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can't figure out what is wrong with gsa

I started with a VPS simply because I couldn't leave my regular computer running and focused on GSA tasks when I had other things to get done. Got it setup, well spun article, lots of keywords, filled in all the fields.  Then using that INACTIVE project as the "master", I duplicated it multiple times so that I had project-ARTICLES, project-SER-ENGINES, project-WEB20, project-WIKI, etc, where those ACTIVE projects are focused on JUST doing the types of backlinks as implied by the name.  Private proxies -- per Matthew Woodward tutorial, use proxies for EVERYTHING.  (???)  Has been running with all 4 of those projects for about 24 hours now, what a major disappointment -- only 16 article link verified, 0 for ser engines, 0 for web 2.0 and 4 for wiki links.  Specified just US search engines, only sites PR1 or better, only sites with less than 75 obl's, 40 threads, I thought that extremely reasonable but I hugely bummed with these results. Any  way to determine what is wrong?


  • goonergooner
    @squawk1200 - It's hard to say without knowing more about your settings. How many submitted?
    40 threads is not a lot so that will limit you, having the OBL settings on will also limit you.
    But depending on how many submitted i would suggest there is something majorly wrong with your settings somewhere.

  • 55, 0, 0, 6 submitted, respectively, in order from above.  re "something majorly wrong", 100% agreed, which is why I posted, I have no idea what is wrong nor where to look.  it did 10x better than that on another project on my own computer at home with 5-6 threads.
  • goonergooner
    Assuming you've checked the obvious stuff?

    - Your proxies are working
    - You have plenty of kw's in the project
    - Internet connection from VPS is working well
    - You have plenty of engines selected in the project

    I'm sure some of the more experienced users here will have more possible causes... ?
  • check. check. check. check. and double checked each again.

  • goonergooner
    If you post screenshots of your settings i'm sure you'll get some help.
  • damn ... how do you include images here? did some screenshots, clicked the image link, said to enter url, but it's on my computer.
  • SvenSven
    upload them to some image hosting sites like
  • Tim89Tim89
    First thing, your new to SER?

    Means you haven't really accumulated a decent sitelist to be able to see a massive gain of verified links after 48 hours, if you were to use global sitelists, this is normal.

    Second thing would be keywords, you need to feed SER with a decent sized keyword list so it can scrape targets, I'm talking, about a 20,000 word keyword list minimum, that should start bringing home the bacon.

    Now then, SER engines, that platform rarely works for me when I run it as per James's suggestions, so I am going to pass on those instructions to you now;
    Don't run other campaigns with that particular campaign, stop all other campaigns and turn your threads down to 10, turn your proxies off and select a decent captcha solving option, even better do it yourself.

    Captcha settings, you using CB or a paid service?

    Search engines? Select your search engines, bing.. G... Yahoo etc

    The above should get you going for now...
  • @Tim89, "new to SER" is subjective -- I've had a license to it for over a year; keep trying to learn it, give it and put it on the shelf, then come back to it, then give up on it again, etc, peaks & valleys. I'm almost ready to bite the bullet and get ultimate demon or senuke but thought I'd try one more peak with SER before biting that very expensive bullet.

    Screenshots (thanks Sven):

    The site being pumped is really only valid for US, so search engines selected for that.  I have a LOT of keywords but nowhere near 20k of them, as there are not that many words in the English language to describe what this is about.

    Yes, using (first choice) GSA Captcha and (second choice) Decaptcha and yes checked balance, still have plenty of funds left.  I also have a DBC account but seems DBC has been flaky lately, frequently not reachable?

  • goonergooner
    @squawk1200 - You have it set to pause after 35 submissions, that's why you have low submissions.
    You also only have web 2.0 selected - SER has a very low submission rate to web 2.0

    How many links do you want per day?

    You could choose articles, social network and maybe wiki for that project as it is tier 1.

    Don't give up bro, i've been using SER for about 3 weeks now and am getting decent results both in terms of submissions/verifications and in rankings. And don't switch to senuke, that software is way over-priced, over-rated and very limited in the amount of sites it will post too, unlike SER.

  • re stop after 35 submissions, that is advice recommended by a "guru"... the thought being that out of about 35, maybe 10-20 will stick and look much more natural than adding 200+ within each 24 hour period.  is there any truth to that?

    i will modify the campaign to do more than just web 2.0's, although that said, i have FOUR campaigns going at once, each one doing specifically a thing as mentioned above, so i'm not sure where combining them all into a single campaign is going to produce different results than having 4 campaigns going and targeting the same things?  seems like 6 of 1 and a half dozen of the other, or am i missing something?

    i'll also remove the 35 link limit, though i have not noticed it stopping due to "max links built in time period".

    i think i got taken in by scammers at ser-engines, though i understand that is NOT a GSA product.

