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Maintain high submission rate

Hi guys. I need your help. How can I maintain a high level of submission? I just had to post this question as I tried almost everything. I've been storming this forum since I got GSA and set up everything by the book. Many thanks to @sven, @Ozz, @LeeG, @ron and many others for awesome threads and advises! 

Since I started using GSA I've been using it very carefully, in dripping mode, and have seen some slow but overall positive movements on couple of my sites. This time, inspired by this discussion (thanks @InSaNe) I decided to test some heavy spamming.

How the project was set up:
- GSA v5.90
- runnigng on VPS
- 250 threads
- HTML timeout 140
- use proxies for search and submission only
- custom timeout 5 sec
- CB
- 90K keywords
- 50 semi-private proxies from buyproxies (tested with scrapbox just now - all good) 
- picked only efficient engines in terms of submission/verified 
- 4 google search engines
- unchecked all unnecessary stuff like collect kws, PR and OBL filters, post to competitors' backlinks, etc.
- emails generated using AC+ (none blacklisted so far) 

The way I set up this spam project was different from @InSaNe's one in terms of how I broke down my projects. I have Tier-1 (contextual) + Tier-1-Spam (non-contextual). It started very well first day and I got many verified but then I started dropping significantly as you can see below. 

I tried running both with scheduler 15/15 and just this project (turned off all others) but no difference. Clear Target URL Cache too, doesn't help. So guys, what can I do to improve this graph below? :D






  • I guess the next thing I'll try is optimizing footprints. Gonna borrow those from @Zeusy for the start :D
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Looking at your results, the search engines are giving a lot of 000/000 found

    That's either proxies or keywords at fault

  • edited May 2013
    Thanks @LeeG

    I do see that my VPS IP and proxies are listed on SFS, but looking at my T1's submission stats, I'm not sure if it's really a big issue. I also tested proxies in SB, all G00gle passed. I'll test different keywords sets to see if it makes any difference. 


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