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Hey guys, Twitter decided to switch their mobile sign up captcha. I tried doing this myself but Im kinda new to the software and having it learn the new captcha. Can someone please help and possible see if you can crck this one. The new captcha is here Lots of people waiting on this solution, and much gratitude to whoever can help.


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    Here is how the new captcha Looks like. I got tons of customers that bought GSA Captcha Breaker just for this captcha so it will be great if we can get it breaking the new captcha.
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    Please integrate the new captcha at  

    This is KILLIN me.  :(

    I know lots of people who need this fix as well.
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    Yes, I need this fix too!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      PLEASE FIX!    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey hollywood, are you using twitterbots too?  I know a TON of people who need this fix too, you on a forum?

    How long before you guys fix this issue?  I literally can't afford my rent without this fix, LORD!!!
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    Please add this new captcha breaking service. My business and use of your software depends upon it. 

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    Please can we have a fix soon.
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    That captcha can barely be solved by a Human. I would not hold my breath on this one, looks as bad a ReCaptcha, might even be worse.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
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    Do any of you guys offer twitter/FB followers? Send me a PM if you offer this service.. 
  • SvenSven
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    Sorry but I formyself had problems reading this captcha. As @Tnk said, don't expect any quick solution. I would wait till twitter realizes that there new captcha is too hard to read.
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    @Sven it really suck that you wont even give it a shot. We have sent you lots of clients who purchased GSA Captcha Breaker because our recommendation (we didn't even got affiliate commissions for it) and now they all feel like you are dropping the ball on them.

    Yes it might look like a hard one to break but is certainly not harder than re-captcha so you could at least give it a try.

    That is not good customer support if you ask me.
  • OzzOzz
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    don't make Sven responsable for something that isn't in his hands. that isn't fair and it wasn't his descision to change that captcha. if you haven't notice, recaptcha isn't solved as well so far.
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    @Ozz I am not making him responsible at all as is NOT his fault. Twitter changed the captcha not him.

    All I am saying is that he made quite a few sales just because of that captcha so the least that he can do is to try to break it as GSA Captcha Breaker is now useless for those customers.

    Is all about trying so that his customers can at least say "well he tried but is just too hard" but comming here and saying pretty much that he will not even try and drop the ball on them is not the right attitude. 

  • SvenSven
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    Hahah these twitter guys must all be nuts. I got so many emails right now arguing about this captcha. As if I am responsible for this. I know why I stay away from this zwitscher/friendface shit all alone.

    Seriously, why do you guys think I am responsible? I don't own anyone of you anything. If something is hard to read by humans, how can you expect a program to solve it?

    Anyway a 5% solve rate captcha is on the shared user page. Thats all you can expect right now. By the way, its all done by the why not use it yourself and try to work on a solution instead of destryong my easter holiday. Thats why you have the SDK to build/break your own captcha types. All I did so far is using the BruteForce...something anyone can do.

  • @Sven nobody is making you responsible as I said on my last post you got no control over twitter and the changes they make.

    They are pissed off because you say that we should wait until twitter realize that is too hard to solve by humans but the reality is that twitter spent thousands developing this new captcha so they will not just stop using it and go back the the old captcha.

    They are mad because you said that your will not even try to break it and they paid $117 for your software just for that captcha so all we are saying is that you should at least do your best trying to break it and if at the end of the day you fail at it then we can at least say "well he did his best and is just too hard" but just saying is hard to read I will not bother then that is when people get mad.
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    I had a long conversation with Sven this morning.

    It's all clear to me now. Sven doesn't give a s*** about his clients. The only thing he can say that it's not his fault and that he cannot fix it.

    Only interested in selling software. Costumer support is zero.................

    Lot's of people depend on this software but Sven doesn't care. He has his money on the bank already buy selling it to you.

  • OzzOzz
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    i regret the day already i made the twitter definition for CB.

    sorry for all you twitter guys, but this captcha IS UNFUCKABLE atm with a decent solving rate. you just can't turn shit into gold.

    and again, i truely believe that it sucks for all of you, but go complain at twitter about that shit as well.
  • SvenSven

    @cabenb yea you and your "conversation" with me. I feel like posting it here now. You want a refund just because twitter changed the captcha and CB is unable to solve it now. Thats what you call fair. You make me responsible to break this new one within seconds just to make you use your other program with it. I can not understand this behavior. You have a SDK in the program, why don't you try yourself cracking it? Thats why I build a give everyone the ability to define new captcha types. And if you would have tried it, you would realize it is not easy. It's a hard to read captcha thats unbreakable with a decent solve rate.

