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Increase Verified Contextual Links Ten-Fold

As far as I can tell with numerous testing (with the newest SER versions) the issue with very low contextual links being verified is not a problem with the links themselves but with SER's email verification of the links after register. Maybe this will help you with fixing the issue @Sven ?

Anyways here's what I did to increase my amount of verified contextual links DRAMATICALLY

1) For your contextual link projects use a catch-all email. I'm using SEOSpartan's service at the moment. Check the BST section for it or create your own. There's numerous threads here for it.

2) Set your scheduled posting "time to wait before 1st post" to 1440 mins. You can increase this or decrease this at your discretion. By using 1440 mins this allows you 1 full day to verify the email of site you registered to.

3) Go download and enter your catch-all email details. Make sure you check the "only delete confirmation emails" setting!! Also, you need to enter decent keywords for the match and do not click links settings. For example use wp-login or login for the do not click links setting because these sites send you a password and if you click it with this third party program and delete it then SER will never know the password to login.

4) Run the Email Link Clicker app a few times a day or at least every 1440 mins (or whatever value you set your time to wait before 1st post to) to click the verification emails SER misses.

NOTE: You will need to use a VPN or app like SocksCap with the program otherwise you will be exposing your real ip when clicking these verification emails. So DEFINITELY take this into account. I'm currently using a different VPS to click my verification emails.

That's it. Enjoy MANY MORE verified links.


  • If anyone's testing this make sure you enter "reset" (without quotes) as a do not match keyword with the Email Link Clicker app. The drupal platform uses these as one-time-login links which you later define a password the majority of the time. So SER would obviously need this information for those type of links.

    OR you can just use an older version but I'd rather have some of the newer updates (like better recaptcha handling, fixing the redirect type links, fixing download failed (aborted), etc, etc)

    To each there own I guess, but I'm currently getting a helluva lot more contextual links verified now with this setup using v 9.44.
  • Too complicated for me, I'm just trying to follow your step 2. Tomorrow I will check the results.
    Anyway thanks for the tips!
  • Sounds interesting. @Sven can you fix this somehow ?
  • It doesn't use to be this hard! I left GSA SER for some time now. I set up my project as usual, here is what I gotimage
    It used to be a lot better
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