  • goonergooner
    Well for me, i'm getting about a 20% success rate overall - So 35 submissions would be 7 verified.

    Everyone will tell you different things, what's working for me is 40 verified per day for new sites. A couple of new sites have gone into the top 50/100 for their kws on that setting. But it will go over 40 per day as it doesn't verify them all at once. The first time i run it it normally gets 70 - 100 links verified, but that doesn't seem to have done any harm in the rankings.

    You might also want to put a tier 2 on there? With most of the other engines selected; blog comment, forum profile, guestbook, image comments, social bookmarks etc.

    And set that to use the links from T1 at around 10 - 15 verified per url per day.

    Others will tell you use 3 tiers and tiers 1a, 2b etc but for me i use T1 and T2 only and the results are good.

    Once you have a tier 2 set up it should start to build lots of links and if it doesn't then you will know there is defo something wrong.

  • @gooner, thanks, appreciate the insights. i have been struggling with this stuff since post-google-farm-animal and keep telling myself it will be worth it at some point...

    can you shed some light on tier 2+?  i mean, i know what it *IS* but what makes SENSE? i mean, it doesn't make sense for an article to have a link to a bookmark site, that is obvious, but is there a rule of thumb for links that may not be quite as obvious?

  • goonergooner
    edited August 2013
    You're welcome, well again people will tell you different stuff.

    T1 has articles, social network and wiki.

    I only really use a T2 to get T1 indexed so i don't really care what it has on it... I select everything except what i used on T1 and i also uncheck exploit, doc sharing, pingback, web 2.0, video - But i use everything else (that's just my selection - no reasoning behind it).

    That said, my strategy is probably riskier than some people, check out these links for safer tiering systems:

  • Tim89Tim89
    @squawk1200 did not intend to mean you were a newbie, just directing my comment to your sitelists mainly.

    I've had Senuke for around 8 months, it's not worth the monthly expenditure unless ofcourse you take the plunge and outright buy it for around $2,000 even then, you will need a decent sitelist and patience because there are alot of things with that piece of software that pisses me off, not to mention you would need very good hardware to push it to the capabilities for it to be used as the only tool for seo. (over 50 threads, talking 200).

    Fair enough, senuke produces tiered structured links with a click of a button, but there aren't any sites in their list that isn't spammed.

    UD, haven't really tried it, I'm assuming it's pretty much exactly the same as GSA.

    GSA can be used for anything, it is the most versatile piece of software, a swiss army knife.

    If you have the patience to set up a high quality tier structured campaign with adequate content and some time, paired with a decent indexing method, (hey, why not use GSA to set up a spam indexing campaign!!) you can do exactly the same things as senuke + UD to be honest.

    I'm not sure why your suffering from not being able to utilise this software but you are missing out if you think senuke or UD is a better choice, even if you do think so solely for your first tier, personally purchasing any one of those two tools for your 1st tier would be pointless, I'd rather create them myself if I wasn't using automation.

    Stick with GSA, figure out why it's broken, mend it, rank.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited August 2013

    Get some generics in there, some high traffic keywords, most searched terms, purely for bulk

    select verifications, not submissions
    uncheck "failed" and "submitted"
    change 'use PR of subdomain' to 'use PR of domain'
    increase your outgoing links to 80 or so

    Check your proxies are working, don't bother using public proxies, I'd rather drink a glass of shit, buy 10 or 20 proxies, there cheap.

    crank up your threads to around 150 - 400 threads, lower your html timeout to around 30 - 60 (increase this to 180 if your running any SERengines campaigns)

    Turn off the pinging option and use an external indexing service.

    your not going to pick up many targets for wikis/web2s/socialnetworks with a small keyword list, those sites are fresh and probably don't have your keyword within its site, include your keywords obviously, but also include very broad keywords, keywords that would normally be picked up on a casual social networking site or web2.0.

    Why are you setting up more campaigns per platform? select them all in one campaign and let it run, your probably using up resources spread accross 4-5 individual campaigns, this is not needed...

  • goonergooner
    Sounds like good advice to me.
  • Tim89Tim89

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  • > select verifications, not submissions

    where is that done?

    > uncheck "failed" and "submitted"

    where is that done?

    > change 'use PR of subdomain' to 'use PR of domain'

    i already had it that way, or was this just a general comment?

