impoosible to rank for months?

no matter how many links i build under the sites just are locked in the 30-50s. this is not only a compaint of mine theres a busy thread on bhw stating the same thing form tohers.

ive been complaining aobut this for months on end .

seo seems like a mugs game. now.

i dont know anyone who is succesful in it?

i think the only thing i havent tried now is churn and burn 100% to money site.  guess ill try that as a last ditch.


  • Kinda like asking how long is a piece of string guy ...
  • Tim89Tim89
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    I don't know how else to explain this so, I'll show you.

    2 weeks of link building amazon niche site;

    4 weeks link building in the finance/loan niche;

    6 weeks of link building in the insurance niche

    another insurance niche site 6 weeks of link building

    I got another 1 for you.

    Whatever you're doing, if it's not working for you, it's a fail.. simple as, SEO is not dead.

    Oh and I'm only using GSA SER + GSA CB + Express Indexer, nothing else, no PBN's (although I am growing mine at the moment) no paid links, no paid services. These niches are very competitive and up against sites like gocompare, comparethemarket etc etc in the UK market.
  • @Peter: Same here. I think we need to change our methods.

    Tim89 ranking screenshots shows GSA SER is still kicking google's as*.

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    @tim89 interesting. how many links did it involve to get to those ranks? Maybe im missing scale. cos i know ive got my indexing finally covered with your service- 60% average. (only doing contextuals atm cos otehr platofrms would not index.) there you go a plug for your service to boost your ego even more :)

    and these are tiers projects rather than straight to money site? Dont understand how its possible since mine dont budge one bit. arent you the one hwo said you only expect to rnak in 6 months? these graphs and the time you claim seem in sharp constrast to your previous proclamation?

    For disclusure of mine, i am currently doing contextual only, only 100 or so on t1 or less. then unrestricted on t2,  10kish links per day/5 sites so probly only a 1-2k or so links per day per site? should it be more?
  • @tim89: Are you making tier 1 links with GSA too? or it is done manually?
  • Tim89Tim89
    Yes @umerjutt0 all with SER.
  • @Tim89 : Links indexing seems like a big issue for me too. I am using another service and it is not good at all. So I will move to expressindexer as soon as my current plan expires. I am sure this will make a huge difference.

    tier 1 with GSA, i have noticed most of the contextual platforms have too many internal and external links. Link juice kinda get lost somewhere because of that especially the Xpressengine. If you don't mind telling, what platforms you think are the best for tier 1.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited June 2014
    I only use contextual type links, This is a screenshot of one of my vps;


    All I want to point out here is this: Who says you need a dedicated box to achieve verified numbers like the above? It's not even 4pm here and 1 of my vps machines has already built 147,995 verified links.

    Some public knowledge that is spread is complete nonsense and I like it that way to be honest, simply because I don't follow the flock of sheep and just do things how I want to do things.

    no offence @PeterParker but I don't really respect you enough as a forum member to help you, simply because of your mentality and stupidity toward my service in the earlier stages that you were poncing off of someone else before and now you've changed your mind about my service when I could potentially help you? so I'm not really going to answer all your questions, congrats on the EI account though.
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    Awesome man, glad you got success after the update.  
    After more than 100 sites after the update I got nothing. Before the update they would have worked :(

    How many submissions/day for tier1,2 etc? 
    Do you use kitchen sink for tiers or only contextuals?

    Do  you use spun content on money site?

  • Tim89Tim89
    @umerjutt0 you're right, most contextual platforms that are listed within SER are spammed to death and have high obls, I do trim the fat and only use certain contextual links for my important keywords!

    and ofcourse, indexing is quite important for obtaining the maximum juice from your links.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited June 2014
    @cefege wow dude, you've already done SEO to 100 sites since may? SEO takes time, I have 15 VPSs' and I can only SEO/manage like 8 sites in my niche competitively...

    I would suggest that you concentrate moreso on a handful of sites at a time at any time for a month and then analyse your results.

    As I said, I could not manage 100 sites on my own for competitive niches, that would be too much!

    - no spun content normally on my moneysite, content on moneysite is always hand written depending on if I'm experimenting on a new strategy, I would use AB content.
    - I made around 200,000 verified links per day, I don't keep track of which tiers these are for unfortunately.
    - No kitchen sink, all links get sent to EI for indexing, kitchen sinks were primarily for indexing, for me anyway, haven't used this method since I released my indexing service.
  • vkp1988vkp1988
    Simply i would say ,,,

    If SEO is dead means i am lost. LOL. I am totally agreed with @Tim89 and till search engines need to show results SEO is live, 

    I have mentioned this on many posts.I haven't noticed anything after latest update. BTW i am not in to youtube marketing so i am not sure about it. All my money sites using same old strategy . 

    Web 2.0 lot of contextual s plus PBN posts if needed. 

    Basically my affiliate sites are 5 -6 pages including privacy contact us pages and monosiloed . Rank along with SER tier 3 - 4 tier campaigns. 
  • PeterParker Google random ranking factor and read up a little... I imagine you have had a losers in a row thats all.
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    Wow, I also do SEO for 150 parasite pages.
    I am trying different strategies to rank. 

