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GSA Keeps Crashing In The Past Couple Days (v6.17 )?

Is anyone's GSA crashing repeatedly in the past couple of days?

I've lowered the threads to HALF of what I can normally run and it's still crashing and my CPU and RAM usage is still under half used.

Running v6.17 right now.

Anyone having the same problem?


  • My seems to work fine so far. CB freezes sometimes and SER runs ok
  • Yes, also having the same problem for the last few versions now. At the time, i was running over 10 projects simultaneously, so thought this was the issue. However, i'm now running just 1 project, and still get the out of memory issue. This is on version 6.17, but it's been an issue for the last few versions.
  • Woke up with my GSA crashed again, checked the logs, ran from 12am to 5am, then crashed.

    Quite annoying...because never had this before.

    Anyone else?
  • same problem here :(
  • Ok that's good to know at least I know it's not just me... :)

    If this may help you guys, I turned OFF the scheduler and it seems that it hasn't been crashing YET.  But when I turned on the scheduler, it crashed like every 30 mins to a point where I almost can't use it.

    Hopefully the new updates will fix this, in the meantime, try to turn off the scheduler and see how it goes!  The bad thing though is I have almost 100 projects so without using the scheduler is kind of a bummer... :(  PLUS that is hoping it won't crash now also without the scheduler...
  • Happens to me, and i don't make use of the scheduler at all.
  • Yea I hear ya, I installed all the 3 new updated versions today and it's still crashing (can't load up GSA when clicked on it) hence kill the process and restart...
  • I'm wondering if the number of projects and the length of the articles you use in GSA would affect the crash?

    Because I have 2 GSA running 1 on PC and 1 on VPS, both crashing and running at 4 hours at max when I look at the logs.  And both are running 30+ projects on scheduler and with SUPER LONG spun articles like from articlebuilder...

    The thing is this wasn't a problem before, but just recently, just trying to isolate what's the problem...wondering if this is the case or not for article length and number of projects?...
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    ejim7, please understand that you don't make any sense

    GSA is the company, not the software

    CB is Captacha Breaker which is one program they make

    SER is Search engine ranker, another program they make

    And they also do a lot more

    Saying GSa crashes shows you to be rather ignorant

  • yes, this have an effect. if possible than backup old and unused projects and delete them afterwards (the projects, not the backups!).
  • Thx Ozz for answering the question.  As always, direct and to the point :)

    No thanks LeeG for knowing the meaning of the question and not answering it plus making childish insults.  Though I think you give out some helpful hints on the forum, I don't buy your style.  You repeatedly assault other members on multiple posts for no reason.

    Just because you bring some good advice doesn't mean everyone will bow down to your senseless insults.  Do yourself a favor and get a reality check:  ignorance in using the software is far better than ignorance in the way of life.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks this.
  • ronron

    I'm on 6.17, and what I have noticed is that CB keeps crashing, not SER. So far 6.17 has been decent for me.

    I usually run 10 projects at 20 minutes, and have great performance at that level. I have run more projects, but things seem to bog down. So that is my sweetspot, no crashes, and 100 - 200 LPM. 

  • Thx @Ron for the insights!! Always good and straight advice, learned a lot from you on this forum also! :)

    I'm now on v6.22 today and it seems that this version has fixed it for me.  I'm running 200 threads on my VPS, single core 4gb ram.  My personal desktop I'm doing 300 threads because I have 8gb and quad core.

    I am running many sites on GSA SER and about a dozen of them are climbing up to first page which is awesome!  Really loving this software, in fact, I've switched over from Magic Submitter and using primarily GSA SER for most of my backlinking now.  Hopefully it continues to sail smooth without crashing anymore on future updates :)  

    Btw anyone know how to save a copy of a working current version of GSA SER?
  • ronron
    edited June 2013

    I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but after updating, just copy the file and save it in a folder, and simply rename it to the appropriate version like SER 6.22, etc. It's in C:/Program Files (x86)/GSA Search Engine Ranker/Search_Engine_Ranker.exe and  Search_Engine_Ranker_old.exe.

