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High Quality Campaign **Discussion Thread**



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    Here's the stuff about reading people's mind's and getting into that conversation in their mind.

    It's all about how to map out your ideal customer by uncovering their empathy map:


    When you know your customer, you become much more in touch with the RIGHT keywords to focus on.

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    First off  -- the two keywords you mentioned are in two different stages.

    While FOOD is the general OVERALL them -- BBQ is a whole subject unto itself and just BBQ is at the beginning of the head (not the long tail).

    BBQ needs to be further broken down by themes that are appropriate for BBQ.

    While French Cuisine is basically a subsection of just Dining and Cuisine (beginning of the head) that would be broken down into French Cuisine, Italian Cuisine and so on.  So you ARE right that you wold work off of LONG TAIL keywords phrase for French Cuisine.

    But you'll have to go deeper with BBQ at least to the next level down.  Then get long tail keyword phrases for that sub-topic.

    1)  NO -- I am NOT saying to create 2 blogger web 2.0 on separate accounts.

    I want THREE diverse IP addresses -- so I want to spread out my 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 web 2.0s on separate services.

    One at each of these:  blogger, daily journal,, squidoo, etc. is DEFINITELY a microblog and must have been tired when I put that up there.

    In fact -- is a great way to post your stuff from to all your SOCIAL NETWORKS.

    You can EXPAND on blogs later on once you've established a good depth of content across the entire topic--  but we also don't want to send any SIGNALS to Google that you are USING their property to build keyword backlinks as much as you are AIMING to put VALUABLE content on their property.

    So separate services -- and I would use a different mix of services on another site -- never the SAME THING twice -- if you can.

    Switch it up - always.

    2)  You can use random names -- or what we call PEN NAMES and avatars, sure.

    Or -- I can just as well use myself -- it depends what I see happening long term with the site.

    And no need to theme it WITH your site, but you can definitely color coordinate so the FEEL is there.

    3) Answered above

    4) How many web2.0's are you creating at level1? Given that you need to maintain them. 

    However many MAIN keywords I wish to attack.

    I may decide to just build out ONE web 2.0 at level 1, start a GSA SER run on it, then go build level 2, but the possiblities are endless.

    How many MAIN categories of keywords do you want dominate.

    Point is really -- start off small -- one web 2.0 for a mid-range long tail keyword.

    You can start just one on French Cuisine and then build out sub pages that address issues with that type of cooking, such as "Sauces" that are very popular with French Cuisine.

    And then choose like 2 other topics within French Cuisine and create some pages on those two.

    Then work backwards by asking yourself -- what are some tips, secrets, things people want to avoid in order for them to WANT TO CLICK over to the content on my site.

    In other words -- like I mentioned above -- just connect the content so that it continues a conversation -- but EACH page can stand alone should a NEW visitor land on any page.

    5) How often do you do an update on the web2.0's? Just with 10 websites, that's probably 50 to 100 web2.0's=almost too much to maintain!

    Everything is really relative based on HOW YOU BUILD UP to that amount of management.

    As a standard -- I would probably do a quick 250 - 350 word article on the site about some late breaking news, the newest ONE of the ____________________ thing you are selling.

    But you want to make sure the content IS unique.

    Make sure to have Google Alerts working for you on ALL your keywords.

    By the time you would get to the point where you're doing HIGH VOLUME -- you've got people managing it by that point -- cuz you're making BUCK$

    6) In setting up GSA, do you have a project for EACH web2.0 URL, or do you group them together into 1 project?

    Each web 2.0 is much like it's OWN money site.  It's purpose is TWO FOLD for these sites:

    1)  Enrich the POWER of the actual anchor text link(s) I have going from Web 2.0 to Money Site

    2)  Enrich the SEO power of the Web 2.0 itself to become a factor in getting visitors which then guide the folks right over to where the money needs to be made -- my Money Site.  :D

    Basically, each web 2.0 becomes a HIGH POWERED hub for a specific keyword that you use to get the money site ranked  -- all while building up SEO strength of the web 2.0 so it can rank as well.

    It's really like a double payoff as far as visitors -- and you literally get to ride off that PageRank WHEN you do things right to keep the property alive.

    I would setup the Web 2.0's and leave them sitting WITHOUT any links right up front -- and then get to working on the Articles that you'll be using in GSA.  When the content is ready for GSA -- run the GSA campaign, allow Big G to index the page,  and then strategically put in there a CONTEXTUAL link for one of the MAIN or THE MAIN keyword phrase that you are targeting.
  • @ozz -- absolutely!  Go for it and do whatever you can to ORGANIZE my random thoughts of expression.  :D
  • @oil - glad you're excited.  

