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Extremely low verified URLs..



  • I have the same, it just happened after one of the updates, now I have about 5-10% verified at max, replaced email accounts, testing on many new projects. In one project I have 5K submitted and as I see the confirmation messages was delivered to my account but for some reason GSA SER are not able to update a verified list of backlinks cos I see in the log it checking emails and founding activation links, so maybe there is something wrong only with save the verified backlinks only.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    just doesnt run like it use im seeing this

    I have 3 projects running...Threads set to a 100....yet it is mostly running around 40 threads give or take....cpu is 3%....memory around weird
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    gsa has been running for 4 hours...only 58 verified links

    last week i would be at 5k in a few hours
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    Seeing the same problem on my end as well... I notice that when I stop GSA and start it again, it runs at full speed, and by that im talking about threads and NOT LpM. I am using a verified list of sites, all of which are working. GSA runs at 500 threads, within 30 minutes GSA starts to bog down (slow down) and im down to 20-30 thread and I have to stop GSA again and start it again for GSA to run back at normal speeds. I have not gotten any error messages (out of targets, etc..). Don't know whats going on at this point.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    Yea its a mess in my eyes.....firing up MS and nuke again...UGH
  • One thing I am noticing is that this seems to happen once GSA tries to verify emails, it's almost as if it gets stuck during some part of this process despite there being less than 200 email for GSA to check (I verified this my self) it's spending an awfully long time during this process and my GSA installs usually go down hill after this point. By that, I mean it dose not regain speed.
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    Any news from @Sven on this? .. I've had to close shop, can't even use SER.
  • If my SER were running any slower it would be running backwards and taking down links.
  • Experiencing the same. I usually get more verified links out of my scraped lists. I'm getting very poor results currently.
  • SvenSven
    @Robby54 send a project backup please where that project takes so long in email verification.
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    Comments, guestbooks, trackback, etc. are verifying fine. The only area I am seeing large decline is in platforms were you create new page on like article, forum, etc.

    For me SER seems like its submitting fine and receiving emails to these but I think problem must be when SER goes in verifies links through email. Few to none verified links ever produce out of +1000 emails.
  • SER is stuck on verification it seems.

    If I shut down and restart, then LPM is like 100+ but over the period of time (30 min or so) it drops down to 20 or so....

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    I am using only site lists - today i deleted all target left urls for one project, this project has set up posting multiple times to the same site and a lot of email accounts (over 150). 
    After couple of hours i have over 700k urls in url cache and it is still growing - maybe it is somehow connected to verified problems...
  • goonergooner
    @Robby54 - Yea good spot, i put some of my projects into active(v) and almost none are producing any verified links. It seems like if SER doesn't verify it right away then it doesn't verify it at all, do you have a project backup to send to Sven?
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    @Sven message sent

    @gooner I sent sven one of my projects to check.

    Since my last post, I decided to troubleshoot the problem to see what might be causing these problems everyone's been having and I narrowed it down to the verification module. The way I came to this conclusion is I simply set my project to verify once every 60 minutes, I notice that GSA ignored the setting and still verified before 60 minutes have passed. I have left GSA alone for several hours just to come back and find that it still is on the verification stage.

    At this point what I did was disabled the verification module all together in the project settings, once I did this, bingo, GSA started to perform back to normal and by that I mean it was running at 500-600 threads consistently for several hours on end. I would then come back to my server every few hour and simply set the projects to "Active (Verify Only)" and I would get the expected number of verified links.

    With that being said, all you guy's who are having trouble, try and disable "Automatic Verify" within your project. Set it to "Never/Disable", let GSA run through your list as you normally would and simply come back to it in about 60 minutes ( or whenever you want), stop GSA, and right click on your project and set it to "Active (Verify Only)" then start GSA again.

    Please post your results to help Sven come to a resolution as to were to problem might lie.

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    Robby54 I've almost never used Auto Verification, it seemed to me that something else is not going as it should...

    Anyways, I've decided to do a little test.

    I've taken two versions of SER, 7.51 as "stable" and 8.10 as newest one.

    I've created one template project with the same settings between versions, although with different content taken from raw WAC spin, i.e. shitty, but of same quality between two projects. Emails were different of course.

    I've taken around 1050 targets from most "popular" engines from one of my lists.

    How runs were made:

    1. Complete uninstall of SER, i.e. remove all files from Roaming folder, uninstall SER from Program Files one.

    2. Fresh install of version in question and launch of test project till the end of the sample targets

    3. Verification of the links that were made. 10 minute break. Second verifications for email to reach mailboxes.

    The first run was using 7.51.

    The second one:

    The difference in verified links is also minimal, I'd say no more than 5%

    Maybe it was unrepresentative or too small sample I've taken, but everything seems normal.

    So maybe it was something before 8.10 or some temporary issue or I do not know but now I can't say that some earlier version was better and such

    Here are the projects, targets and other innards if anyone's interested:!HQsD2SAK!By7fKk1RjXuyPQcmBP7Vq60oY91uM0R5wxnAxqSb7Vk

    Update:Truncated my long post a little...

  • This bug is still present in 8.10, 45k submission 9k verified :(
  • goonergooner
    @nikodim - Thanks for running that test, those stats show about 9% difference of the total verified in version 7.51. I think that is significant, if you process 1 million scraped URLs that 90,000 verified links lost in the latest version.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
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    Thanks all.....Me personally, still getting like no links copmpared to 5 days ago

    I officially had to stop using gsa ser today as i am going backwards when im trying to go forwards

    Still hopeful something gets fixed but for now will have to use other software 

    On a positive note saving plenty of my via captcha services :)
  • Yeah still having the same problems too with 8.11.  I will check back in the future to see if there is a fix but I too will have to use other software in order to get contextual links. 

    I've been having the problem for about 2 weeks now.
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    Does anyone notice that the only Contextual platforms getting verified are the ones that don't require email activation?
  • Contextual platforms are broken.. All you guys running tests. Try it on contextual. The results are absolute shit right now. So bad that we can't even use GSA at all. Even PR0 contextual only get a few links... Worse than I've ever seen in years.
  • goonergooner
    The strange thing is, it's not affecting everyone equally.
    In my team of 4... 3 of us are seeing a small reduction in verified and 1 of us is seeing a HUGE reduction.
    Same setups, just different servers... Very weird.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
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    Im in the HUGE reduction category....just bought nuke again...thankfully got a super great group buy deal...
  • Have you tested that on newly created projects ?
    I see the big difference between old projects and new ones, old ones verified are very low, new ones a lot better but it is still far from ideal
  • I confirm, disabling veryfing in the projects help a lot, thanks Robby54 for a tip, I never befor got so many verified (:
  • @thomas73 you mean completely new from scratch or duplicate new?
  • No I created completely new, I see different results between old and new ones
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    i am going to start a new project from scratch right now...will report back in an hour or so
  • goonergooner
    New projects will get more links, it's because they have no history etc.
    That's always been that way.
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