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Extremely low verified URLs..

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Since a few weeks ago, I am getting extremely low verified links on Contextual platforms.

I'm not sure if the problem is with GSA, the bulk Outlook email supplier or what.

But I went from getting 150+ verified links, to only 30 per submission.

No PR checking, no filters. Using a massive list of PR1+ that I scraped myself.

Any idea why? This is very bad -_- ;;; Can't do much with only 30 links.


  • probably some of the websites are offline, some closed registration because of heavy spamming..check the url's that are not working or the log in Ser
  • Hi at first I thought the same thing but I've been using GSA for years and never seen such a dramatic drop. Could it be a particular CMS updated I.e. Drupal and the engine needs to be updated?

    I highly doubt 100+ sites close registration overnight.
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    Read the log, manually click through 10-15 of the failures, and figure out why. These targets are getting hammered more and more everyday, and thus shutting down. The number of postable contextual targets is exponentially decreasing.
  • Maybe you misread my above comment. I've been using GSA extensively for years. Spamming massive, massive amounts of links. Over the years there has NEVER been such a decrease in links.

    You expect me to believe "suddenly" one day 100+ sites close registration?

    No. Something else is wrong.. not verifying emails properly, or CMS update, or something.
  • This is why I told you to manually check. Are you incapable or clicking on the sites in the log manually, attempting to register and post manually, and THEN concluding that there is something wrong?
  • BTW, Xpress Engine did just push an update earlier this month.
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    I am incapable of spending the time to manually register on sites. Yes, you are correct. Perhaps you could do it for me? Thanks
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    Sounds like you're too lazy to troubleshoot things yourself. Another reason verifieds might have started decreasing is due to recaptcha pushing new captchas out the last couple days. If you have traditionally used an OCR to solve them, they are failing a lot more because OORs haven't had time to train for them yet.
  • Mmm ok I know you think you're hot shit, but you're not. So quit acting like it. Back to the topic at hand - it's not about 'being lazy' - it's the fact that I'm not a programmer, and therefore would have a hard time troubleshooting this myself. Obviously, there is a problem. Sven is an expert and surely could verify + fix the problem in minutes, where would take me hours. So hopefully he will do so.
  • I'm not trying to be an ass or act like "hot shit". I told you how to troubleshoot this yourself and I told you a possible reason why your verifieds might have decreased. You're assuming that it's a programming problem before verifying that you can even register manually? All it takes is checking out a few different targets where you see a consistent error message in the log.
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    Common sense says it's a programming problem bub... One night links decrease by 100+, even using PR0s I get bad results. It's either GSA, or the bulk Outlook/Hotmail supplier emails not verifying properly. If you want to sit around and manually troubleshoot, be my guest. Hopefully Sven has already seen this problem and working on a solution.
  • Check out this thread and see if you are experiencing similar things:
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    Im getting like no links right now...i usually get between 25-30k verified......set up 2 new projects....after 6 hours only 1k verified

    proxies are fine....think something is up with gsa right now...hope so anyways :)
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    I communicate with some other big players and they are experiencing the same thing. All of our verified links have dramatically dropped. Again, WAY MORE than for "close registration" to be the cause. 100+ sites aren't emailing one another telling them to shut down.

    Also, I don't even use XpressEngine anymore so that's not the same problem.
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    Who do you guys use for email providers? @seoaddict & @steelbone. I'm using Yahoo and Hotmail. Are you on the latest version of SER? How long has it been since you noticed this problem? If something is wrong and you need a temporary solution, you can revert back to the last version of SER by going into the SER folder in program files and and opening it up.
  • I just use the standard "" , the Outlook option. I do notice that when you log into the accounts, they are "temporarily blocked", however the guy claims POP3 still works. But they have been doing this for a while and were working fine. Judging by the high amount of Submissions, low verified, it could very well be a problem with the emails. I need to test using a cPanel email to find more information.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    Hey justin

    I am using yahoo and Hotmail and on the current version 8.08....ran a test on my emails and checked the blacklist as well

    I noticed it this morning....i stopped gsa and running some clean up stuff and will see if sven sees a problem

    tomorrow morning i will revert back if no change has been make

    Thanks Justin!!!

  • I just reset my GSA CB statistics and noticed an abnormally low % of successfully solved. Probably unrelated and irrelevant. image
  • ronron
    I'm seeing a lot of orphans in submitted that are way more than 5 days old. The verified links are definitely way down, but I can't see a pattern at all. It almost seems across the board.
  • yep my verified links dropped aswell anyone resolved this?
  • my verifieds have dropped dramatically. not sure why :(
  • I'm wondering if whatever this fix was caused another issue.
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    Yea, same boat here. Verification ratio definitely dropped. I wonder if it can be measured by taking some sample projects with different:

    * New Texts (DATs) for comments, etc instead of default ones. Maybe they sudenly became mass banned, I dunno. Yeah, I'm still using those for the time being...
    * Different proxies, this is a long shot though.
    * Bad mails. But mails are a fraction of all links, for me at least, so I doubt it will help much...

     Maybe this option became Verifieds' Bane somehow? Just guessing here.

    * I see many General Blogs unsuccessful Verifications. I guess its worth looking into those with debug panel.

    * New version fixed something with Verifications. Maybe new batches of links would perform differently, but old ones are the same for me...

    If there are any guys on version 7.60 or lower please let us know your Verification ratio. Just to know how things are there.

  • pclwebpclweb UK
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    Definately problems @Sven I just submitted 300 quick links to SEREngines, DZOIC and WEB2.0 sites. In the submitted column and log it was showing successful submissions and the counter was going up. In the footer bar submissions are stuck at zero? I then stopped the project and selected verify. It proceeded according to the log to find verify emails but nothing is showing as verified. Nothing in the main verified link box. There should be links as they verified ok. Very weird.<br>

  • goonergooner
    This problem is affecting everyone and really needs to be looked into asap!
    It's not emails, i can tell you that for sure. I have tested extensively with different providers.
    It's not proxies and it's not my server, again i have tested many different ones with the same result.
    It has to be a problem with SER...
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    anyone know if sven is aware of this?
  • Are you guys on 8.08? And are you processing from global lists? I just started 20 new projects this morning. Imported fresh scrapes to each one. Sitting on 10k verifieds right now. Version 8.08. image

  • @Justin, you mean that you using only your globals for targets, no import and such?
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    No, I met that I am using freshly scraped lists. Nothing from global on the above. This is on one of my list processing servers.
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