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۞MOST COMPLETE GSA Keyword Scraping List۞ • 10+ Major Languages • CREATE Your Own GSA Site Lists◄

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Introductory Video




Review from Matt Borden (Scrapebox Support)

Wanted to post back and say that I have found great value in the list and am just now getting started. I have found myself using the list regularly, my only issue is sometimes I have to stop and focus because this list provides so many options that I get overwhelmed, lol.

I have mostly used English but I have merged in some of the other languages on tests. I love the idea of so many languages, for me scraping with such diversity is huge. Im testing Scrapebox 2.0 at the moment and its 64bit (or it has a 64bit version) so I have been able to merge more footprints with the large keyword lists and come up with millions of combinations. I plan on taking some of my good footprints and just working thru the various languages.

Its been weeks now and I am still only taping less then 5% of the potential of this list. Its Good Stuff.


Video Review from Devin s4ntos (GSA Support)
Using this list to build up my global site lists with SER. Loaded up the included English keyword list and some article footprints. So far I've scraped 7+ million URL's and haven't even scraped 1% yet.


Looks like I have enough keywords I should be able to scrape for the next year or so smile.png
Great list.

Review from kvmcable (BHW Reputable VIP)
I was fortunate enough to receive a review copy of this list and to be honest I thought, yeah yeah yeah, another keyword list, big deal. Well I downloaded it today and at first glance I saw the download was 73 MB and immediate thought WTF. I have a lot of keyword lists but nothing more than a few MBs. What kind of list could possibly be 73 MBs in size?

So still a bit skeptical, I downloaded and unzipped the list, yes the 73 MB is compressed size. I unzipped this file and was impressed once again; after extraction the Keyword Lists totaled 312 MB!


Holy Crap I couldn't wait to check the lists. I have a lot of tools that use Keyword Lists but currently I'm on a Tumblr scrapping kick so I grabbed a 55K list and dropped it in Gscraper to see what it dug up in unique tumblr blogs. After about an hour I had the results, 208,807 unique tumblr blogs:


I went about my usual routine and did a HTTP test to see how many dead blogs were in my 208K list. It ran my average of 1-2% expectation with 2,479 dead tumblr blogs scraped from this small sample of FuryKyle's Keyword Lists.


Now came the real test of how many of my dead tumblr blogs had valid PR still available. I was quite impressed to see this small (55K) keyword list discovered 523 dead tumblr blogs with PR1-4 available. All in about an hour's worth of work!


I'm really impressed and I haven't even put a dent into the lists containing over 1 Billion Keywords (for sure there are that many). I'm now considering another license of gscraper to work over these keyword lists. You could scrape 24/7 for weeks and not run out of keywords. I'm truly impressed and can't wait to toss some of these keywords in GSA.

For $20 this is a no-brainer for guys using tools like Gscraper and GSA for scraping and back-linking. The only thing that surprises me is why this isn't priced much higher. Honestly it's that good!



  • Hi, I am unable to enlarge the screenshot, currently it is useless.
    Could you specify the languages your list includes ?
  • sorry, already found them

  • hmmm interesting but could easily be a rip-off with some of the already saturated lists lying around...
    I am not saying you are scamming, you just have to be careful these days with what you buy.

    We can't view the image mate :).
  • @supermanden

    Yes, your concerns are valid. I assure you that this isn't some cheap rip-off. This is an exclusive, personal list which I've managed to accumulate over the years. Try searching around and see if there are any lists as elaborate and complete as mine - I assure you there are none. 

    Are all of you having problems viewing the images posted? I can see they're viewing fine here. 
  • @furykyle - we can see as well, but would like to enlarge it, but that is not working.
  • purchased please send
  • does this list include foreign language versions of the platform footprints as well?
  • isnt it that same keyword list sold over bhw few months back then they stopped selling it ?
    no offence but sales pitch looks exactly the same to me please clarify 
  • @RayBan
    I'll try to see what I can do. Could you please post a screenshot of your viewpoint?

    Got your order, the list will be sent shortly.

    No, it does not. Not all platforms have a "foreign" version and the majority has only English available. There might be a few out there, and we might try scraping for those and adding those to our list.

    I have heard of no such list in BHW before. I'm a reputable member there as well and have a BST there. Could you have mistaken ours for the same? This list, as I said, is my own personal list and has not been plagiarized from anyone else's list. I assure you of that. 
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @FuryKyle is a very reputable member on BHW and I've spoken to him via PM a few times. He seems like a very stand up guy so it might be best to hold judgement on this keyword list until you actually own it. ;)

    Good luck with sales! 
  • @s4ntos
    Thanks :) I've just sent you my list for you to review.
  • Just bought it!
  • Peisithanatos 
    Got your order, processing it. You'll receive your list in 24 hours :)
  • This list is bad-ass guys. A must have for anyone who is a serious power scraper. I am getting shitloads of new target URLS with Gscraper. Woot!
  • I felt I had no choice but to buy this :)
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Just went through the list. I think I've got enough keywords to be scraping for the next year. Very solid list and I like the excel file that has all the footprints so we can easily grab some footprints + keywords and get to scraping.

    Should have enough keywords here to scrape for the next year or so :P
  • I want to buy it  but I am not sure how I can use it
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @andy1024 - Are you familiar with Scrapebox or Gscraper? You can use the footprints + combined keywords to scrape millions of websites. You can then import those into SER :)
  • Just purchased this, waiting eagerly to recieve
  • s4nt0s I am using scrapebox to scraping site  but somehow I end up the same list and limited number every time, that may be hesitate about the list 
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited October 2013
    @andy1024 - That's why you need a good list of keywords and footprints. You need to tweak things, try new footprints and keyword combo's so you aren't always getting the same sites. :)
  • If you have GScraper with their unlimited proxy service than running these large KWs lists is a breeze. 
  • sweeppicker 
    Thank you for your review! Expect new languages to be added very soon.
    Read what s4ntos said :) I'm always happy to help if you still don't get it.
  • how often do you update the keyword list? Also are they dups free?
  • stranger 
    I will update it pretty often, already have a few languages to add in mind. They will be released very shortly. I use this list personally so you will see a good number of updates periodically. 
  • edited October 2013
    Link to the BHW thread (or PM it to me)? I'd like to see the reviews there.

    I still don't know what this does... does this give me long tail keywords or does this give me footprints or both or something else?
  • A bit off-topic, sorry but sweeppicker how do you like Gscraper with their proxy service? I have Gscraper but hesitated on the proxy part since I have never heard anyone talk about it.
  • @Samx. It's a real beast and provides u millions of proxies as u scrape so your constantly gathering tons and tons of URLS. Its speed is unbeatable.
  • sweeppicker thanks, based on that I will give it a try.
  •  @Username: it's a list of words and footprints.  It's intended use is for scraping URLs in tools such as Scrapebox, GScraper or Search Engine Ranker in order to find websites to submit to.

    Recieved my purchase and what can I say: very, very happy, this will keep me going for ages :)
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