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Advise on gsa for money site only

Hi I see ur comment on using gsa for your money site and you say that's ok given the correct platforms and filters.
Any tips on what platforms to use for the main money site

Ps . As a newbie here if I give the training a good thorough read through how long should I be efficient and start ranking


  • as a newbie you should give the sticky threads a visit first ;)

    also make sure to use google if you are searching specific threads. use this line in google: YOUR SEARCH TERM
  • Thanks Ozz I am little overwhelmed to be honest as its a lot to take in.
    I always like to start from the beginning and work my way through the ranks as it were . Having never before tried to get back links its a little perplexing.
    Ill stick with the threads in here but it would be great if there was a thread on starting out to advanced , any thoughts
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @daveaball - budget on 2 weeks solid reading. Best advice is to just read and read and take notes. SER is too powerful and incorporates too much to just learn quickly. Not what you wanted to hear but it's true. Some people have read every post on this forum since it can't catch that up quickly. It will just take some time. 

  • OzzOzz
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    you should start with a dummy project for sure. just take some random Web20 link like an outdated squidoo/wordpress blog from someone else and view it as your own project. start to create a campaign with tiers, articles and so on, but keep it as simple as possible.

    also i advice you to left- and right-click EVERYTHING in SER at least once. all underlined words, all dropdown buttons, all menu buttons, all everything.

    write down your notes and bookmark important threads. after you've done that for a week slowly create your own campaign. built quality first tiers with good content first. do this for a week or so and during that time write own well spunned blog comments the lower tiers for instance. 

    and never forget - nothing is easy

  • Thanks Ozz ill do that so before I touch my money site.
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    ahaha goood old spermbirds ;)@Ozz skate or die ;)
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    also i advice you to left- and right-click EVERYTHING in SER at least once. all underlined words, all dropdown buttons, all menu buttons, all everything. - @Ozz - best advice for new people to SER! Totally agree!
  • OzzOzz
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    @KayKay: somehow i missed the Spermbirds more or less during my skateboarding time and i was more into Suicidal Tendencies, which were also a starting point to all Hardcore/Punk stuff i explored through all the years.

    however, great band and this song has some simple lines that are just true for everyone:

    'Cuz nothing is easy
    That's worth a shit
    Decide what you want
    Then work for it
    And never give up
    If it's important to you
    Nothing is easy

  • Great band .
    I was looking at the tutorial videos on the best settings for gsa and a case study was mentioned for a site that ranked number one by just using gsa and I was wondering does anyone have a link for this case study thanks
  • OzzOzz
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    just stick to the threads about "how to set up your campaigns" that are listed here. its all there, you just need to read it.
  • yeah that kind of music got a message ! i bet you are my age ,)
  • age=%random-30-40%
  • Thanks for the replies . Not sure if its an advantage or not by never doing back links before but I was wondering is there a newbie thread where one could post some basic question instead of asking obvious questions and taking up space . I have a few basic questions after looking at a few hrs of video today and don't wanna annoy anyone by posting in a new thread
    Started my first campaign earlier and it's not live as yet but very excited
  • all the basic questions are answered on the sticky threads.

    anyway read these 2 thread from the beginning till the end, read every word. (i'm serious).

    this one will help you with the best setup for SER, you will understand everything you need to know, it's long but it worth it.

    with this one you will know how to rank a moneysite with SER, step by step.. (read every word)...

  • Thanks Rodol, I appreciate it, I will read through this thou roughly and I mean that, thanks for taking the time to get back to me
  • Have looked at both threads and its far from the basic stuff I was looking for .
    It's basically settings for a project or campaign I am looking for.
  • Can you do a lot of damage shooting GSA at your money site? Even if your money site is just a simple MNS on a subdomain or something ?
  • well @daveaball ask your questions then.
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    I "shoot" "GSA" at my money sites daily! Can't get enough of it actually. BTW it's SER not GSA. GSA is a software company that produces fine software that we all loves :)
    Edit- Forgot to say that whoever says SER is for T2 & T3 links only is a moron! SER can build many high quality links straight to your money site you just need to learn how to set it up properly. Luckily my friends you are in the right place to learn this artform of SEO :) Looky within this forum for all of Ye answers :)
  • Ok huys, I am running my 1st project at the mo.
    I have about 25 keywords for the wedding site which get more than 500 local searches a month.
    Its for a wedding site and Is purely for the Irish market.
    Should I be using just irish search engines and uk or should I include the US ones , many thanks
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    Not wise to post URL here Dave. Use 5 random Googles including Google International. Doesn't matter which
  • Didnt realise that but thanks for advice ill change it now, ta
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