    I can't imagine how excited you'll get when you see the results transpiring before your very eyes.  :D
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @fullspeed - yet another top notch post! I agree with you about picking careful keywords. Would say it's the most important thing in the whole process. 
  • @fullspeed - great posts you have here and very much welcomed by all :) A word of caution regarding your link to incansoft - that product is old and I have read nothing but disgruntled customer testimonials about all of their products so buyer beware!
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Geez ... so much useful info from Ozz and Fullspeed. Thanks guys.
  • @takechance, have to agree on that one, i bought 2 products from incansoft in the past, nice sales test always, but everything they have gets never updated, barely has any feature you really need, and no matter how often you usubscribe from their newsletter your getting product spams for the rest of your life
  • anyone care to comment about the following videos ? Any insights ;)
  • @oil and @takeachance -- point taken -- I only purchased one thing from them like 2 years ago -- never used it.  Thanks for saving the corp money!

    @sootedninjas -- I am really digging the Char HTML Spinner -- very interesting use of spinning at the character level -- and really ramps up the variation.  Although not sure of the implications of posting to WordPress and other CMS

    As far as the videos -- I am on Video 3 -- which is discussing tiered link building and using a BUFFER site between your money site and the site that actually gets link building to -- the formation I've been sharing with @globalgoogler above.

    As it says in the video -- with Google's devastation, you've got to buffer yourself and allow Google to annihalate another property besides yourself -- thus the BUFFER site using web 2.0's. ;)

    @globalgoogler -- Video 3 discusses aiming to build 100s if not THOUSANDS over time -- and that should be your aim.  3, 5, 7 or 9 web 2.0's is just a starter.  :D  And shortly following that discussion the narrator mentions making sure to build these sites from the perspective of a fan and not to look overtly like you are promoting something or building backlinks.  ;)

    @globalgoogler -- Video 3 still -- I like this explanation.  Your tiered linking should be MESSY and CHAOTIC.  I like that sense.  Much like I said -- randomness, randomness, randomness.  :D   Also, "Link out to other structures so it's not a closed entity."  And "closed entity" is a perfect visual -- you don't want to make the linking structure seem SELF-SERVING or all leading to one place -- YOU!  Make the structure go all over the map so there really is NO algorithmic flag that is raised to any of it because it doesn't match a structure that seems unnatural.  :D

    Video 3 still -- discusses using CONTEXTUALLY driven anchor text links in Tier 2 as well -- where Tier 3 and 4 can be lower quality -- and I think much of the structure I discuss above follows that model.

                                              MONEY SITE

                        Web 2.0           Web 2.0           Web 2.0

         Art Dir     Web 2.0 (lower PR)   Press Release Directories   PDF Sharing sites

    Here's an interesting diagram I found while I was searching for a web 2.0 automated updating tool:


    I think this is a good example of the tiered format discussed above in the lower portion - -and some things that can be done on the UPPER portion of that diagram.

    One thing is for sure -- the videos were clear about one thing -- and that is, I am sure that most folks are not using generic and URL driven anchor text through 50-70% of their link promotions -- let alone enough ROOT keyword diversity in their anchor links.

    I know that I could stand to bump up my generic and URL driven anchor text a little to meet that criteria.  However, right now -- most of my stuff is promoting web 2.0 which allows me to be a little more generous on that end, as well as on velocity.

    That's my take on it.

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    Now -- obviously this is a LONG TAIL keyword search term -- but as I was looking for a tool to update/maintain all my web 2.0's -- I did this search on

    "web 2.0 link wheel software"

    Look at the top 3 results.

    Same site has BOTH #1 and #2 results and then look at the #3 result which, for me, here in the states is:  (probably an expired domain somebody grabbed up)

    But take a look at the QUALITY of the content on that.

    Amazingly readable -- isn't it?!  :P

    Now -- I would like to know what OTHER keywords that site ranks for and will also look into it's link portfolio -- but that's an incredible job that Google did with quality control post penguin/panda.

    AND -- on top of it -- that #3 site is promoting the domain at spots #1 and #2.

    It's gotta make you wonder!
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @fullspeed - looking at that diagram I don't see any articles pointing to the moneysite. Surely it would be beneficial to have at least some high quality PR5+ article sites pointing to the moneysite?
  • OzzOzz
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    "High authority sites" or even "Web 2.0" include such article sites imo. It doesn't hurt to have a pointing to your money site for sure.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Then...if we are creating a number of articles on PR5+ article sites...surely it would make sense to add in a regular name and email, and improve our Google authorship status? This looks to be something that will be important in a few years...and why not start now? (OR am I missing something super obvious!)
  • @gg -- web 2.0's have content that would be akin to articles -- same content goes on an article directory except with a RESOURCE box -- just as @ozz said.
  • @gg -- by ALL means -- yes!

