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LPM very veyr high and VPM almost 0



  • @banel DF 51,56 and T50.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited December 2014

    300 threads, 15 hours of runtime, this is what I'm used to and this is what 7.51 is achieving for me right now, running stable, so I will be ramping my threads up to 800 and kicking out over 200,000 per day hopefully which will bring me back to my norm.

    Using my exact same sitelists in comparison to the latest ser version 9.xx what ever it is, I'm not sure what the problem was/is but if it can not be rectified or no possible solution is found for the newer version then I feel sorry for the newcomers.
  • One of theories that I have about all of this - maybe it has something to do with corrupted installation while updating. I had this issue before long time ago and after removing GSA SER + CB completely from VPS and then reinstalling it fresh, I was able to get my verification rate back on feet.

    I am running 9.42 now and, although I have to agree that verification rate is not where it's used to be with my own list, it is still not that dramatic as some people here experience. But several weeks ago before some serious updates with the help of one member here it looked really sad. 

  • JezzaJezza Perth, Australia
    Hey Ron, just wondering I downloaded your 9.21 version, thanks for sharing. I have uploaded some backed up projects into it and configured my settings, however when I go in to edit a campaign or start a new one I'm not having any engines pop up on the left and can't select anything.

    If I press start with my backup projects every message I get is obviously no engine matches. Do you or anyone know how to get passed this?

  • @jezza

    You need to put the 9.21 version in the SER folder ( C:\Program Files (x86)\GSA Search Engine Ranker )and rename it Search_Engine_Ranker or Search_Engine_Ranker_old and run it from there
  • JezzaJezza Perth, Australia
    You are a god dame legend bangkoklad,
    Thank-you :)
  • Anyone have a 7.51 Version I can test? :)
  • Tim89Tim89
  • Hi @Tim89
    May i have the version 7.51 as well please?
  • I would like 7.51 as well please. When you have time :)
  • Can i get  7.51 as well
  • edited December 2014
    Could you please also send it to me? @Tim89
  • radrad
    edited December 2014
    ver 9.21 working great :) feels good to make 250 links just hitting start and going to the bathroom for a min.
    coming back to see 250 links being built in like 2 mins. MISS THE OLD DAYS.  

    Would love to try 7.51. anyone have it?

    I had a copy of ver 8.32, running even better than 9.21. using less cpu. 
  • edited December 2014

    I did a little test. I backed up a GSA SER project - 3564 submitted and a .static file of ~5800 lines, only ARTICLES.

    I installed 7.51 and put the project on "Verify emails". It did went through all 832 emails (I used only 1 outlook email account) and found 1 verified backlink.

    After that, I installed 9.44 and put the same initial project and again put the project on "Verify emails". The log:

    19:43:39: [ ] Checking E-Mail * for links (3315 verifications waiting)...
    19:43:43: [ ] Parsing 20 E-Mails...
    19:43:51: [ ] E-Mails parsed with 100 URLs
    19:43:52: [ ] E-Mail Verification finished.

    Besides the fact that this parsed 20 emails, I also didn't got that 1 verified backlink.

    @Sven: maybe this helps you.. I don't know, I just thought to share it here.

    I'm gonna revert back to 9.28 and do the same thing again.

    P.S.: I forgot to mention:

    - when I tested 7.51 after GSA SER verified my emails I put the project again on "Active" and I got ~300 new target urls which SER used to log in etc.

    - when I tested 9.44 and put the project again on "Active" I got only 82 target urls.

  • SvenSven

    Thats not really a good scenario to test things. If you use the same proect backup and do a verification, then it will not give you any link. Because

    1) emails probably have been deleted after verification by first check

    2) emails with a verification link will work just once. Opening it again will no longer work.

    A better scenario would be if you do a test run with same project setup, make a backup and run it in the two versions the same way with same targets with one difference: Exchange the email used in it so both projects have a different one.

