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High Quality Campaign **Discussion Thread**



  • Anyone have any good campaign templates (.SER profile - complete) to give out? Will pay for it... Please PM me...
  • edited December 2012
    Is the high quality guide (other thread) up to date?

    Also, Ozz how is the case study site going?
  • 1st question is to silly to answer for me when the guide is literally 2 month old. did you even read it?
    it is more a basic guide and i'm sure there are many usefull things in it, nevertheless if pre/post-panda/penguin/whatever.

    sorry that i have to say that the case study is skipped by me as i don't know if i want to invest too much time for this within the next month but that is needed to write down some serious observations.
    i've invested many hours to the upcoming captcha software lately and when thats released i have to concentrate on my own and will decreasing my "GSA time" accordingly.
    sorry again, hopefully someone other steps in and write down something of interest.
  • Ozz, yes I've read it a number of times. No, I don't think it's silly because a lot of things have changed over the past few months - many things that's hard to keep up with and thus the question.

    Anyway, thanks for your time you've put in coming up with the basic guide. Cheers!
  • @ozz

    Looking forward to the GSA Captcha Software also I heard something about GSA Platform Trainer. Any scoop about this ? ETA maybe :)
  • ETA will be sometime in the future, lol. 
    The only person who can give you an ETA is Sven as he is the developer. I'm only beta-testing this tool and help out with some captcha improvements and suggesting features for own good :).

    But as I can talk about that tool by this time should indicate that it won't be that long until release (hopefully).
  • you are referring to the Platform Trainer... right ? or to both ?
  • OzzOzz
    edited December 2012
    no, i'm referring to the other thing ;)
    i don't know or haven't seen anything of the platform trainer yet. the only thing i know is what Sven has stated to he public like that it won't make use of the Internet Explorer shit, which is a good thing of course :)
    but besides that and that he will work on it after the captcha tool is released i've absolute no clue about that feature.
  • I love the thread... Im also interested in paying someone to configure a campaign for me. Does anyone know if there is a service for this? PM me is your into this.
  • can someone make the High Quality Campaing post, Sticky
  • @Ozz When will you post the sequel to your guide?

    Also, how do you create the boilerplate project (#Sample Setup)?
  • there will be a) no sequel and b) no samples.

    a) too time consuming
    b) you should learn to do it yourself
  • Fine but please edit the guide that you're not going to finish it.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Ozz - been thinking about this guide and it's great. I have two questions which I don't understand.

    Under Tier 1, PR3+
    1) Why have you selected video?
    2) Why have you selected doc sharing?

    "- Videos: The only engine we should make use of is ClipBucket by now
    - Document Sharing: Only Scribd is suitable by now, but I'm sure that more suitable engines will be added in the future"

    These only create profiles, so was wondering why they made the list for contextual tier 1?
  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    in clipbucket you embed a youtube-video so its a little bit more contextual.
    in scribd you upload a pdf along with article title and summary.

    however, check or uncheck all the engines that suits best for you. nothing is written in stone. important is only that you've understand the basic concept.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @ozz - would you advise to separate directories into a separate Secondary project for tier 1, each time as it takes a while to get them verified or just lump them with other secondary tier 1 links? 
  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    honestly, i can't make every descision for you. you can do it as a project of their own with "Don't remove URLs" checked. but its up to you. figure out what might work best for you and just do it.
  • Great guide and threat guys, kudos to Ozz & Fullspeed!!
  • *thread lol
  • Ozz, great tut but i don't understund one think, could you tell me more?

    For each tier i should create two difrent steps main and secondary am i right ? 
  • yes, depends on how many tiers you like to built though. for "simplicity" over "control" reasons you can also built it like in the examples stated below. It depends on what your approach is and how difficult your keywords or how safe you like to do link building.

    Important for this concept is just that you built contextual links to contextual links and feed them with the "kitchen sink" (secondary) as @ron like to call them. I also suggest to not use any or very high PR filters (like PR >3) on your projects to not limit yourself by those. High PR platforms are nice of course but to get a steady link flow and to keep it easy and natural you might not want to do that. In the end you get a good mix of all platforms with any sort of PR anyway.

    Example 1:
    |____ Secondary
    |____ Primary
    |____ Secondary
    |____ Primary
    |____ Secondary only

    Example 2:
    |____ Secondary
    |____ Primary
    |________ All platforms together
  • Thanks for your reply. I will test it i hope so that will be good result after that. For each step i need create other content, right ? what do you mean by niche related blog comments ? How should i find them ?

    Thanks ! you are the best
  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    niche related blog comments can be scraped with scrapebox or seperated with SER and some filters ("keyword on page", "keywords in url") for example.
    you may want to skip them as my personal approach is that i like to simplify things, but thats up to you. the more quality you want, the more you need to seperate projects for different engines which means that it will become more complex in the end.
  • Hi,

    After 5 days a have olny 28 verified links on tier 1....
  • Ok, this is the dumbest question I can ask, I'm a serious newbie in SER =(

    Can I know what does it mean by "splitting up your projects",  As discussed in the thread? And how is it look like for a 'Combined project", maybe someone can tell me this so I can clearly differentiate between both of them, Thanks =)
  • Splitting just means putting the different platforms/engines into different projects like in the guide. Just follow the diagrams.
  • For the top tier (links pointing to money site, or your own tier one if you chose),
    should you chose the "collect keywords" "use keywords to find sites" etc options? On the first tier?
    Or save that for the spammier, lower tiers.
  • Along the same lines, I am wondering if on Tier 1 you should be using more general terms than specific (long tail)
    for example (no need to hide it,)
    interior design [city]
    interior decorator [city]

    should I also add the
    interior decorator
    interior design
    in there with it for tier 1?
  • This has been incredibly helpful. Thanks so much for creating the guide and sharing this great information.

    I presume that since the whole point of the guide was to create "high quality" campaigns, that the recent Google updates haven't required changing much of what was recommended here.

    But I'd love to get confirmation on that.

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