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Huge update is going on

Anyone hitted by Big G? Many of my sites lost rank .. I think its not finished yet..

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    Yes, it started 1-2 days ago. I noticed some dancing on my GSA SER campaings, some with SAPE links, some with PBN links, some sites with low anchor % some with high - i cant find any pattern.
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    @krisctu, you are wrong.
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    I still think it's the relevancy of the words in the spun text. If you spin text that's supposed to be about Bing and it generates text on search engines, then that's not bad, but if it generates text on Chandler Bing off Friends obviously it's going to not rank as well. Or that's my theory.

    Either way, I note that you said you have many sites sweeppicker; how can you possibly write unique stuff for 100+ sites? Or do you get others to do it? I don't like writing off things without trying them but unless I'm missing something it's just impossible to do on any sort of scale?


  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited May 2014
    Hi Guru, all of my tiered campaigns are fine, but I'm seeing some dancing with a few keywords in a couple of my churn and burn ones. It's been going on for about 1 week now, as far as I can see.
  • Well I think there is an update going on , and not a little one since forums all over are starting to be pupulated by posts indicating the magic sudden derank happening LOL. My websites  ( lot of them ) are dropping . Still I will wait a few days to see what will happen but its definitely an update.
  • My websites are not part of any PBN , most of them using exclusively GSA . Different anchor % etc.. its something different and I smell its something not nice.
  • It looks like there are some changes going on, but if you look at this graph, you can see how many changes are always going on. 

    I don't listen to chatter on the seo forums, it's normally people running scared. 

    I am seeing some keywords increasing in rank and some dropping in rank daily but over a month period they always go up.

    Leave it a for a few days and see what happens to your rankings. 

    Don't get influenced by forums!
  • We were overdue an update, it's been a while, usually March/April. 

    I haven't seen any ranking losses, though. Not yet anyway.

  • There is an update , trust me . Its not about looking at forum ... but when on forums they speak about this thing happening that means it is affecting a lot of people . I run more than 2000 websites. Around 500 being affected in negative way. I speak and type this because it i happening TO ME. :)
  • Do you ran GSA SER on all of them?
  • Most of my authority sites got a nice uptick boost.

    It seems they are again targeting guest blog sites and Half PBNs
  • @Meph yeah I do / did . But that doesn't mean much . SER build only links , is the way you build them that count. Anyway I gave my opinion based on a relevant number of websites I ve . But again , it has to settle down a little bit before we can judge this update  :)
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    I noticed something yesterday, 1 youtube video dropped off the face of the earth and not in top 500 after sitting on page 1, another site disappeared and not in top 500 after ranking for a few keywords previously
  • MorphMan I just noticed drops between 20 to 200 positions :) 
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    My other sites are fine no drops just the above mentioned
  • it depends on the niche I suppose , some of my websites are in the same niche. Anyway , I think its not settled yet. Very strange this time websites dropped for a few keywords not for the whole keywords set. 
  • Yes a few sites got hit here too. Hope it's only temporary..
  • Checked Ahrefs and some sites have lost certain types of links, looks like redirects and image comments (even though I don't do image comments directly at money sites...) No ranking losses though.
  • I see significant improvements in a content oriented site but it has been trending that way anyway. My redirect projects are holding steady. Business as usuall here.
  • aquaticmineralsaquaticminerals Planet of the Apes
    I think it's not so much the type of links but the devalueing of links instead that causes these drops
  • edited May 2014
    all my spammed to death youtube and bloggers have either dropped out of top 50 or jumped to the next page . Only 3-4 properties remaining in top 10 now .

    But my 4 websites which are free from gsa ser links (even tiers) are untouched .
  • This update is a way more targetted on websites ( any website ) that use spammy links directly to money site
  • I am building links directly to my money site from SER and I haven't seen any major drops at all. 

    But I do take care to use proper articles and only post to certain engines. 

    @theguruland ;I have seen competitors rankings dropping like flies today. So you are right about something going on! ;)
  • Thunderman maybe you have 4 sites and you can rank them in that way . I do volume work . I ve to work and rank in different way ;) Still , I ve noticed that my sites that get penalized didn't get deranked for ALL the keywords but just for some . I wish I had 4 sites only sometimes ... LOL
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited May 2014
    Totally anecdotal, but after a [very] brief look at one of my churn and burn sites that's affected I can see a huge amount of links from image sharing sites have been deleted/disappeared over the last few days.

    Also, the anchor text was also all within what would be considered acceptable, so probably nothing to do with that either.

    Although, as already said, best to let the dust settle before making any real observations.
  • @2TAke2 Do you use generic anchors for churn and burn or just the major key phrases?
  • Same problem for me. Lost rankings on over 80% of my web 2.0s.
    Hope this update will cancel very soon.
  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited May 2014
    No changes of note.  A couple of places up and down, but pretty much within what has been happening lately.

    For all there was chatter on various SEO forums last week about an update, Google (believe them or not) denied such an update took place:

    I suspect that unless you are building a "brand" this sort of random ranking will happen more and more as Google re-arranges the SERPs to either suit itself or brands it has a commercial relationship with.

  • It may be just a Google Refresh. And of course most of the churn and burn sites will get affected. This means it`s time to create new ones.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited May 2014
    @johnsees, I generally use anchor, domain and generic in the same ratios that I would build them to any other site. I know that some people still like to just hammer sites with the key phrases, and they probably get good results, but with decent onpage SEO I've not really found it makes much difference either way.

    More important is the technique than anything else, and it's where most people get it wrong, including myself sometimes. lol

    That said, it's not really what I'm focused on, and there are people here much better qualified to talk about it than me.
  • i have a question guys:

    in this period should i create more web 2.0s and spam them? or should i stop until this update cancel?
  • Same thing with me guys. My web 2.0 's are nowhere to be seen.

     @adystanley I think we should wait for the dust to settle down.
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