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  • all were sent, please make sure that you send me a message and not posting on my wall because I don't get notifications for that
  • I would test your proxies

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  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at www.SERVerifiedLists.com
    Would like to try and buy proxies :) Currently my provider hussleling with down times :( i buy 300 proxies per month
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    Proxies sent.
  • all the users should have their free proxies ;)
  • the proxies were sent. Thank you for all your reviews. The offer is still good ;)
  • you just got them Marc ;)

    If you like to buy more, you can get them from http://www.fiverr.com/mexela/give-you-private-proxies-for-your-seo-tools
  • Review

    Using his proxies for almost a month and they never went down. Working really great. I never want them to expire. The guy is friendly and honest. I am thankfull to him for giving me this opportunity to test out 10 of his proxies for free. I would recommend everyone of you who are in need of good proxies at lower price. Just close your eyes and buy from him :D

    Thanks and Regards

  • It's been a month since I received proxies from @mexela and I'm impressed coz not even a single proxy went down the whole month, I use buyproxies and even their proxy goes down at times. I wish @mexela doesn't release this to too many people :D :D
  • can you pls send me for test..

  • @mexela, is there any coupon code for your site as fiverr link is down now.
  • @mexela

    can I have some of your proxies for a trial please?
  • I tested the proxies for 1 month. I have no complain to make. The proxies were up all the time and responding very fast. When compared with the major proxy service providers, these are at the moment, much better.
    The only thing that I would recommend to Mexela is that you match the major proxy providers prices and keep these proxies performing as great as they performed in the trial. Great Job!
  • Hi,

    Can you please consider me for trial .I run GSA for 24X7

  • Been using @mexela for a month and not a single proxie went down, compared to other proxie providers mexela's proxies are far the best.

    Sent you PM @mexela
  • Can I test your proxies?
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