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  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at

    Oh shit! I just paid to my old service provider yesterday. I wish i had see this before ..BTW i am in .I hope you can continue the prices for long .I want to buy $85 Dedi .Thanks
    @nawshale:Yes we will keep the price as they are, dont think to raise the price in the near future :)
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    Definitely fishy that you got a random DDOS shortly after launching your thread and then you're getting a shit review from a member with an April 30th join date and a refund request along with it. Sounds like a competitor acting childish. I'd have sven check the IP of that account against the IPs of other currently popular server providers.
  • goonergooner
    Agree with @justin, very fishy indeed.

    I feel like this thread needs a little love now, so let me share my speed test screenshot :)

  • I highly recommend this VPS, It's perfect for GSA, i got very good LpM and the prices are out of this world!
  • Could I get a coupon please
    Thanks very much @gooner, @Justin & @tommy99 for your kind words!
    @tommy99: I replied to your PM. Thanks!
  • This is happening way too much now. Link Processor got DDOS'd after many people went over to them. Some very bitter people out there.
  • just purchased
    Order Number: 7915851964

    please process. thanks
  • What would you recommend if I just want to use Gscraper and their proxies to scrape lists?
    @jonathanjon: Hello, You can try our SEO1 first, if it's not enough you can upgrade to SEO2 :) Thanks!
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    Just signed up for FR4 package. Will be interesting to test.
    I have so far only used VPS servers x 3 so this will be my first dedicated.

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    @vifa: We received your order & payment. Thanks! FR3 is available now for order :)
  • @NDTN Looks interesting , I want to try this... can you send me the discount for a dedi ?
  • ronron

    I am just starting to test this server out. Here's a quick speed test:


    I just turned it on, and I'm doing a quick test with a few contextual projects (with verification disabled), and am getting this


    I'm using an old list, so this screenshot isn't meant to impress by any stretch. But I can tell that the server can handle a big load, and my RDP sessions are instant access even though I am connecting across the ocean - so that part tells me a lot. I just need to get some different proxies closer to France, lol.

    Overall, this is looking very good for the first couple of hours. These guys had me set up within a couple of hours of purchasing, so that was a great start as well.

    I say give these guys a chance. If it continues to be a good story, I will report that. If something isn't right, I will report that too. But so far, everything looks good with these guys. And we could use some additional quality providers around here...the more the merrier.

  • Hi @ron, what package did you get?

    I was looking at seo4, but they're out of stock right now.
  • ronron
    I got the FR3 dedi.
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    @ron, @gooner - can you install several SER copies on one dedi ? If yes, it seems that it becomes worth using if you have at least 3 copies of ser.

    Is there a massive difference in terms of speed and performance when comparing dedi Vs vps ?
  • ronron

    @RayBan - There is a massive difference between a VPS and a dedi. In this case, I decided to move my remaining VPS to a dedi, and I am very glad I did. There is just so much more computing power. Run 150 projects simultaneously at 1000 threads, etc. It just never gags.

    I don't think I would do what you suggested though. Not an expert, but I think you need to partition resources (hard drive/cores/threads) as you can't run more than 1 instance at a time on the same drive. So in effect you are creating several weaker VPS's. You need to give it a shot to understand the difference. Night and day.

  • I just wanna start with the Us1 9$ with GSA discount , I wonder if its SEO tools optimized or no ?
    @DzSeoboy‌ we dont recommend US plans for SEO, you can check our seo optimized instead. Thanks!
  • @ron night and day :) well you make me wanna switch to dedi immediately. With such spead i could replace 2 vps and it would cost almost the same. 
  • ronron
    Well hang on to your underwear. Of course, right after I wrote that the server crashed. I have been without a server since late last night. We will see how all of this is handled. Right now, I am tapping my fingers on the desk.
    @ron: I replied to your ticket. Thanks!
  • ronron
    Yeah, these guys threw me a new server as soon as they saw the ticket, just so everyone knows. I was kind of hanging on to see if the other one could get fixed because it takes a while to set up all the updates, cloud storage, downloads, etc. So I ended up in a good place and all is good. These guys are very responsive.
  • ordered!
  • can i try this first for a month? before i get a longer months??
  • What was the cause of the crash and how often does this happen? While they were responsive this time, even if they are always responsive, the instability is not good. I'm just wondering before I take the next step. Green is definitely cheaper than others, but the time lost and the instability may not be worth the money saved.
  • ronron
    I pushed the system too hard, lol. I was the cause. The data center thought I was attacking them, lol.

    I am working with the service provider to dissect what I am doing to better understand what created all the fuss. In all fairness, all the other users seem to be having a grand old time. So leave it to me to get everybody's panties in a knot.
  • Ron, thanks for your feedback.
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