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new domains get instant penatly now? impoosible to rank for months?



  • Tim89Tim89
    Hey @dariobl @Desire_ is quite right, each row indicates a different keyword, the rank check was made with Inspyder Rank Reporter, if you are unfamiliar with the way it displays results.

    So as the keywords are being checked at once, the timer starts and then a timestamp is created when a keyword is found, etc etc
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited June 2014

    I've got a site in a similar niche to Tim here in the UK, against the same level of competition, and I've got pages that are just starting to hit the top 10 - 20 for decent terms after about 6 weeks.

    The site in question has about 20 pages in total, so not even a massive site, but it does however, have decent architecture and internal linking, and rock solid onpage seo.

    It may sound funny to say it, but for anyone struggling to rank at the moment I would try to focus more effort on learning how to properly optimise your sites and their pages, as it will make everything else that you do in the backlinking department 100 times more effective.
  • @Desire_ @Tim89 , thanks for a heads up, i though that was just one keyword :)

    I was into the financial UK niches few years ago, i though that mass spam is dead on them nowadays, i just know few guys who are ranking them with PBN and 301 redirects from penalized domains from the same niche.
    Nice to see it's still working :).
  • 2Take2 maybe thats where im lacking then cos i really have jsut ignored that dept, just triyng not to look too spammy and jsut leaving it.

    The 'onpage seo epic thread' makes my head spin, i have no idea how to implement what ppl say on there.

    What would you recommended for a quick crash course to get me going regarding onpage these days?

    To note: most my sites are between 8-10 pages of content.
  • This right here is the most informative post after the update. 
    Thanks Tim89 for sharing.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @splendour‌ for tier 1 I take the most of my time selecting the particular platforms that I would consider to be more 'high quality' link sources.

    Since I don't hand build my tier 1 links, which I actually recommend people do, on sites like wordpress, tumblr, webden, tripod etc etc if you hand built tier 1's on those types of sites and then literally blasted these, you'd still get great results, anyway back to how I do things... I basically only build tier 1 links that are worth having, I'd rather have 10,000 tier 1's coming from Drupal/buddy press and wordpress articles than having 100,000 express engine or any of those other Chinese type article sites simply because it is very very difficult to find these platforms to post to, which makes them good sources to get links from.

    I used to use wikis in my tier 1's yes, I still think they can be used as tier 1's but the amount of links you would need to push to these links to give them enough juice(authority) and the amount of time it takes for that juice to age and the finally provide your money site with the benefits takes far to long for my liking, but sure, if your not in a competitive niche and your not against time, I don't see why you couldn't use them.

    You see, in my niche particularly, I have to not only keep up with the volume of links for me to rank my sites, but I also have to combat link loss, now for me to effectively do this, I have to either spam a lot of shit links constantly at a really fast pace to try and build authority or go for semi quality foundations and use only a fraction of 2nd and 3rd tier links to provide the juice to back them up, which saves me time in the long run and if they stick around, they can eventually become really powerful links.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited June 2014
    Hey @bing458‌ I only hand write my articles on my money sites and my money sites range from having 25 pages, to 250 pages..

    I use AB content for all backlinks.

    No problem @cefege‌ I'm happy I can help.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited June 2014

    In that case you definitely want to read up on it then.

    You need to remember that most meaningful onpage SEO guides will be paid, with the majority of the stuff on the internet just covering the basics.

    However, you could start by reading through these;

    And (although I do some things a little bit differently), this guide on BHW is also quite a useful read to get you started;

    Most importantly though, look at what the 'Big boys' are doing to optimise their pages in the competitive niches, rip them apart, imitate, and then put your own spin on it and test what works.

  • @2Take2 cheers fella.
  • @Tim89, what means that you use AB content for all backlinks?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @micha ArticleBuilder
  • @2Take2 i presume a site like mathew woodwards would be a good example to follow since in the seo world he seems to be able to do no wrong :P
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited June 2014
    Matthew woodwards SEO videos/guides are only loved by so many because those videos are the only descriptive, informative material newbies have which is unfortunate because it's a pile of dog shit and is only a sales funnel for affiliate products galore.

