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GSA SER Mysterous Freezes In Recent Versions (upto v5.90)



  • doh ... cannot get SER to run more than a few minutes until it freezes to death ;(
    as said what i see is it decreases the threads and then starts to freeze after a bit
  • SvenSven
    no, I would need a project+setting backup.
  • the newest update kinda fixed the freeze ... but still it runs more project at once than set ..

    i set 10/15 at the sheduler and the gui got >19 GREEN ACTIVE @Sven
  • it also work ok now on my side
  • edited May 2013
    So i woke up checked my boxes ... stil running BUT as mentioned above ..

    i set it to 10/15 .. both of my boxes got nearly ALL projects marked as GREEN and active in the gui ..

    and the thread count still jumps up and down .. ( no negative now at least )

    ... seems something is still seriously broken there ...

  • SvenSven
    OK Im trying to debug this further...though never got into that situation before...anything special you do?
  • nopers @Sven all worked fine a few versions before .. i use groups btw
  • SvenSven
    groups named the same as projects maybe?
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    just checked no grp names are same as the project names @Sven

    and now .. i got the same again .. i cannot use SER without the working sheduler ,(

    the problem is in my opinion that it doesn't stop the running project and starts more and more so everything goes nuts and ser freezes @Sven
  • SvenSven
    ok than it might be that...should be fixed (hopefully) on next version.
  • mine started freezing out of nowhere, I waited to see if an update would fix it but it's still doing it and very often.

    I'm not running the scheduler.
    Not running any search engines, just lists
    proxies are good

    it seems that anything I click on causes it to not respond. I was trying to watch for a pattern but there isn't one. And the amount of time it locks up is different each time.
  • Mine is still "not responding" after the update.

    What I did notice is that it's locking up every time when you get a message in RED in the box at the bottom.

    - registration failed
    - verification not successful
    - login failed
    - required variable URL
    - no engine matches

  • SvenSven
    well again (!!!), send me the project backup and maybe I find out what this might be.
  • Hi @Sven

    My v5.97 froze again last night.

    One thing I noticed from the frozen log is it says some of my tier 2 projects have "Verify submitted links" disabled --


    which are not the case --


    Since only my tier 3 projects have verified submitted links disabled, it seems SER is mistaking those tier 2 projects for some tier 3 projects.

    I'll PM you my project backups.

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    Hey this is very similar to the crash we were gettting a few months ago.  I just started getting it today on v5.97 and I don't use the scheduler.  I did delete some projects today, if that might offer any clue.  Otherwise it's been running rock solid for a while now.  I will send you my project backups.  Thanks man.

    edit @sven - I went to your profile but I didn't see a way to upload files, how should we send them?

  • SvenSven
    @jerryji please check again. That message is only appearing if the verification is set to Never. really! Maybe you clicked on the wrong project.
  • @Sven I did click on the right project, really!

    Plus another tier-2 project is also in the log screenshot.
  • @Sven my SER v5.97 froze again after a few hours of running.

    Look so many of my tier-2 projects are incorrectly claimed to have "Verify submitted links" disabled that I simply can not click on the wrong project this time --


    Can the mess up (which might or might not be related to the freeze) be caused by insufficient locking for thread synchronization?

  • SvenSven
    No, that has nothing to do with threads. Please provide a project backup to check this "Verify option disabled" thing. I promise from code point of view it can not happen. :-/
  • @Sven as it doesn't happen to everyone, do you think it could be VPS or whatever people are running GSA on? I tweaked settings and schedulers lastly to avoid freezes and with the latest update, 200 threads, scheduler 10/15 it seems ok so far. But I noticed that my CPU usage is around 100% all the time (both in task manager and GSA) and memory usage is fluctuating. Today, for several minutes it showed "Mem: 1GB" and then dropped down to usual 500-600MB
  • SvenSven
    Naw should not be related to a VPS. Though the cpu usage and mem usage is strange. Try to disable global site list and see if that helps.
  • I am got freeze again on 5.99. At the log screen last messages - 
    Project name: Verifying links...

    Looks like some bug if auto-verification is enabled.
  • My VPS is also always maxed with 100 threads. It is freezing a little more, it might be something to do with verification.

    The verified links are showing withinin groups, but not within the projects itself (shows 0 verified). Until I stop project, the verified links get tracked but not 100% of them are accurate. Some projects are suppose to get 100 verified links but shows 0, or less than 100. 

    Very weird, there's definitely something draining the CPU in particular which explains less submission rate and verified rate. 
  • Now i'm getting constant freezes across all servers.  :/  They freeze randomly I'll check back on them every couple hours and they are all frozen. What's going on? :/
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Have you guys dropped your threads down with the latest releases?

    I found it uses a lot more cpu.

    I dropped from 250 threads to 200 and keep ser running below maximum cpu all the time

  • I dropped my threads down to 200 yesterday, turned off global site list and use only Google RND. More than 24 hours with no crash. But today morning I got another problem. I see all these 000/000  :-/ Proxies are tested in SB ok, so I will load in a new keyword list to see if it helps. 

    @LeeG do you use "collect keywords" thing? 
  • I haven't dropped my threads I guess I'll try that now.  And Yeah what's going on with Proxies as well.  Mine are dying out almost as soon as I get new ones.  O.o
  • I'm getting freezes all the time also using from as low as 150 threads with 180 timeout.  It isn't my proxies either I've gotten the freezes with public proxies as well as private proxies.  Please hammer this nuisance out @Sven.  Everything else has improved including speed, system resource usage (once the scheduler is used) but come back 6-8 hours later after sleeping and find that SER stopped and no links created for the past 4 hours.  Frustrating.
  • Been utilizing 6.02 for the last 30 hours, no freeze yet.  6.02 gets extremely slow at certain times then after some time it'll speed back up then slow again then speed back up but I'll take that any day over a complete freeze.  Decent balance here @Sven
  • Im getting the freezing even without the scheduler, its something else besides the scheduler.
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