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GSA SER Mysterous Freezes In Recent Versions (upto v5.90)

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Since about 3, 4 versions ago till the latest v5.90, my GSA SER started to hang frequently.

I am using Scheduler for 100+ projects, more than once a day it would freeze at verification --


At which point the log stops moving anymore, but the GUI is still responsive, and only "Not Responding" after I press the Stop button --


Is it a known/common problem with an estimated time to repair? How can I help with the debug?




  • SvenSven
    how many links are waiting to be verified for that project?
  • Thanks @Sven , but excuse my ignorance

    1. where to find this information?

    2. I'll take note of it when it happens again (hopefully the main GUI won't freeze, which does happen sometimes)

    3. I run 30 projects in every schedule, you mean I need to sum the number from each project?

  • SvenSven

    1. the column next to the project shows how many links are submitted there.

    2. yes please. also wait a couple of minutes maybe and see if you get a bugreport window. If you do, click "Send bugreport".

    3. No, just from the project you see in the last log line before it freezes.

  • Hi @Sven , SER froze again and this is the last project in the log --


    BTW, I just upgraded to v5.91 and will keep a close eye on it.

    If you need more information, please let me know.

  • SvenSven
    Strange, and this freeze is for the whole gui? I never got into that situation :(
  • @Sven I'll setup my windows debug environment and try to get you a trace if it happens again.

    Any special tip on this?

  • SvenSven
    sorry no, maybe you can give me your project + setting backups to reproduce that behavior over here?
  • The error is pretty random and does not seem to favor any project in particular. So I will give you the backup of all my 100+ projects + settings, and the spinfolder zip as well -- did I missing anything?

    Then you'll basically be building live links for me during your test, is that right? BTW, I'm using Windows Server 2012 64bit (dedicated server from OVH).

    Appreciate your confirmation and I'll PM you everything.

  • During the past 2 days, v5.92 has been going straight to "Not Responding", and the last log is not always verifying anymore --


    And the LpM is very off (not that I care, just an observation).

    Does that change the plan?

  • SvenSven
    Well noone delivered any project/setting backups to reproduce this, so hard for me to find out what it is as I never got into this.
  • doh .. i suffer sane behaviour now .. somehow SER doesn't run as good anymore as it did ... it makes a lot of breaks .. and in the end it freezes doh
  • @KayKay thanks for confirming the problem.

    @Sven sorry I didn't get your latest comment -- yes it could be hard to duplicate the crash on your side, but how else were the crashes in the past versions resolved?
  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    send him your project backup so there is a chance Sven can duplicate the freezes on his machine in case you get no "Bug Report" when it crashed.
  • I'm getting the same as well.  Pretty random crashes and Doesn't give me the option to submit bug report just totally freezes. It's not happening on all my servers just about 2 of them.
  • @Hunar any difference in your servers that you think might be related to this problem? (BTW, mine is a pretty fresh Windows Server 2012 64bit without much junk)
  • The only difference i'm doing between the servers is on the scheduler.  I'm running 20 Projects and switching every 10 mins.  Just testing it out to see if it makes a difference.  While on the others is doing 30 Projects and switching ever 20-30 mins.  That's literally the only difference.
  • @Hunar and which are the ones that crash, 20 projects every 10 mins?

    As for me, since the last hang on Saturday, my v5.92 has been running fine till now on 30 projects every 15 minutes.

    BTW, is there an "uptime" in SER to tell how long it has been running?
  • I had 2 copies of v5.92 freeze overnight within minutes of each other (judging by the last CB time on each). Both are running 30 projects every 15 minutes and both on Bermanhosting windows 7. I put it down to a hosting issue given the times involved.
  • @kortezubi thanks for the good info
  • It's strange though that SER was the only application affected. Memory usage was fine and other applications were responsive.
  • Sounds like it's gotta be something with the scheduler.   Cause sounds like we are all running the same amount of time and switching same amount of time as well and that's when it's freezing. 
  • It happened again on one machine just now. I PM'd a screenshot to Sven. What I noticed before it totally locked up was there were at least 43 projects running although 30 was selected in the settings.
  • edited May 2013
    I am getting this problem all times, even when only gsa ranker launched on computer. Deep freezes every 1-3 hours. But few times I was able to send reports (gsa crashed with message, and i was able to send crash report). Please fix it! Really it so hard to use gsa now. And I even lost tier 2 verified links from this crashes!

    This crashes is totally random, it usually happens after 1-3 hours after gsa launch. All times at end of log window I see message like 'Starting Verifying links'. Every time was this text, not submission/search reports log.
  • hmm now it happend again .. i changed from 30 projects / 15 min to 20 /15 ... i think it has to do something with the start up of new projects after the run time expired ..
  • @Sven the problem is real, are you going to pick some of our project backup to duplicate the issue on your side? I'd love to supply mine, except that it's been running fine for more than 3 days and doesn't seem to be a very efficient candidate now...
  • SvenSven
    wait for the next version and see if that scheduler fix i just made fixes it for you, else i need a project backup.
  • @Sven .. another thing i seen is that it did not only run the amount of set projects .. like 20 projects / 15 min ... it kinda doesn't stop the others atm it's running nearly all projects at once although the sheduler is set to 20/15 will test new update immediatly :)
  • Sven, I not using scheduler.
  • edited May 2013
    hmm new version didn't fix the problem @Sven .. freezed again .. this time it freezed at log window :
    email verification finished. Before that i only run at 50 threads .. the thread count went down to like 18 - 30 .. then ser freezed again

  • @Sven I have same problem. I have 2 license of SER and running slowly. The threads went down to 10-20 too.
    Can I record my screen to send you?
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