    > increase your outgoing links to 80 or so


    > Check your proxies are working, don't bother using public proxies, I'd rather drink a glass of shit, buy 10 or
    > 20 proxies, there cheap.

    understood and have been doing that, about 70 private proxies in use.

    > crank up your threads to around 150 - 400 threads, lower your html timeout to around 30 - 60 (increase this
    > to 180 if your running any SERengines campaigns)

    i cranked it up to 100 threads which is more than twice what I had it set for previously, and am happy to crank it up more if this pans out on this vps.

    > Turn off the pinging option and use an external indexing service.

    which one would you recommend? i hate to spend even more money on some new shiny thing when i've been getting zero traction with other stuff to date, would much rather invest EARNED money into that. are you saying the GSA indexer is not good?

  • Tim89Tim89
    edited August 2013
    ok, in order of your questions, hope this helps others, sorry for the sarcasm;




    And either, Indexification or Lindexed, I use Indexification you pick.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited August 2013
    You've not really taken the time to play with SER have you?  :)>-

    @squawk1200 , you've probably gained no traction because you've probably made around 25 links in 4 months.

    A house don't build itself.

    and quick question, you don't want to invest in a decent pinging service but you've managed to purchase 70 private proxies? how does that work? ditch 40 of those proxies and get Lindexed or Indexification.
  • goonergooner
    Yea indexer is needed...

    @squawk1200 - You might want to buy a cheap domain, put up a couple of articles and try different techniques with SER before you apply to your money site. That way you can learn what works and what doesn't with no harm done.

    @tim89 - we're gonna sign di maria, ozil and benzema today... watch... yea right! :(
  • Tim89Tim89
    SER is exactly like any other program in regards to what works and what doesn't, they are all links, they do the same thing, these tools simply create those links, it's up to you to create a bespoke linking pattern that mr g loves... or hates, then you crash and burn.

    @gooner hoo-haa, yea right indeed, I'm glad we got podolski, was wiping the sweat off my forehead, arsene is a wimp.
  • @Tim89, thank you, changes made as suggested, much clearer. 

    Re "not really taken the time to play with SER"

    Au contraire. Let me answer that with an analogy:

    When I was getting my pilot's license, it is intuitively obvious with no instruction manual required that it is not a good idea or solid plan to land without first lowering the landing gear.  But there are a LOT of things that are not at all intuitively obvious, especially if there is no user's manual to refer to (Cessna has one, GSA does not), like why turn on carb heat when the surface temperature is 80 degrees, you can't possibly get carb ice, but yes you can, and per either help from a flight instructor or the manual, HERE'S WHY.  The "here's why" part is missing, and no amount of playing with the software (airplane) is going to answer that question until you ASK for help because you can't figure out why you're not getting links built (your propeller stopped turning)....

    For the record, i appreciate the help.
  • Tim89Tim89

    I understand, but theres quite a big difference between a planes cockpit and GSA's options, especially when everything within the software has helpful tips and pointers when you hover over certain places.

    hell if a plane had as much helpful tips built in to the dash, give me a month with it I'll fly to the moon!
  • goonergooner
    @squawk1200 - Stick with it my friend, i run a small web design/seo company and if things continue as they are, SER will be replacing about 90% of my seo outsource team in a month or 2.

    The other great thing about the software is once you get it up and running right, it is pretty much auto-pilot - to expand on your flying analogy :)
  • squawk1200 SER is a bit tricky to set up properly for tier one campaigns, best bet is to turn off any paid captcha services etc. copy and paste in some random articles from wikipedia and build some links to twitter, facebook or the like, tweaking the settings until you get the output that you want. - If you mess anything up, no harm done.

    I've used SER for tier 1, it works fine once you get it  set up right, but IMHO although it's a great tool it is better for tier2 and 3.

    You mentioned possibly getting UD or SEnuke, but you could also try (the cheaper) Licorne AIO.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @2Take2 why do you think that? about not using GSA for tier 1's?

    A tier 1 link created by GSA which has a PR of lets say, 6


    A tier 1 link created by Senuke which has a PR of 6 also.

    what's the difference to G? absolutely nothing, there isn't any difference what so ever.

    When looking at these links manually, now that might be a different story.
  • this discussion is interesting because i was told exactly the same thing (and mentioned it a few months ago in this forum), where the discussion in alex becker's infinitum group is that gsa is good for tier 2+ but not so good for tier 1, and i still don't understand the WHY behind that statement, since as @tim89 points out, a PR6 is a PR6 regardless of what program created it.

  • goonergooner
    Yea i agree both produce similar links, personally i do add other higher quality links on T1 but no software can produce those kind of links.
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