    You have ONE legitimate author account with whoever is the front man on it.

    Use other author accounts to promote your web 2.0's so you separate/insulate yourself from the regular name and email account -- so if your author account for web 2.0's get suspended, you always have your main account.

    And by all means -- none of the stuff above discussed about link building is a fixed structure.

    There is NO problem getting inbound links to your site from directory sites, as Ozz said, and other HIGH PR type sites.

    If you guest post -- that should also go straight to the appropriate page of your money site.

    The big problem is that when you do link building DIRECTLY to your money site -- your initial velocity can only be SO HIGH -- which leaves you unable to truly crank out links.

    Using the BUFFER SITES -- i.e. -- web 2.0 -- allows you to do link building to those sites at the SAME TIME that you are doing measured link building directly to your money site.

    Hope that makes sense.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @fullspeed - with regards to Google authorship.

    What are your thoughts on placing this on those very high PR6+ articles pointing to the moneysite? It seems that this will be coming in the future, so we might as well begin it now...
  • i guess i am getting a bit sarcastic now (could be cause i am on day 6 of being a non smoker as well) best pratice would be:

    that the moneysite is almost protected / surrounded by buffer sites,
    - so the moneysite itself must have the best content

    the web 2.0 buffers, have highly unique / spun content (no char. spin thou)
    - 5 articles, avg. 500 words are enough, and those are the T1 links we are using GSA on

    it all makes sense just to the simple fact that i now need to consider whats the cheapest way to clone myself, cause i really dont know from where to take the time for all this

    .. but still i never learned so much from a single thread ever then from this one

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    @gg --  First off -- that is a Guest Post on SEOmoz by Tom Anthony.

    If we go to the SERPs -- he does not have a PICTURE by that article even though he does have his GOOGLE+ link in his bio box at the bottom.  (NOTE:  He uses the ........    rel=me tag so that Google knows that he is authoring other posts OUTSIDE of his site.

    However -- the example in the post itself is the guy's own blog.

    My thoughts on using this...

    I've been using the rel=author tag in my content and ALL of my sites and have my picture showing up on my content for about a year now.

    Would I recommend you using the "rel=me" tag inside your <a href="" rel="me"> ???


    You want to build up clout over time -- and this will EVENTUALLY become a factor.

    Yet another small detail that one can include in their content.

    And in fact-- this might be a GREAT ALTERNATIVE link to put in your Article Directory and Web 2.0 GSA campaigns.  This way -- you are building up content awareness for Google to take heed and know you are well versed around the internet on your topic.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @fullspeed - this is the most interesting discussion. I literally check regularly to see if you have added your thoughts! 

    Thanks for the heads up. I did think it was a good idea but wanted to double check as everyone seems to advocate random names, emails to reduce your footprint. 

    From a practical point of view:
    1) Should you use your actual name for the article?
    2) Do I just place the link in the resource box or would you recommend at the end of the article? 
    (Just that not all properties have resource box BUT now we have 3 links in article body which could cause numerous sites to kick it out if it's in the article body at the bottom.) Which is the lesser of 2 evils? 
    3) Is the exact code "This post is by <a href="" rel="me">Author Name</a>."
    4) How do I get the image to show for an article? (I have an image that shows if you google for our website it shows the author mugshot ;-). Just not sure how to do it for an external article/web2.0?
  • OzzOzz
    edited November 2012
    I personally would never use my actual name for such things. But maybe thats just me or the "german angst", haha. I'm glad that Google or Facebook don't know shit about anything of me. Or at least don't know that much :)

    I have nothing against to build new idendities and use that. Those idendities are way more flexible and could be niche related for instance.
  • 1)  Yes!  Whoever is the front man for the SITE and who will be the active VOICE for that site should use their REAL name.  After all -- the main point of dominating any niche marketing is to become the voice of authority so that others look to you.  :D

    2)  Hmmmmm -- you've actually brought up an interesting thought in the manner of building AUTHOR CLOUT.  More on that in a second.

    Just remember, you are going to have to GIVE UP 1 link in your article to replace it with a link to your Google Plus profile.

    Not a PROBLEM though -- it's for a GOOD CAUSE.

