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  • edited January 2014
  • eveeve
    edited January 2014
    Server became very and very slow working. New server had been already activated. After I finish rewriting my script for panel, I will configure new server
  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited January 2014
    @eve same thing happened to my acct too

    Will PM you
  • SvenSven
    @spunko2010 captchas are sent to services regardles the setting to skip some. That skip setting is just for CB to try to solve it itself. 
  • eveeve
    edited January 2014
    Fatal error associated with the inexplicable disappearance of your balances has been corrected :)
    Need to contact me, if  CAPS had dissapeared without any reason before I fixed the issue.

    Will try to configure new powerful server tommorow or day after tomorrow. 

    New registrations will be opened in several days.
  • Great to see the high levels of service being maintained. 
    Nice to be looked after and kept informed; it's how you build brand loyalty!
    Very happy to recommend this service and supplier!
  • eveeve
    edited January 2014
    Got the e-mail today from customer:
    >> GSA test shows 0 balance, but account shows 39995 balance. 

    Not critical error. It had been  corrected by me 5 minutes ago, check please!

    davbel, your payment had been restored with compensation! 
    This problem will not return, sure

    Thank you a lot, Mitch
  • Thanks to @eve for sorting this out.  As @mitch says, happy to recommend
  • Hi @eve I am sorry if this is obvious to others but, how do we setup auto-payments?
  • eveeve
    edited January 2014
    spunko2010, there are no auto-payments (subscriptions). Discussed above only that if you make payment, new credits appear in your account instantly. Instead of subscriptions can make low balance notifications :)
  • Service is working well, but I am slightly confused by one of the error messages. The service is OCR based according to the OP, but I'm getting errors stating "captcha could not be solved by 5 different people". So there are human backup solvers?
  • Hey Eve,

    did you manage to integrate the paypal invoices yet, or some other kind of payment receipt/invoice? 
  • SvenSven
    @cherub thats a description generated by SER from the error code delivered by eve (anitgate api).
  • cherub, we make API similiar to manual captcha service, which is the most popular in russia. Think, this explains all strange error names :)

    mmtj,  not yet
  • I see, thanks for the clarification :)
  • Register is open by 16 january ?
  • Is @eve able to solve hard re-captchas?

    It is a new feature from recaptcha, for every request made the captcha becomes harder and harder which will make the things very hard from now on.

    I ended with 100% very hard re-captchas like this
  • SvenSven
    I have a hard time reading that. Even the none blobby once lately. I think G. is insane now  to be honest. I wonder how many "normal" ppl actually are fed up with this unreadable stuff.
  • Me for one!
  • edited January 2014
    Yep, ReCaptcha has updated their graphics and will deliver the barely readable captcha after even one failed try, making them incredibly hard to solve for all OCRs (and even paid captcha services likes DBC/Decaptcher). 

  • edited January 2014
    Well something is strange. I manually checked all my proxies in firefox with a re-captcha site and I filtered out 8 proxies that gave me readable re-captchas. I use only these 8 proxies with ser now to test things, but all I get in captcha breaker are barely readable re-captchas.
    How can it be possible? Is G able to footprint gsa ser somehow?
    At the same time I open re-captcha sites using any of these 8 proxies in firefox and I get readable re-captchas.

    If you want to take a look send me a PM and I'll give you teamviewer access

  • SvenSven
    @Ovidius yes I know this behavior but still haven't found out a way to tell g. that I want the easy captcha all alone ;) It must have something to do with cookies. If you turn off the cookied in FF you might as well see a harder captcha.
  • @Sven After testing a lot of tools and talking with a few friends I'm 100% sure now that G can footprint ser. Maybe simulating different browsers can solve this ... I don't know...
  • @Sven , @Ovidius its simply ip (proxies) rotation problem after every 4-5 requests (on captcha parsing to downloading from google) proxy rotates well if too many requests sent from 1 ip for parsing and downloading images recaptcha show u blob captcha proxies rotation is major thing now as recaptcha flagging ips too quickly now
  • @Sven
    45% recaptcha solved correctly from 49k sent with GMX Maker + Spamvilla
  • eveeve
    edited January 2014

    Now you can see the invoice, after you make a payment.
    Only available for new payments.

    If someone needs another type of invoices, please e-mail me.

    alias74, new registrations will be available tomorrow. 

  • eveeve
    edited January 2014

    Service will be availbale soon.
    Now we are moving to the powerful server :)

  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
    glad i saw this and excited for it to be open to new customers of which i will be one as soon as your open...just keep your communication/support up

    mega has given piss poor results, and im sick of being ignored by spamvilla not to mention not even knowing if/how many its solving right
  • @Spamvilla Glad to see You again, Kalvin ; looking forward to hear what`s new with your sevice :) You know You was The Most Wanted Person these months here and on BHW
  • eveeve
    edited January 2014
    Sorry, we need some more time to adjust new server! 
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