    But hey, he's an internet marketer and that's how he earns his money, I congratulate the guy but by no means do I think any successful internet marketer actually follows him.

    I know Mathew, I used to play an online fps game with him for many years, he was a prat, not sure how's he turned out now though.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited June 2014
    @peterparker, it depends on what type of site you're trying to build and what you're trying to achieve, but I was more referring to the big money affiliate sites like moneysupermarket, moneysavingexpert, et al.

    At the end of the day, those guys have got the budgets to employ the top pros, so you know that they'll be using on page seo techniques that work. No need to reinvent the wheel as they say. :)
  • edited June 2014
    hmm yes but thats not very realistic for a bottom feeder like myself :P how can i hope to compete with those kind of sites? i mean ofc i can try and emulate wha ti can but most likely their themes and stuff will be all premuim wont they.

    Also money saving expert site is very different than just a few page affiliate site isnt it? they are based around different concepts id have thought? or youre suggesting you should aim to make EVERY site an authority site?

    @tim89 i agree and got banned from bhw for ranting against him recently :P

    i eventually thought i was pissing in the wind cos noobs will always be noobs and blindly follow whoever merely ACTS like they know what theyre tlaking about.

    Kind of like how huge budget hollywood movies are total mindless drivel but the majorityt of lowest common denominator still go to them. doesnt make them good movies tho.
  • @peterparker,

    I've sent you a PM as I don't really want to go into any more detail about it on the public forum. :)
  • 2Take2 not seeing any pms, unless you hadnt written it yet :P
  • Patience is a virtue (I'm a slow typer lol). :D
  • @2Take2 Can you add one more reciepnt for that PM lol :D
  • @Tim89, So you are just pretty much blasting contextual links directly to your money site? (Tier 1's)
  • Can you PM me as well @2Take2  :)
  • KaineKaine
    edited June 2014

    Thank you for that "moneysupermarket" (^^) just for the content it represents an incredible job ... it looks like a directory  : / sure Google like crawl in. It's optimized for mobile too.
  • edited June 2014
    tim89 looking at this creenshot

    Is tier1 unique domain only? That looks like an awesome.

    @ list sellers. 
    Start giving more contextuals. 
    Comments and other places where you don't create a new page are useless.
  • ronron
    @cefege - Lol. They are soooo hard to come by. Treasure each one you get. There is a place for every type of link (think tiers). Some are obviously more valuable than others. But they all have some value.
  • @Tim89

    1. how long did it take you to build that huge list of contextual verifieds?

    2. also, how long is the longevity of those sites that you build those contextuals to in google? How long do they stay ranked?
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited June 2014

    The timeframe for gathering my lists is irrelevant, it would make no difference if I knew or counted the days it took me and it would make no difference if I told you it took me 6 months or 6 years to achieve, it just doesnt matter...

    In regards to how long do my sites last.. Well I'm assuming you're asking about my moneysites yea? Well they've lasted for 3 years now without suffering any major drops and I'm still focusing on those primary sites to this day, which makes my income.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited June 2014

    Out of those 15k tier 1's, the number of unique domains would be around 4,000 - 5,000 unqiue contextual sources, the reason I know this is I aim to post 3 articles per domain and my tier 1 campaigns normally start getting slower once they've built a good 15-20k links, upon checking the stats, it normally shows around 4k domains.

    Yes contextuals are hard to come by and if list sellers were to give more contextual targets that SER could post to, SEO would be easier for everyone, tis true, but you're talking, 5,000 + contextual targets from platforms like drupal / wordpress / buddypress, not from express engine lol.
  • edited June 2014
    @Tim89, so most of your contextuals are from drupal/wordpress/buddypress? Are these the ones you focus on mainly? So, your scraping that you do 24/7 is mainly to target these and nothing else?

    Also, back to having your sites last so long, what sort of protection do you do to get them to last so long? I've been reading up on so many of the threads here, and I've read so many cases of sites getting penalized after a few months. What are you doing to get them to last this long?
  • Tim89Tim89

    You're asking me questions about the reasons I've been "successful" or "OK" for the last serveral years on a public forum expecting me to somehow 'spill the beans' but I can't do that lol.
  • @Tim89, appreciate that you do not want to share your success secrets, but thanks all the same.
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