    I would MAINLY use my rel=me tag in my RESOURCE BOX with the anchor text using my REAL NAME -- for name recognition.

    If you've ever seen those author pictures next to articles -- there is a link that says something like "Click here to see more from [Name of Person].

    As far as submission -- I would keep these mainly on the HIGH PR article directories that are HAND submitted for complete control.  However, on those HIGH QUALITY spins, I haven't tried this -- but there is obviously a way to insert your google plus profile link in those HIGH QUALITY article directory campaigns.  My guess would be that it would definitely build up clout -- but I am yet to research this matter further for any potential negative affects.

    One of the things that this could be used for as well -- is using anchor text for the Google profile to position yourself as the "[keyword phrase] expert" where your profile appears when folks type in, say, "Gardening Expert" -- that would be especially easy to gain over time since Google has immense PR and it admires itself SO much.  :D

    More food for thought there -- on strategic keyword strategy and further author/expert positioning.

    3)  Yeah -- that's it -- but make sure you don't use your PROFILE name URL, but rather the one on the page that looks like this:

    4)  Not sure about showing the image for an article -- you want the IMAGE to show in the Google SERPs.

    The image for your article is the one you have UPLOADED in your Google Plus profile.

    SOME of the article directories (EA) allow you to upload an image for your author profile -- not sure about others.

    The main thing is that you want the picture showing up in the Search Engine Results Pages.

  • What @ozz says above is fine if you have no intention of building any author clout/expert authority in a niche.  But once you've established yourself as an expert in ONE niche industry -- you'll want to consider starting a NEW pen name to establish authority under that so you don't dilute your authority in the original niche you established yourself in.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    This is the most interesting thread I have read in a very very long time!

    So quick summary:
    On Articles:
    1) 1 Link to Expert site near top of article that adds value to user.
    2) 1 Link to your site.
    3) 1 Link to Google Plus Profile in Author Bio
    4) 1 Link to internal page on your site in author bio.

    A while ago, @S4nt0s, suggested embedding a youtube or image into the article. It makes the article look so much better. BUT you are using another URL for this image. I also read on BHW thread and here on GSA thread, that you should only have 1 link in article as many article sites only allow 1 link. So using above, you'd now have 3 links in your article!

    1) Does anyone have a list of sites/platforms that only allow 1 link in the article body?
    2) @fullspeed - have you had many articles rejected by having too many links in them, even if they add value to the user?

  • I'm doing this a second time (ARGH!)

    1)  Change expert site to Authority Site -- which could be  Just think Wikipedia as far as links -- Wikipedia is completely UNBIASED.  That's how we are TRYING to appear while in fact we ARE biased and self-serving.  :-D

    2)  Yes -- a relevant information links that is an internal page that relates to the article and the anchor text.

    3)  Yes -- if you want to build authorship clout.

    4)  Correct -- and you want this BIO box to be spicy and aimed to get the click -- much like the Title Tag of your site -- which is the FIRST LINE of your site's Google SE listing.

    I think what s4ntOs mentioned is awesome -- and is great to VARIATE throughout random submissions.

    And yes -- MOST directories nowadays only take ONE outgoing link in body -- which is primarily what I shoot for.

    Correct - you'd now only have three -- so you really gotta ask yourself how IMPORTANT that author link is -- or basically dilute it with 15 spun anchor text and URLs and your ONE author link -- which is a good ratio if you ask me.

    1) No -- I just use 1 link across the board -- so I don't have to stop and think about it -- streamline baby!

    2)  Yes -- I have and adjusted accordingly to appease the PRIMARY LOT.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @fullspeed - at the risk of asking a silly question...but if you're only going have 1 link in the body text...which is it? 

    Think of it as a multiple choice question: ;-)

    a) An External b) Your site c) Image d) author profile e) we have spintaxt that selects a random one? 

    Which of the above is correct? Am I right that e) would be correct?
  • Now the big question, what would someone charge to make a full setup of the high quality campaign, and save a backup for me so I could restore it.

    Basically, what would it cost for someone to take my url and keywords and give me a .ser file with this setup completely?  Including all content, email, and everything else needed for all tiers.

    Anyone want to do that?  And if so, whats the price?
  • Anon752- So basically you're looking to buy high quality GSA templates?  

    I'm in for this- and would be willing to pay for this as well. (link pyramid templates).

    Please PM as well.

  • Yeah, I figure there has to be someone out there who can go through the High Quality Campaign guide, and build a full setup for a site for me.  I would have hundreds of projects if the price was right.
  • That's a good point - if someone is willing to sell pyramid templates I'd also be interested so feel free to PM me.

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