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[SELL] 301 Nuke - Ultimate Protection Against Google Penalties!



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    Just purchased this Bad Boy ! Lets see what it can do :) Give me your skype Sir ... i have some suggestions for it to be improved.
  • Hi Ghetum, just sent you a PM.
  • Hi there,

    Just to let everyone who has purchased 301 Nuke, there maybe 5-10 minute downtime this afternoon whilst I move to a different licensing server. This will mean that when you load the bot it may display an temporary error. I am hoping that it will be so quick you won't even notice :)

    Just a heads up.

  • Add me in skype anudeepkanwar
  • So when I put in f.e. 20 hq t1 links, it will create 20 x 400+ shortened url´s I can index and then blast with sb/senuke?! Possible to implement instantlinkindexer api as well? looks quite interesting
  • Version 1.3 which will be relased in about 3-4 days will give the option you mentioned above. The current version 1.2 shares the links over the 400 URL's.
  • I am currently implementing Express Indexer API and I will surely take a look at implementing  InstantLinkIndexer too :)
  • If site got affected can we remove redirect ?  and how ?

  • The links are on sites hosted by 3rd parties so you would not be able to remove them unfortunately.
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    I am confuse like using 301 redirect to  main site doesn't get penalty ? I have myself done in past, people doing and saw my freind ranked 1 site using this , can u add me in skype - anudeepkanwar

  • Hi anudeepkanwar, ive sent you a PM.
  • Hey sir . Sent you a PM . Read my message . THankyou
  • Hi ghetum. Replied to your PM.
  • V1.3 will be released In 4 days! This version will include more sites and several really cool features that you are going to love!
  • Was wondering what new is coming.
  • KaineKaine
    edited March 2014
    Do not forget to add the url encryption (unlimited submitting a url even for the same service) to prevent banishment ;)

  • Hi Kaine, I'm taking a look at your link now. Thanks for the tip :)
  • KaineKaine
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    Sunday Discount: $10 OFF - $27!


    Get it fast!
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    Sounds like a great discount, and I'm just about to get it. Just wanted to ask if you are going to add Kaine's method into this in the future? Also, does it make shortened urls from,, and tinyurl? And at last, are all the url shorteners in the database only using 301 redirects or is it a mix between 302 and 301 redirects?
  • Hi fakenickahl, I am currently coding some cool features into V1.3. One of these features will be a Tiered 301 Blast which will create 301 redirect at high pr sites such as the one you mentioned and the second tier will point to these :)
  • With the discount, I could not resist. ;)

    Like I need another tool :)
  • Thanks for the purchase Samx :)
  • @TheBigWeb Now you getting my interest with adding the High PR url shortners. Please list the ones that you add. The tiered feature looks good too and in addition with the discounted price seems like a tool I will add to my arsenal.
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    Just bought it as well :) I'll try it on a few micro niche adsense sites just for the hell of it. I have also got some churn and burns stuck on page 2, because my tests failed. Will be awesome to see if I can move any of these to the top with the help of this software.

    It's great to see that some of the high authority url shorteners are being added! I'd love a feature to only build url shorteners on these websites in the future. However, I don't think you really asnwered my other two questions.
    1. Will you implement the method Kaine suggested? It's a genius way to create thousands of shortened urls on the same url shortener to the same domain. It's not a deal breaker at all to me, I'd just like to know if I can look forward to this in the future.
    2. Have you made sure that the url shorteners currently in the software are only 301 redirects? I'd rather not waste link juice on 302 redirects.
  • Hi there,

    I am currently looking into Kaine's method. I think it will work well with 301 Nuke so watch this space. All the sites in 301 Nuke have been screened to ensure that they are 301 redirects. There maybe the odd one that may have changed since they were added but it check these on a regular basis and remove the ones that have changed.
  • That all sounds very great mate! Thanks a bunch for answering all my questions. I'm off to start experimenting a little :)
  • KaineKaine
    I think if you incorporate that I let try too. 
    The made ​​you look to maintain the 301 like it too.
  • @TheBigWeb This doesn't need proxies?
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