    10% of my parasites are ranking, I thought they need more time. Then you come and say 
    "2 weeks of link building amazon niche site;" haha. 

    I had those types of results before the update.
    One batch I've been working on for a month and only 2 sites in top 100 :/

    I've been looking at you screenshot and don't understand some things about your tier structure.

    From what your structure looks I believe you populate your Tiers Groups manually? 
    eg: export from Tier1 verified each week to Tier2 Group)

    Also since you create a separate Group for each Tier, there is probably one more "tier project" that posts to your main tier automatically?

  • Tim89Tim89
    Speed to rankings depends on competition and aggressiveness of your link building.

    That amazon niche site of mine is in a low competition niche to what I'm normally used to for example the finance niche... To me, it's much easier to rank an amazon site selling something like tv remote controls simply because I work every day in the finance niche and this niche is very competitive, all I did was my strategy but in a different niche and those were the results for what I did.

    I build my tiers individually and I check my links using back link monitor and then I set up more campaigns accordingly.

    No, I don't use any automatic posting tier, every campaign I set up I know how many links I want from it and I know where those links are being pointed to..
  • ronron
    +1 @Tim89, nice posts.
  • Any tips you would like to give @ron? My problem is same like peter.
  • @Tim89 is on a roll
  • ronron
    @umerjutt00 - I think @Tim89, @vkp1988 and @coneh34d summed it up extremely well.

    I think you need to figure out the game a bit. There a lot of experience in this thread that has been talking.

    From my point of view, there are several things I would do *before* investing a lot of *effort* in building out a site with proper affiliate sales copy, formatting, and all the hard work that goes into a quality microsite:

    • Accept the fact that the majority of your sites will fail, as in 70% - 80% - just so you have the proper mental attitude to succeed. If you expect all winners, then you don't know how it all works, and you will give up after 'x' number of failures.
    • There is definitely a randomness factor. I have built identical sites in the same niche, done the same things, and some fail while one takes off - go figure.
    • Try to budget for some learning. Buy some domains, and set up some tests so you can actually learn something from each one - keep notes.
    • Set up skeletal microsites with a privacy, contact us, terms, etc. and then a homepage and maybe a few inner pages.
    • Put up some high quality (aka 100% readable) spins up in those real pages, and theme it together like a real site. Give the inner pages real names of products, etc., basically, however you would set up your ideal site. In other words, give it a proper site template/architecture.
    • Create various linkbuilding schemes for each website. Be bold. Try some new shit on each website. Try to use whatever you believe to be the best links on T1, and even consider hand-building your own T1 links to stick in SER manually as your T1.
    • In other words, on some, try using just SER for everything, and in others, try building your own high quality T1.
    These other guys summed it up pretty nicely. Re-read this thread, hatch a plan, and take some action. After a while some properties should start to gain traction. They may pop into the Top 100, and watch carefully. If they start hitting 50 or less, take action. Rewrite those sites to be the real deal. Then start building a new quality inner page per week to that site, maybe even more, if you have the time.

    All you need is to throw enough darts to finally hit a winner. Then look at your notes and figure out what the hell you did, lol.

    I always viewed ranking in Google (the algorithm) as a black object on a black canvas. I literally cannot possibly know what all the secrets are (the shape of this algorithm). But if I throw enough darts, an image will begin to emerge on the canvas. I will know what the misses are, and what the direct hits are. Kind of like that game Battleship. I will find direction from both my misses and my direct hits. Every dart has a lesson.

    I think you get the idea.
  • Good advice @ron, especially at this time when SEO doesn't seem to be working for me. At least now I've a "plan"... just keep throwing darts... thanks ron =D>
  • @Tim89, do you get those verifieds from unique domains each, or do you do multiple submissions per domain? Also, do you set any PR filters for tier 1 contextuals?
  • Tim89 ,what VPS are you using?do you use another tool to scrape for URL lists?it is amzing you get 200k verified URLs per day
  • Tim89Tim89
    thanks @ron

    hey @splendour they are multiposts, if I remember correctly it should be around 15,000 unique domains or so and I run my scraped lists with no filters.

    hey @bing458 I'm using greencloud vps, there really good value for money and the owner provides great customer support, I do scrape 24/7 and import around a million urls a day and my lists have simply grown and grown..

  • Thanks @Tim89 for your response, your posts including those from @ron and others are among the most helpful. One more question, when you do contextuals, is it from articles alone or profile contextuals as well? Do they include wikis? What options to pick in the type of backlinks to create? Just articles and article wikis, or everything that give contextuals including profiles and blog comments?
  • @Tim89,thanks very much,you mentioned that  you used handwritten articles,I see that you get 10k verified urls for T1,you write 10k articles?it can not be possible
  • @bing458 , for handwritten articles, I think its for money sites
  • @Tim89

    Can you explain me your SERP ranking screenshot please ? According to the screenshot you were moving for 30 positions in 10 seconds up and down lol. I guess that the dates are incorrect ? 
  • @dariobl

    I guess that it's the time when he checked the position of his keywords and each row is for a different keyword.
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