  • I had no option to delete emails. Leave the backlinks aside, I was interested in seeing how those two ser versions check the emails. The old one parsed all the emails so I guess I will continue using 7.51.
  • SvenSven
    Do yourself a favour and do the test again with the steps I gave above.
  • @Sven We are seeking help from you as you are the owner/developer of this tool. We don't understand why you are not testing it on your end? Its been many days now and many of us are facing this problem.
  • SvenSven
    Because personally I think there is nothing wrong! I debugged this a lot lately. Using older versions never gave me any better success rates. Debugging that never changed anything. If you think there is something odd, why not delivering some proof so I can work on it? Sorry. The way SER can be used is just to complex for a one-way-test. If you think there is something wrong, then yes, it can be...because you use way different settigns than I do and then mabye on that setup there is something to fix. Right now, all data I ever received did not point to a bug at all.
  • @Sven We all would appreciate if you can share with us recommended settings that we can use and see if that makes any difference.
  • SvenSven

    Well thats not the point really. The problem is to find the issue on your setup and the bug behind it. Thats why I suggested what I did some posts above. If you want to have it fixed, I need some details to work with. Or at least some project backup and a step-through to reproduce it.

    Right now all I get are some strange complains with no proof behind it. Don't get me wrong, Im not saying there is no bug, just that for now all I debugged was fine. Nothing that a old version was able to post to where the new one would fail.

  • @Sven - I believe the issue is email verification. Whenever there are more than 100 emails to parse in an email account there's a good chance you get a "error sending pop3 command" when going to check the next 100 which will then automatically stop the verificaton of that email for that round and any links that were supposed to be verified by that time will be "given up" on when it comes to verifying the email. The log will show a bunch of Verification of PlatformType not successful->removed - [Registration].

    Also if you STOP a project in the middle of email verification the same thing happens. You will see the log with a bunch of Verification of PlatformType not successful->removed - [Registration].

    Perhaps if you changed the timeout settings on certain platforms when it comes to email verification this would help. Because as far as I can tell once you receive the verification not successful message SER will no longer look for the verification email in future rounds?
  • @Oldfusser,
    Good point about email settings, might be part of the problem. I'm not sure if SER will keep checking for email verification if it gets an error message. I might try experimenting with the delay for email verification to see if this helps.
    @Sven, could you please explain how SER checks for verification emails ie how many times it checks, and when it registers as failed (sorry if you've explained this before).

    In terms of contextual posting, the main reasons for failire include:
    - incorrect captcha
    - email blocked (eg free email platforms)
    - email verification failed eg checking email account before verification email sent, waiting for admin approval but SER not checking subsequent verification emails etc
    - proxy error (banned/blocked proxy or proxy down or slow), or domain temporarily down or not accepting new registrations
    - SER bug with posting to specific platform.

    Since Sven has been debugging platforms actively, posting errors are probably due to captcha, email and proxy/domain issues, as well as other anti-spam measures that webmasters continue to employ.

    I agree with OldFusser and wonder whether something has changed with how SER processes emails. It would be good to find out exactly how SER deals with failed email verification and the processes of email verification in general.
  • @slimdusty72 - Yes I know for a fact that some of these email issue causes SER to completely miss the verification emails. Also idk if it's searching for all the proper query strings to begin with when parsing emails. I'm thinking it should but using a third party app to check for verication emails after about 12 hours shows me a TON of verification emails present in my mail account that SER didn't find.

    For the time being I'm using this method I posted about yesterday and I'm currently getting a lot more verified contextual links with the newest versions. But obviously this isn't an ideal way of doing it. SER will still try to login and submit to sites even if it didn't find the verification email so verifying outside of SER will still help a lot.
  • SvenSven

    email verification is doing this:

    1. login per account

    2. get 100 emails, parse for urls and check which email belongs to what url-submission

    2a this is done by the login/password used (if randomize is used as option)

    2b or by the actual url used in the email (checked against url domain)

    2c or by the sending email domain

    3. it is extracting login details and other data according to the engine setup

    4. it is opening the urls

    5. adds the url to the queue to continue submission

    6. deletes emails according to settings


    Indeed it might be a problem on timeout settings. I will try to have a look to optimize this a bit.