    If you are unsure of the version, you can always right click on that file, click Properties, and then the Details tab. The version number is there.

    Always save the versions as they come out. If things go bad on a version, you always have backup. And remember, the previous version is always in that folder (_old).

  • You DA MAN @ron!! Just did it and it works! :)

    Now I can save this good working version in case future updates get rocky, thx again!! Late here, goodnight!!
  • CB crashed for me too now. It was 1.97 though. I've updated to latest version after the crash. I actually saved about $75 or so using CB!
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    1.99 it still crashes. Mine happened at 8am
  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    is the log blank also? it may be useful to know which were the last captchas CB tried to solve.
    another way to find out which captchas causes the crash could be so save all captchas to file until it crashs and sort the captchas by date.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Top man ozz. Next time it goes, keep an eye on what the last captcha was

    You get the box of crash show up. Which is blank or black in some cases

    Cant remember if you can get cb to show

    SER then stops submitting due to cb being not responding

    Nice little failsafe in all honesty

  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    if you save the images for a while and like to save ALL of them in just one folder than change the existing folder past of both recognized AND unrecognized captchas saving folders to
    for example. this way it should be easy to sort them by date. everyone that has those issues should doing that. maybe we can find out which captcha type or filter is causing the issue so i (or someone else) can train a temporarly solving method until Sven is back.

    don't forget to uncheck the save box though as you can easily get some gigabytes of data within days!
  • Ahh bummer... I woke up finding my desktop GSA SER crashed again at 5am in the morning, giving only 5 hours of running.  The last CB solved was an "article" and it's on v.1.99 too, solved only about 2k captchas.

    But I'm not sure if it's CB causing it or GSA SER itself because on my VPS, 2nd license of GSA SER didn't crash and kept running.  The ONLY difference is that I have it set to 100 threads on VPS and 200 threads on my desktop.  But then I used to run 350-400 threads on my desktop with no problems, and now having lowered to 200 it still crashed...and my computer is way better at 8gb ram, quad core, while my VPS is only 1 core, 4gb ram...quite confused...
  • Same problem. Woke up to SER(6.22) frozen. Didn't think about CB being the problem. If it freezes again today, will check what CB was last working on.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Its not ser causing the crashes. Im still running 5.99

    The only thing that's changed for me is cb being updated


    A pc running 8 gig of ram has 4gig of ram wasted

    SER is a 32bit program.


  • Yea I know my desktop specs are probably an overkill, I bought it a few years back and still good.  So even more this doesn't make sense that it'd crash rather than the VPS which is on 1 core and 4gb.

    If you're running 5.99 without crash, then I'm pretty sure it's the newer versions (v.6.17-v6.22) for me that is crashing...

    Going to search for older versions of GSA SER to see if I can temporarily solve the problem by rolling back...
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    CB is crashing with ser 5.99

    As I said, its CB causing the problem, since it happens on other versions of ser and not only the more recent versions

  • >Its not ser causing the crashes. Im still running 5.99

    so you never updated the scripts as well?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Not updated ser for a few weeks

    A lot of the recent updates have had engine file updates in them, so I needed to find the time to do the updates and engine files in one hit

    Last ser update I did was 6.0.8 on my running copy

    Just checked the exe on my vps. Dated 11/06

    5.99 is dated 01/06

  • nah, then i suppose its CB. just thought that it might be possible that some updated engine script could cause the issue as well.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I have an older cb exe I can try

    1.95, see if I can do a straight 24 hrs without a crash

    Then at least we know if its the exe or an captcha type at fault

  • Mine SER keeps getting stuck for minutes literally (log doesn't move forward, LPM drops obviously, no solving, nothing), just basically gets stuck right there doing nothing. But it resumes after a while. Was same on 6.22. I just can't spot whether it's due to CB or SER. Because when this was happening, I was running CB 1.97, for which I think it shouldn't happen.

    Anyone having the same problem on SER?
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