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High Quality Campaign **Discussion Thread**



  • @full speed and @ozz
    can you tell others what contextual platforms you have selected in GSA>?
  • Thank you Ozz for this amazing blueprint. I've been reading these forums, especially you, ron, and Lee's posts. Talk about information overload. I need to stop reading and start applying! There is one thing I am confused about (I'm not sure if you even read this thread anymore, perhaps someone else can answer this). For your 1st tier, and secondary to the money site, you specify a "required" PR of 3 for everything. At least I think it's everything. By everything, I mean all links have to be PR of 3 or higher. Is this true? It seems to me like having ALL links directly pointing to your money site having a certain minimum PR would look unnatural. Wouldn't it be better to have a mix of PRs pointing directly to the money site? Or does this not matter for Tier 1?
  • ronron
    edited January 2014
    The PR has to do with a root domain, not the page URL. And you can specify root domain PR in the settings.

    The entire point of bringing up PR is that the higher PR domain sites have more authority, versus an article created on a PR N/A website.

    Ozz isn't here to answer, but the google algorithm now does a great job of ignoring links from crappy sites. So on the T1 level, it is probably wise to put a PR filter at the domain level.
  • I'm interested in what everyone thinks the anchor text should be and what % for each tier and sub tier ?
  • ronron
    I go with no more than 3% per main keyword on the T1 level. I really don't care on the lower levels and just pound the anchors, lol.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    Bare url is my best friend!!!
  • ronron

    ^^Agreed. If you study the analytics of many "real websites" that are branded, etc, you will see a lot of naked URL, branding terms, and weird generic anchors. People almost never link with a keyword.

    The key is to make your on-page optimization align with the anchor(s) you are trying to rank, and then be light on the actual links with that anchor.

  • :(  Where is Ozz anyhow  has anyone figured it out? 
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    @ron interesting, so if I had 100 tier 1 pages no more than 3 should have the same anchor text link ideally ? A guy recently was saying he does not use any keywords at all for his tier 1 only domain name and naked url and ranks his money site still , is that even possible ? 
  • ronron
    @hatterftw1 - Yes, basically that what I was getting at. You will see examples of each in real life, but the big dogs almost never have exact anchor links if you study them.
  • very useful! thanks @ron
  • re :

    whats stopping you from getting the exact same directories for T1, T2, T3 ?

  • Could anyone explain to me how you connect the secondary links to the money site? I know about checking the box for the tiered link building.

    There seems to be some kind of diagram in the campaigns window showing how the links are connected, so I can't figure out how to make the secondary links point to the money site.

  • This thread has gotten my head spinning in a good way.

    I've never been so grateful, I will have to reread it at some other time as the first two pages were insane with info from fullspeed.

    Thanks to Ozz for creating an amazing tutorial on how to create a tiered linking campaign in GSA.
  • Sorry...  Basic newbie question.

    How many daily links to each using the following:

    This if for only Web 2.0 portion of build...

    Tier 1 - second level links coming in from "Dofollow PR3 +"  how many verified per day?

    Tier 2 - second level links coming in from "Dofollow PR1 +"  how many verified per day?

    Tier 3 - second level links coming in from "Dofollow PR0 +"  how many verified per day?

    Anyone care to share?   Thanks in advance!!
  • same question with @im_merlin
  • You can hit web 2.0s with tonnes of links BUT you're so much better off testing it yourself and seeing what works. There isn't one rule for SEO. Some sites work differently, some keywords react differently, some strategies need tweaking and some spam links or some just need low amount of good links.

    I know this sounds annoying, but it just depends. You could follow everything I or others do and not get any results, so test for yourself.
  • All the contextual links have to be dofollow or they should be more natural something like 60% dofollow and 40% nofollow?
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    im_merlin For high quality money sites, start your Tier 1 with 10-20 links per day. Tier 2 at 10x Tier 1, and Tier 3 at 10X Tier 2. 

    For rank, bank, and tank, open it up with no restrictions.

    Good luck!
  • wonder how many weeks you leave the campaign running or do you set links results counts before you shifted to another tier type. 
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