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  • ronron

    I'm not a moderator, but after all the grief we have dealt with on this forum about Spamvilla, I think it is in poor taste to start chatting with another vendor. This thread is about EVE, and I am personally sick of how Kelvin handled his situation - as unprofessional and immature as it gets. Who gives a shit about a service where the vendor doesn't give a shit about his customers.

    Nothing pisses me off more than a goddamn vendor who stiffs everybody here, and never had the courtesy or the courage to speak with his clients. Start another thread or PM each other.

    Stay on point - this is about Eve.

  • eveeve
    edited January 2014

    Now you can start working with improved service :)
    Average solving time is about 0.4 second now.
    Unlimited threads. 

    You can sign up by the link

    1. open the hosts file (if windows user)
    2. add following rows to the end of the file:

    or you can wait a little.

  • Signed up - one thing: The invoice can't be downloaded as a PDF - can you add that please? 
  • edited January 2014
    @ron I agree, I'm sorry for jumping into this thread and talking other stuff too.
  • @ron Took the words right off of my keyboard!
  • Eve,  Maybe this was mentioned before but do you have a subscription based service?   Out of all the things I have to worry about the last thing I wanna do is make sure I have enough money in the account to use your service.  Hence,  Why I refuse to use services like DBC.

    If yes you offer a Subscription based Service I'll Sign up asap.

    If not,  I'd have to pass. :(
  • Quick question @eve, If I want to see stats for the whole month (ie longer than the 3 days I currently see) how can I?
    Is there a monthly summary we could see?
  • eveeve
    edited January 2014
    mmtj, Ok, I will add it.
    Hunar, just asked my friend how to do that, waiting for an answer from him :)
    Mitch, Now you can see stat for last 30 days

  • Now that was fast!
  • eveeve
    edited January 2014
    Server's  stability was improved. It should be completely stable now.
  • Just bought and testing. I wonder why does recaptcha still appear in CB? Even i setted eve as first service, CB is second. Is this a problem? Because if it's not, so still CB has to consume time to skip recaptcha,right?
  • @Hunar - it's worth a try. Once a week check on the amount of credits you have left. I dropped $30 in and it's still got plenty left. I think @eve was or has created a 'low balance' reminder email so you can just drop some more money in the pot.
  • eveeve
    edited January 2014

    Now you can download your invoice as PDF.

    GSA software makes synthetic 5 second pauses, between receiving a response from our service.
    Pauses will be deleted in next release. can provide you  from  0.25 to 0.75 sec. speed recognition.

    You can check real speed recognition using the script:

    1. Create an account if you have no
    2. Copy the secret key and paste it into the script
    3. You need have PHP server to run it.

  • I'm using CB and want to setup EVE to break Recaptcha.
    Should I set it inside CB or inside GSA? And how?

    I want to spend EVE credits only on project that post to contextual platforms and to skip EVE on blog comments.
    How can I do that???
  • SvenSven
    @miki no need to open another thread if you ask the same thing here as well. Please stop this.
  • @miki if you setup eve in CB you'll not send COMPLAINTS about bad captchas to eve but if you setup it trough ser you will send.
  • Sven (or anybody), can you please confirm this,

    >if you setup eve in CB you'll not send COMPLAINTS

    But, I see in CB change.log
     2.37 - new: sends and simulates "bad captcha" requests/replies

    I've Antigate setup in CB and just want to make sure I'm sending "bad captcha" requests.


  • eveeve
    edited January 2014
    HunarJudderManMitch I have created a 'low balance' reminder which can be configured on the main page of admin panel :)

    Hunar, sorry. I can provide you only reminder. Nobody can help me with regular payments via paypal.
  • Review: Thoroughly impressed. Super fast solving rate and the price is soo damn cheap. This is dropping my captcha costs by at least 1/4th.
  • edited January 2014
    What do you guys do to get readable re-captchas?

    My eve stats:
    COMPLAINTS: 2131
    SAVED   CAPS:2131

    I want to lower my unsolvable captchas, but I really don't know what to do to get readable ones.

    I only get readable ones for a few minutes when I start ser, after that I get 100% barely readable recaptchas.
  • eveeve
    edited January 2014
    Ovidius, all 'recaptcha unsolvable'  is recaptcha with black spots. It will be available next month
  • SvenSven

    CB does forward incorrectly solved captchas to EVE but not when using it in SER because SER does not report wrong captchas back to CB when using internal api.

    But you shouldn't use EVE in CB anyway but directly in SER.

  • @eve This is very good news.
  • Thanks Ovidius and Sven for bringing up and clearing the issue...

    My lesson learned here is, if I want to send bad captcha request (a great money saver), I need to setup the paid captcha service (eve, antigate, etc.) in SER and NOT CB.

    Thanks again...

  • edited January 2014
    Are you planning on or were you offering WMZ as a payment option? I noticed a link with the anchor "certificate" on the site with a link associated with a certain WMID.
  •  Mitch - I have created a 'low balance' reminder which can be configured on the main page of admin panel 

    Thanks much appreciated, nothing seem like too much trouble for you!
  • Just upgraded to 7.40 and since then GSA SER isn't sending anything to CB and I'm getting 
    captcha service Eve is not responding/can`t solve http.....

    If I disable eve everything goes to CB as expected.

    Help; what's changed at your end?

    Nothing else changed in settings since upgrade and had been working perfectly before.

  • eveeve
    edited January 2014
    nipester, 'Webmoney' available if you logout and then login to the russian interface :)
    Will you be able to understand the russian interface? 

    Mitch, everything works at the my end..
  • same problem as @Mitch, captcha not able to sent to EVE..
  • That ReCaptcha with two circles almost year old feature from ReCaptcha. That is protection from two many queries from one ip. Also ReCaptcha can ban ip and won't show any captchas at all.
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