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80% drop on verified rate

Dont know if its my CSX3 or GSA SER?

its freaking me out that i cannot get my usual verified urls.

GSA SER always makes my projects Active(P) and CSX3 not getting its job done.


  • this are new projects that i made yesterday and i imported 66k list


    and im only using 7 projects

    the submission on my project should be 3k+ , and my verified links should be 200+ above

  • SvenSven
    This doesn't tell me anything unless you show me logs (from that problematic project only please).
  • This happens to me too. Same problem  like v5,74, massive drop on verified links. I checked manually on fail verified links, the links is there.
  • SvenSven
    Than please provide the URL so I can check things?
  • SvenSven
    according to that url you submitted ?
  • yes. it was a test project
  • SvenSven
    just tested it here...verified the link as expected. Your sure it's not just your proxy that died on verification?
  • hmmm.. that's strange. i use 40 dedicated proxies

    also, i use the previous version, and the verified links increase.
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    Facing the Same problem too :(
    Since Update 5.80 I'm getting fewer SUBMITTED Link and VERIFIED Link. :(
    Today morning (+7 GMT), I got 300 Submitted Link and 200-300 Verified Link with GSA Version 5.78
    Now, I only get 70 Submitted Link and 51 Verified Link with GSA Version 5.80
    I used Same List and the Platform is Wiki
    Any Solution for this ? :\

    Check you PM please.
    I've sent you my Log and my List
  • i don't know why but my thread count keep becoming 0
    there is no log whatsover

    software just waits with using single core 100%
  • I'm also facing this problem, verified links rate for my verified list dropped for almost 90%.
    This problem started since a few previous version ago, when I revert to a version before that, I get the same amount of verified links back.

    Yes, I've double checked and I'm using the same settings for both versions.
  • ronron
    edited May 2013

    I don't think there is something wrong - I'm on hour 10 of v5.80 and it's buzzing at around 150 LPM. And my verified is strong, but I only let verified run on T1's - all others I have turned off because I do them once a week.

    I have noticed that I need to proactively manage the # of projects to a lower level so that it doesn't blow up the CPU or something. Running at .5 Gb Ram and about 80% CPU. 


    I think you guys need to re-read threads on your settings. I'm running 15 projects every 15 minutes on scheduler.

  • @sven thanks for the update, mine is fix on v5.80 and i got my highest LPM at 95 LPM
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    edited May 2013
    My is still low verified links. I have a VERY precise list of Blog Comments that I use over and over again that always returns 900-1100 verified URLs. Ever since 5.78 the verified is always around 500-600.

    The worst part is that I'm not using any proxies. This is the same list of blog sites that I've used for almost 2 months now so I know they didn't all of a sudden die -- something went wrong in 5.78.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that when reverted back to 5.77 my verified links are perfectly fine. I also tried running in debug mode, but it tells me nothing about the verified fails. I am getting the same amount of submissions per run, it's just that the verifications are not working.

    EDIT2: @Sven - I would be more than happy to send you this precise list so you can test it on 5.77 and then test it on 5.80 (or any in between). Just let me know if you wish to do so if you can't find the bug from what everyone has told you thus far.
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    I had the same issue. From 5.78 verified links dropped MASSIVELY. The update log for that version states "links are now verified on submission if possible", so obviously something changed. Back to version 5.73, no more updating for me lol
  • ronron
    So that means it's affecting the guys that feed it lists. That's interesting.
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    I thought i was the only one with this problem. I use Targeted URLs (wikis) daily and all of a sudden the verifications decreased - I posted about it here -
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    v5.81 has fixed it for me!
  • I'm having trouble with verification also. I'm getting endless verification failed (SEE BELOW).
    07:02:53: [ ] Verifying links...
    07:02:53: [-] 100% Verification (round 2) not successful -
    07:02:53: [ ] Verifying finished (1 check done)
    07:03:53: [ ] Verifying links...
    07:03:53: [-] 100% Verification (round 581) not successful -
    07:03:53: [ ] Verifying finished (1 check done)
    07:04:53: [ ] Verifying links...
    07:04:54: [-] 100% Verification (round 1160) not successful -
    07:04:54: [ ] Verifying finished (1 check done)
    07:05:53: [ ] Verifying links...
    07:05:54: [-] 100% Verification (round 1737) not successful -
    07:05:54: [ ] Verifying finished (1 check done)
    07:06:53: [ ] Verifying links...
    07:06:54: [-] 100% Verification (round 2315) not successful -
    07:06:54: [ ] Verifying finished (1 check done)
    07:07:53: [ ] Verifying links...
    07:07:54: [-] 100% Verification (round 2894) not successful -
    07:07:54: [ ] Verifying finished (1 check done)

    Any ideas on this? The emails are working. The program APPEARS to be working, but it keeps endlessly trying to verify this 1 URL. Also, I have had 105 submitted and only 27 verified for over a day now with no change.

    Thank you
  • SvenSven
    bahh now why are you posting the same in different topics? Anyway again.."not successful" happens since no submitted URL is present...nothing wrong here as you also have your project set to Verify Only.
  • Yeah, sorry for the double post. I had two windows open at the time. Also having a little trouble finding my posts and tracking for responses.

    Thanks for the response. Shouldn't it eventually remove the link rather than endlessly trying to verify? I manually typed it in and GSA DID successfully create a profile on Opera, but there is no site link posted.

    Also, is there any way to export the URLs with the logins used? If I had the logins I could check a couple of the high PR ones manually.
  • SvenSven
    yes it should unless you have the option checked to not remove them. Export with project edit->tools->export->Accounts...
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    have the same problem, importing same list as usual. using same proxies as usual. instead of 5k verified now i have 2,5k verified. this is freaking horrible. don't know why.

    can someone send me version 5.73, 5.77 or something under 5.78 so that so i can test something?
  • Sven can't win because everyone was moaning about memory leak etc. with earlier versions so he fix that and now we have slower submissions. My version 3 updates ago was 10x faster  :(( All you can do is wait. The speed will come back. Sven is a master coder
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    the speed does not interest me at all, running my projects on a vps, for me it absolutely doesn't matter whether it takes 3 or 10 hours to run my list. 
    WHAT DOES MATTER is what i've only got half of my backlinks and it seems that this is just because of an update.
    so i just asked all users if someone could send me a earlier version, so that i can check if that really is the reason

    checking whether it's problem of newer versions would be interesting for everyone here.

    half the backlinks = half the rankings = half the earnings = shit
  • SvenSven
    next version has better speed in all program parts...just needs a bit more testing but looks good.
  • Cool @Sven :-bd
  • edited June 2013
    @Sven GSA Ser is no doubt an awesome tool. Using it with CB since past two days. But my LMP lies around just 0.5 to 1.5, it's very low. I've around 300 keywords to scrape/search URLs for, maybe that's the reason, unsure here that's why asking.

    CB success rate is excellent I believe, 78-80% (although I do use DBC in USA timezone for tier-1 and 2).

    Thank you.
  • <3 LPM screams for public proxies.
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