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Spamvilla Recaptcha OCR Official Thread , Help And Updates !


Fellow's its kelvin from Spamvilla as you know our recaptcha ocr api is added into GSA Ranker and GSA CB and 
we are growing at awesome speed i decided to open this thread as updates from us and for helping you guys with doubts and questions

I would personally like to thank @Sven for adding spamvilla in these wonderful tools :)

Here is the link about integration of spamvilla api to CB and GSA

For ordering our 65%+ Recaptcha Ocr select spamvilla from drop down then simply click homepage and navigate to ocr section from there :)
Plans starts as low as 30$/Monthly

We are adding photo Recaptcha image support by tonight if you dont know what photo Recaptcha variation is please

For any questions and feedback please reply here
Thank You

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    So your service offer 65%+ success for recaptchas if I'm correct? What are other things it does? And what is difference for various plans? :)

    Thank you.
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    tried the 1h demo and it really solved some of the recaptcha. I was really surprised. I let it run for 60 minutes with a big list, but i had the feeling the LpM was lower. The success rate could really be around 65%, i cant say. From what i observed it was really good.

    Average solving time was 1 second. 

    I consider buying the service, but I think 24h trial (for 5$ or sth) would be better to see how the LpM reacts.

    The only problem i see is the average solving time. Of course recaptcha-engines are more worthy sometimes because they are not overspammed, but  the solving time is 3 times higher than for other captchas because CB has to interact with a 3rd party program.

    Best Regards
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    if recaptcha is skipped, try this : right click in CB on recaptcha and select "Toggle use of CaptchaService", now all recaptcha will be sent to SpamVilla (at least this worked for me)
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    wow wow wow wow.... I can't stop watching it solving these captchas :D :D 
    what can I say... f*** you Google :D :D
    I'd love to see option in CB to force retries on external service, though it is not possible :P
    it's high time to delete target history and go through all these sites skipped because of recaptcha :P
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    thx kelvin for the great support.  twice you found a solution for my problem within minutes.
    problem:  i restarted CB and suddenly Recaptcha service wasnt used anymore.
    solution:  CB => Captcha-Type => Other => right click on "recaptcha"  & on "recaptcha hard test" & click Toogle.. as stated in previous posts.

    to me it seems that for those captcha types "Success rate" & "Recognized" columns in CB have wrong numbers (much less than in reality), but it doesnt really matter to me as long as many recaptchas are solved correctly.

    while watching the CB logscreen to figure out how many recaptchas are really solved  i counted manully  36 out of 100 recaptchas solved which seems pretty amazing to me. (of course counting only 100 doesnt make proper statistics, but it gives an impression). 
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    hi all,

    just i solve the problem. you have to change in every project to "send the hard captcha to services", not to skip.

    -uncheck " skip hard to solve captchas"



  • Hi, I just got my trial. Thanks

    I'm using CS for first, then spamvilla.

    Where do I check the successful % for spamvilla?

  • Psychobilly1  CS hmm well we dont have api in CS how you are using it ?
  • I have spamvilla as the second captcha services if CS fails.
  • i see to you are using from GSA Ranker primary is CS and 2nd spamvilla for recaptcha am i correct ?
  • Psychobilly1  cool it will work fine :)
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    Yes, it's working but I have no idea what the success rate is. That's my original question. How do I check this?
  • Psychobilly1  there is no stats in GSA or CS i believe but i think in debug run you can check live solving and with successful submission's i think Sven would be able to answer this better then me please send him a msg
  • Yes, CS shows the percent solved.
  • Patrik it solve Recaptcha at very high success rate also i m adding photo recaptcha support you wont find this combo any where ;) plans simply is thread basis lets say if u run multiple gsa with 100's of threads u need higher plans to lad balance images , if one instance you can start as low as 30$/Monthly free free to add me in skype for discussion 

  • Kelvin, just added you skype to discuss about it.
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    when is the photo recapctha support ready? i tested it, my ports doesn't solve photo recaptchas for now.
  • Mine are not as well either.  I keep seeing added later tonight but that was a few nights ago.  I'm not complaining by any means,  I'm actually more than happy with the service.  Just wondering when it will be added. :)
  • its getting delayed due to few technical problems 60%+ accuracy already achieved :)
  • All of my recaptcha's have been starting to fail recently.
  • Server got restarted, everything is back to normal now.
  • Hi it was 10 min down bcoz of a big update Added photo Recaptcha Support It should be solving photo Recaptcha as well as regular Recaptcha images at 60%  accuracy or more here are few test ports screen shots below



    Enjoy Guys !
  • So, like others have asked, how do I know the solve rate on the recaptchas?  Where are the stats, in CB somewhere?  The log in the bottom right of CB is not big enough for me to know whats going on.
  • Our ocr is up to 65% + success rate in various testing and tools like mailerking , account creators such as gmx creator , twitter and many other websites unfortunately CB dont have the success rate stat or something inbuilt there but if you use Spamvilla for Recaptcha you should be seeing up to 40% more success submissions bcoz of Recaptcha solving , in case you are not sure better to set retry in CB and Ranker higher like 6 with Spamvilla settings

  • How long does it take to activate the monthly packages?  I purchased hours ago but haven't received a confirmation.
  • He's probably asleep....he's in Russia
  • filescape is right i was sleeping , normally order processed quickly if i m up or after or before ordering you can add me in skype : kelvinthechamp  if i m online it will be instant processing
  • Latest updates :

    Updated Recaptcha Photopic Engine now up to 70% accuracy
    Updated Recaptcha Regular Engine for solving time

    due to lot of peoples asked for accuracy stats i m uploading photo recaptcha accuracy test screen shot stats below


    Enjoy Guys i will soon upload normal Recaptcha test results for you guys too thank you
  • Hi Kelvin are you going to activate the trial accounts. I signed up 2 days ago. Thanks
  • i get recaptcha skiped by settings for picture recaptchas.
  • TOPtActics what software are you using ? can u tell me please every one solving fine including my self with GSA it might be software outside GSA issue or something lmk please
  • pclweb i m no longer providing trial it was valid for BHW member anyhow and my thread got removed from there if u need 1 hour demo hit me in skype tomorrow i will give you thanks

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