  • @Sven - Didn't I read in the past that the wait time on verification emails was 5 days on most or some of the platforms? I can't remember, but I was pretty sure back then when checking my submitted links I would see some contextual links (awaiting account confirmation) with a timeout of DAYS later.

    And now when I check the timeout settings on links awaiting account confirmation 12 hours seems to be the max on platforms but usually this is much much lower.

    So yes I believe somewhere along the lines the timeout settings for contextual links was messed up and/or changed somehow.
  • SvenSven
    the timeout was indeed lowered for most engines as almost no site was sending a verification link after so many days back. I did some statistics over weeks and took the longest time a site was sending after submission.
  • edited December 2014
    @Sven - So this would totally make sense why people's contextual links have lowered so much. I've noticed that "error sending pop3 command" A WHOLE LOT with yahoo emails and outlook when going to check the next 100 emails (if there is more than 100 obviously).

    Coupled with other type of errors like proxy issues and if you stop the project during email verification there will be lot of emails not checked during that round and the registrations with a timeout expiring will just fail.

    I'd put money on it, that if you increase the timeout settings to 3-5 days again people would see a HUGE increase in contextual links. That's the main difference I see with people using older versions.

    edit: Also idk how the scheduling works since I've never used it but if it just stops projects after a certain time no matter what state it's in before going on to the next ones then people who use this will also have MAJOR problems as I pointed out when you stop a project during email verification the log gets filled with verification of etc etc not successful --> removed (registration)
  • @Seven - The new version of SER shows "improved email verification". What have you improved it or is it this timeout settings ?
  • edited December 2014
    I made up my mind to test SER when on school break and I did. ;;) Dream comes true. Already reinstalled my Windows two times to stretch out SER trial version. It's true pain reinstalling Windows. Been there. Won't do it again. :)

    Anyway, here's my view why verified links / rates are tumbling down. After reading tons of time on SER engines DEV, I could tweak and build some by myself. I heavily test my trial install on two platforms - web 2.0 and article (with my own tweaked engines).

    I'm on v9.45 and hit it on - web 2.0 and articles platforms. Submit rates are very good, flying in color. The real issue is on verified rates - like most, same here, I get very low on verified. I read the log line by line every single time I stop demo project. Here's what I find out -

    1. SER is not the problem here. No need old version to get higher verified rates IMHO. Of course, @Seven needs to update some engines but I read somewhere in this forum, couldn't recall the thread (sorry), Seven mentioned his focus wouldn't be on those engines. Of course, it's not easy task to maintain always-working several engines for long run. I test SER on its built-in engines and submit rates are acceptable still. So let's assume engines are in good condition. Let's leave it like that.

    2. The REAL ISSUE (the right world should be CHALLENGE), the challenge is on targeted websites most of the time. I don't have Scrapebox (saving money to get one - dorm life is not easy by the way). Let's get back on track, :) I scrape URLs using my own ugly .net app. Trim, Check Duplicates, OBL, PR - polish my list. Then grin it in SER. Ah - I write too much. Need to go brief now. The challenge for SER future solely depends on server-side scripting - even .htaccess can filter spam bots. So what if JS, PHP? Much worse for doing spam. They can filter out various criteria such like IP, Rotating URI and the likes. I find out some hosting providers are using those.

    3. reCAPTCHA, NO CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA (they are not child's play at all right now).

    Let me drop my line here. Yes, I've obsession with GSA at this moment. Wish I get more days for trial version. :-< It's a very complex, versatile but yet simply beautiful link building software. Love it and love it so much. Happy 2015 guys!
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