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Where to buy lists?

Because i create more and more websites i now don't have the time to scrape new targets - we all know that if we always use one list, the amount of verfied drops daily, because more and more websites get deleted, change their cms or other things.

so i wanted to know if somebody knows where i can buy lists for different engines of gsa ser? i'm very interested in this.

already bought every list of fiverr, but all of them are really bad. one reason will be that the verified links weren't verified some days or weeks ago, but months.

any suggestions?


  • Wouldn't you be better getting SB or Gscraper and building your own list? 

    Surely a list you've built yourself is going to be better than a bought one that's been spammed to f**k

  • The easiest thing to do is let SER do its thing.

    Some thing I did at first when I thought I needed a list to import (you don't, probably better and faster not to once you get your settings right) is get a free month from seomoz, grab your competitors backlinks and see what SER recognizes. You can also go to I got a couple of lists from there, too, when I started.

    But, really, just get it set up right. Read these in their entirety:

  • or hire a virtual assistant off fiver and take 10-15 minutes and train them how to use scrapebox/gscraper, and let them handle the scraping.
  • Hi, guys

    where is option for "delete profile links" from a project?

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    Kreist, you obviously don't know what you are talking about. These mentioned settings maybe are interesting for some noobs, but not for me. I'm sure i'm getting more links than 90% of these users that are posting there and the answers i read in a few minutes got me laughing. Sorry, but some people do use GSA SER on another level and not just for some links a day, and there is definitely no need for me to talk about html timeout, public vs private proxies etc., come on....i've got a brain.
    also just a few engines that gsa ser supports are important, 95% of them are just crap.
    I can let GSA run for a week or so with every setting you mention and it will get me me maybe 50 NEW links a week that i didn't scrape before. You just don't seem to know how many links im already building to a new project.

    no offense, but when i'm asking a question it would be great to receive some answers that make sense and not some suggestions that make sense for guys who are new to all this stuff.

    also i already have like 20k backlinks from some guys that use GSA, also it's funny that you think that some of my competitors use automatic linkbuilding tools, lol. these are big companys who have seo workers with a budget of more than 10k a month, NO SERIOUS company builds links automatically.


    do you read threads when you're answering? are you kidding me when telling me to use scrapebox? lol, i used scrapebox since it came out some years ago, i wrote i don't have TIME TO ANYMORE.

    as i can see there is actually no possibility, thought there would be some serious 
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    I have a suggestion @bekkolt
    Why don't you stick your head up your ass and sing your national anthem as loud as you can because obviously you are too good for the SER forum =))
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    In all honesty the above comments sound like someone that cant be bothered to learn how to set ser up and just wants the easy route

    Give it the big talk, to cover up their inept ability to use the software properly

    I personally push out between 50k to 100k verified daily, using nothing more than ser scraping the net for links and the global sites lists

    I would go broke buying in lists like that 7 days a week

  • @bekkolt Honestly, I've only been using this for about a month,so I don't know as much as everyone else on the forum.

    I was only able to get these results yesterday using exactly what I told you to look at (just letting SER do its thing, no lists):

    Doesn't matter whether or not your competitors are using automated backlinking...YOU ARE. Find other niches that you think are using the tools and check theirs. If your niche is too good for that then why are you using it?

    That being said, I hope you're having a better day today than when you posted that.

    Otherwise, please consider @seagul 's suggestion. You won't get any more n00b advice from me.
  • guys anyone can give me my question answer because i just don't want to open another thread for one little question.

    where is option for "delete profile links" from a project?

  • Please just go. You've ruined my Sunday.

    "these are big companys who have seo workers with a budget of more than 10k a month, NO SERIOUS company builds links automatically."

    That's bull. The serious agencies DO automate their links.
  • yeah and 10k a month budget is peasant shit for a real agency. I should know, I doing contract work for one right now
  • davbeldavbel UK
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    Read your post.

    Hmmm... you make no mention of Scrapebox or Gscraper in your post, so call me a tad old fashioned or perhaps even a tad out of date, but being as you posted on a forum about GSA SER, I (wrongly as turns out) assumed you were letting SER do the scraping.

    It tw@ts like you that..................................well, are just tw@ts..
  • Ya we have no time for ladyboys here =P~
  • Hey @Kreist, are you on PC, VPS, dedi server?  What processor r you using?  Intel Xeon, I7 2.33ghz, etc?  If I ever tried to even enter in 416 threads in SER, I think a hand would extend from my VPS and slap me in the face 2 times.
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    @CecilDee, I'm using the Hyper-V Pro VPS at Powerup Hosting. 4 Xeon cores, I think and 4 GB Ram. It's been running really good the past couple of days at 420 threads. Definitely can't do anything else while it's doing that, though :P
  • Kreist what're platform you are using to get over 200k Ver per day   :)
  • @Bekkolt - I will sell you my verified list for $10,000  :D
  • @Kreist Ok, that's some good stuff there.  Good work by you.
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