    At least I tried and failed for call that "care a s*** about customers", but you should realize that it is not my fault. You care sh*** about facts, how about that!

  • And again your reaction on my post says it all..............

    Keep on acting like this and in a few months you're out of business..............
  • P0s3id0n I fully agree with you. Sven is angry with unsatisfied costumers. The only reason for costumers to be mad at Sven is his attitude and not even trying. everyone would understand if he would have said: "Give me a few days or a week to try"but instead he is just saying Twitter is to blame. He is forgetting one important fct. Sven and all these programmers live of black hat activities. How can we go to Twitter Sven? Should we ask them to make Captcha easier for us to break? Come on. Use your brain cells please....... 
  • OzzOzz
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    yes, use your brain cells and be creative. complain at twitter support that you've tried to signup with your smart phone, but couldn't solve the captcha because you couldn't read the characters.
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    Stop your whining, and have a go at cracking it yourself. Whats the big issue? You see what Sven's stance is on this, which i completely agree with to be honest, so instead of wasting your time bitching, try and fix the problem yourself.
  • @cabenb I get that you are mad but I do not think you should make Sven resposible. Twitter made the change not him. I do agree that his attitude is what gets people mad because as the software developer he should just be more comprehensive and give it his best shot trying to solve the captcha.

    @Ozz if you complain to twitter support they will just say refresh the page until you find one that works or sign up on your computer. Again they spent thousands developing this they will not stop using it over a few complaints. I have yet not found one captcha image that cannot be read by humans.

    @doubleup We do know that GSA CB has a SDK but people didn't pay $117 to break captchas themselves. The issue here is that GSA CB already came with that captcha solved out of the box so when people buy the product they do not only expect to break that captcha but they also expect to get updated if the captcha change. SDK can only take you so far and is good to break simple captchas but more complex captchas needs a diferent algo that only the software developer can work on reason why it needs to be solved by the developer.
  • ronron

    @cabenb - If my livelihood depended on solving one captcha, I wouldn't be bitching at @sven. I would be using SDK to crack it the best I could.

    After all, it is your business and your money, and you have the tool to do it. Get cracking mate.

  • SvenSven
    I think your reaction @cabenb says it speaks for itself and I have nothing to add. By the way, latest version of CB has the 5% success capther for the new twitter added...and again, I don't see any room right now for a better success rate. When its as hard as recapther, you can not expect to get it solved in a short time...
  • Thanks @Sven for adding the 5% Success Rate on as 5% is better than 0%. The question is. Will you continue to work on improving the success rate of this new captcha? I know it might take some days if not weeks but if we know you are working on it at least we can expect an improve on the success rate over time.
  • SvenSven

    Well sorry but as said above, i don't see any better definition than that one. Of course I try my best to improve things, I always do this with all products. Thats why I hate statements like "I care sh*** about customers". I however care sh*** if I read something like "refund! the captcha type i was interested in was changed and the program is useless now". Thats just stupid and I can not accept this.

    Anyway there is a SDK, anyone feel free to improve the type.

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    lets blame sven also for the finance crisis and for the fact that some cyprus people loose there cash in bank. he is german it would match ;-Þ.

    Seriously: You guys buyed a captcher cracking software and no guaranty to crack that specific twitter captcher for the next 5 years! If you want such a contract, it would cost a lot more because the programmer must include the refundrisk in the price, if a uncrackable captcher is been installed on that page. which is by far not small, and so on the price would be not near the 150 bugs but near the 2-3k bugs

    happy easter holidays to the people in here and to sven (@sven: please dont read this thread till thuesday :-) )

    (die deutschen lassen sich zwar zuviel schlechten support gefallen, aber die amis haben manchmal schon verrückte supportvorstellungen)
  • SvenSven

    thanks @toptactics ... you speak out exactly what i think (sorry but I still read the board/emails....even though I care sh*** about customers ehhy ;P) 

    HAPPY EASTER TO ALL .. and sorry for Angy destroying the EU community ....we  Germans suck :P

  • Great i have only had the software a day and now its fucking useless.
  • SvenSven
    And another one oh well  :((
  • ronron

    You guys should go bug Mikey at CSX - he's good for a once a year update.

    You know, there's a lot of people who contribute here completely aside from the developer, and they always help people out.

    But with the attitude you boys came in here with, it is hard to imagine anyone lending a hand now.

    You even have the tool to help yourself - which people use all the time to help themselves with weird captchas - but you refuse to even help yourself.

    How can you even make it in this business? A true professional would have said, holy crap, you have a captcha solving kit? - Let me have at it.

    But not you guys. Bunch of noobs. 


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