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Suggestions for Buying good dedicated Server?

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can anyone suggest me a good and cheap dedicated server for ofcourse to run GSA SER and CB
my budget is 40-50$

Thanks :D


  • goonergooner
    Wow, do you mean a VPS?
    A good dedi will cost more than that.
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    @gooner nope i mean with dedicated servers

    i have found some website which is shared here and available in my budget. just want to know which one is best or any more good available.
  • what is your bottleneck right now? processing power?
  • goonergooner
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    Volumedrive is not recommended, many people here have problems including myself.
    They claim DDOS attacks and shut your down your server.

    I don't know about the others, but over the last 5 months i've tried about 10 different companies. The one i stayed with costs $200/mo but you know what... I don't have a single problem with them, never have abuse complaints, DDOS BS, no downtime and support is available 24/7.

    Just saying, i would be careful with cheap dedi's.
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    Don't buy a cheap dedi you will only have problems.
    Volumedrive - scammer, they don't even have the hardware you are paying for and don't refund.

    Datashack - they claim DDOS atack and you won't be able to use your server.

    Like gooner says buy something more expensive or stick with a VPS.

    I'm currently paying ~150$/mo with a big host and have no problems.
  • I really have to question the logic behind using an expensive dedicated server. This is just for running SER. It's not like you are hosting a website with high volumes of traffic. I'd any day get two cheap and not that reliable dedicated servers above an overpriced one. It'd make sense to me if I also hosted my websites there, but if it's just for the purpose of running SER I don't see why it has to have perfect uptime.
  • @justin 3.4ghz currently with wdm vps, but facing lots of downtime
    @gooner thanks for the suggestion bro, will you please mention the name which one you're using now
    @cefege thanks for the clarification bro can you suggest good vps because i don't have 150$ budget now to spend on dedi
  • @fakenickahl i think it's because of lots of scraping power and posting
    better machine can increase the threads which helps a lots to target new sites and better rank
  • @jackpison I used solidseo vps before. No downtime, great support. You could check them out.
  • goonergooner
    Solidseovps are great, but a VPS can't compete with a top quality server. It all depends what kind of volume you are doing. I swapped 6 VPS for 3 dedicated servers. It costs me more but it runs faster. higher LPM and more verified links, no lag and saves me time. So worth the money for me.
  • @jackpison I was not talking about paying more for better hardware. For $50 you will get a server with more power than you will ever be able to use. I was talking about uptime.
  • @gooner, do you mind sharing which provider you are with? i totally agree VPS can never compete wiith dedis, my budget is around 100 bucks.

    Planning to hit more than 100 projects with that. 

    Would you mind sharing some input? :P 
  • goonergooner
    @peterngo91 - I use datashack. They have some nice servers within your budget.
  • @gooner thanks for your reply man, all of these dedis seems to be pretty decent, just a quick question.

    As my experience, GSA SER is more into the CPU clock speed and cache time right? But not the RAm right?
  • goonergooner
    @peterngo91 - No probs. Yea you're right the RAM doesn't matter, you won't use it all.
  • We will be providing dedicated servers very soon.. We just dont want to provide low quality ones which is the easiest choice thats why we are taking our time to test everything.
  • goonergooner
    @solidseovps - Looking forward to your dedi's, i'll try one for sure.
  • @gooner Thanks, can you advise what is the spec you are having? connection speed? Also is the price include windows license or without?
  • goonergooner
    @solidseovps - I like Xeon processors, 2x Xeon if possible. RAM, connection speed etc is not so important because SER can't max those out anyway - So similar spec to your VPS' is fine i think. Price including Windows is better for most people i guess.

    This is the spec i have right now:
    2 x Intel Xeon E5530, 2.4Ghz / 12 cores / 24 threads, 16GB ram, 20 TB bandwidth, 100Mbps Connection

    Something like that would be awesome, even with less RAM is still good for me. Thanks
  • @cefege thanks will try solidseovps service next month :)
    @gooner but a VPS can't compete with a top quality server, that's why i'm searching for good dedi :)
    @fakenickahl I was talking about uptime. and that's the purpose of this thread, just want to know if there is someone who can provide better quality and uptime in that price
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    @gooner i see you have some experience with datashack dedi
    just want to is it worth to try ?
    @solidseovps cant wait to try them then ;)
  • @gooner, The E5530 is a old processor, thats why we dont want to provide these type of dual or old ones, the reason they still stand in the market because they are dual processor otherwise benchmark would be Low.

    Well, all our dedicated are E3 and E5 Processor all published in late 2013 so you are getting at least 10k benchmark out of each

    The bandwidth this is the best part ;) 10Gbps are all ours will be... It just we dont have an estimate time really for them, all are under heavy tests by our administrators
  • goonergooner
    @jackpison - Datashack twice suspended my account because of a DDOS attack, they just denied me access to the server until i had removed whatever was causing the DDOS... Total BS, all that was running was SER. This happened to someone else on the forum as well and if you search it you will find more examples of people complaining about that.

  • goonergooner
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    @solidseovps - Maybe it's old, but it's the best dedi i have and i've tested many. I've posted a few screenshots where i have 400 LPM and 250k verified per day... All from that server.

    I would bet money that my 2x E5530 will outperform 1x E3 or 1x E5.
    Xeon is very good for processing large amounts of data, which is exactly what SER needs.

    Anyway, when they are ready please let me know and i will rent one and test against my server.
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    bulletproofvps is the place where I am running GSA on my vps , never had any problems 

    Edit: This user was banned as he did self promotion for his VPS service. Should tell enough about that crap VPS.

  • Solid - I agree with gooner on the dual Xeon setup, he pointed me in the direction and now I have 3 of them :) (should have been an affiliate for DShack LOL). I'll be severely annoyed if I get locked out of them due to DDOS atacks but no problems yet and very happy (thanks gooner mate!)

    What I would like to see/try is a single CPU but 4+GHz - I tried to buy Volumedrive's 'fastest' but they gave me a different server. I think it was an AMD 4.4GHz jobby. As SER eats up CPU I'd like to see the difference between 1 x 4.4Ghz and 2 x 2.66Ghz. 16GB RAM is nice as it lets you use the server for other tools/uses while SER is running.
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    I am also very happy with bulletproofVPS it is a very good place for running GSA

    Edit: This user was banned as he did self promotion for his VPS service. Should tell enough about that crap VPS.

  • i used ovh and hetzner without problems .. just dont use your main ip and use proxies . for seo
  • I got this when they were running no setup promotion. To reduce the cost you can get KVM over IP and use 2008 yourself. Have used a lot of Dedi's myself didn't find anything better than this. Even cost wise this is awesome.
  • ronron

    Yeah stay away from VolumeDrive. Those guys were complaining about me receiving to many datapackets, and kept shutting me down. Screw them.
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