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  • ronron

    You can always use what we say on this forum, but I can assure you that you always need to test.

    @Lee has sworn on a bible to use only 5 engines, and his LPM is through the roof. Others have used his advice and have had excellent results.

    Me on the other hand, every time I used 5 engines, my LPM went down. And I tried it no less than 6-8 separate occasions. So I do my own thing and I am more than happy with the results. That's why you have to experiment. And don't forget @Ozz's 5 Google RND engines. 

  • Thanks a bunch @Ron for this big nugget

    "You probably need to add more search engines. I use 120 SE's."

    Counterintuitive, but makes sense, i can use more engines to scrape the same content
    and save me proxies...


    Will report...and for the record Proxybonanza was junk, moved to buyproxies, and I am very happy.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    More search engines used, more repeat results, lower submissions

    In an idea world, you would only use one engine to maximise results and reduce the repeat results


    300 threads, 120 search engines and a 5 second delay :-O

    Your screen must be full of already parsed results ron

  • ronron
    But I am using then from all varied locations (the SE's).
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    300 threads and I would be popping the half million submissions on a regular basis
  • ronron
    Everybody gives you props for your LPM, but I find your verified to be the cherry on the cake. I know that took a lot of work to get to those levels.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Im targeting web 2's now

    Running serengines under normal submission conditions, to see what damage I can do in my normal ham fisted methods of breaking ser and the normal :D

    I gave up trying to keep up with my wordpress blogs and running the feeds through twitter

    Even with the standard web 2's in ser, if you spend the time and target those that work, you can create a lot of them easily. Last I looked, some were up to about 60 or 80 articles each

  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    Trying @Ozz's 5 Google RND engines.

    I think when I got a new batch of proxies yesterday from Buyproxies, others had already bombed them. Seeing lots of proxy block messages?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Shared proxies are just that, shared by others

    When will people start to understand how this works

    Lots of people using the same proxies at the same time

    You have no idea what the others sharing them are doing with them

    So you can spend a year tweaking ser and still find your proxies are being blocked

    Not your fault, but caused by the others sharing them, who don't give a monkeys


  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    The proxies I have are supposed to be dedicated.
  • edited July 2013
    I've had many issues with Proxy-Hub. I would steer clear from them..

    1st Issue: Took 5 days to setup! I literally have 6 open support tickets. (1 per day except first day i had 2) not one was answered. He was on skype support once or twice that entire time and never responded. I finally found his personal email/skype thru the WWW and contacted him. I also sent him a PM on warrior forum by the 5th day. He claimed he didn't see the order. Whatever..

    2nd Issue: Proxies are SLOW and will constantly stop working. If i use a proxy tester (scrapebox/GSA/fireproxy) and run a test, about 5-10% will fail. Re-run same happens again except proxy failures rotate.

    3rd Issue: I contacted support about the 2nd issue (had to make 2 support tickets over 3 day period) on day 3 he responded. He said minor issue, basically stating that is a flaw in programs like GSA/scrapebox. Then he showed me a screenshot from a proxy checker and they all showed between 3000-5000 response time.

    4th Issue: I asked how his proxies are "blazing fast" (his quote, not mine) and yet his own screenshot showed those ridiculous response times. He said "they have ups and downs but mostly very fast"

    I've never seen them below 3000 response except once or twice.

    End Result:

    Setup Time: 0/5 (Just me personally, I'm sure the orders he "notices" are setup semi-fast.)
    Proxy Speed: 1/5 (With response times of 3-5 seconds the only reason I gave this even a 1/5 is because i've used worse)
    Support: -1 (Even worse than setup time and proxy speed combined! If thats even possible..)

    As far as dead proxies go, as mentioned above I've not had good luck with it. However, apparently its the programs fault, not his proxies.

    A lot of people like proxy-hub, I do not. I'm sure they can be a good provider but I will never recommend them to anyone, even my enemies.

    Proxy51: No comment needed. Same as OP. Absolutely terrible. Two words, kick ass! Mid-way thru the month I asked to switch from shared to private and he did so within hours no problems. The next month I switched to an EU server and asked for EU proxies instead, again, switched for free, no hassles. Support was quick, thats about the only thing. Well sorta, readon for more info.

    Their website is pretty damn misleading though. They say all their proxies integrate perfectly with ALL SEO software. Too bad they don't allow any of it! Their site says no xrumer. Which is fine, many proxy providers don't allow that. But then once you pay for the proxies and go inside your panel or asking support they say "no automated posting, blog commenting, scraping sites, scraping google, profile building, mass searching, any automation of any kind" -- What the hell? How do you claim to be a great SEO proxy provider then?

    They say instant proxy setup! Total bullshit..My ACCOUNT was setup instantly, yes..then it says "click to download proxies" and its totally blank. About 24hrs later your proxies actually get setup and emailed to you. Just one more factor thats 100% completely misleading about them.

    I asked to cancel and they said email support. So I did..3 days go by and nothing...then the admin on chat says support doesn't respond to cancel requests. And that the contact support section on their admin panel doesn't apply for that You have to find their secret "open ticket" page to cancel. So he said even tho it was passed their policy they would do it this once...Pfft..Just a bunch of liars.

    EZProxies: Support was awesome. Proxy speed was about 1500 response time so I canceled, I was too spoiled with buyproxies 500 response times. But id recommend them.

    Has anyone had any experience with SSLPrivateProxy?

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Trevor_Bandura  If your still getting proxies blocked, it could be the time you have set between search requests

    I have mine set to 15 seconds and it seems to work well

  • edited August 2013
    Avoid Proxyhub at all cost!

    I cancelled on June 28th. My CC got charged on July 6th.

    Opened ticket with them, where they offered to refund me and cancel the account. I confirmed.

    Never got the refund, now I got charged on August 8th a second time since I cancelled.

    Opened ticket with 2checkout now. It just sucks to have to go through that hassle b/c of a couple of bucks.

    So one more time: Don't buy proxies from Proxy-hub!

  • edited August 2013

    i made a similar experience. you gotta cancel via 2co, then he cant charge you no more.
  • This is the second time I have such an experience with a seller through 2checkout.

    Also 2checkout is not very supportive in this case. Today they sent me an email saying that the seller has finally cancelled the subscriptions and that I won't be billed anymore.

    No mentions of the refunds I have requested. Proxyhub has so far refunded me for August, but not for July.
  • I use and never had any issue.
    ultra fast support.
    Once a while ago all proxies were banned by G and literally within minutes I got a new set of working proxies from support via email.
    fast semi-private proxies shared among 3 users. choice of location.
  • Just thought I'll let everybody know that the issue with Proxy-hub has been resolved and they finally also refunded me for July.
  • One question:
    I have 10 semi dedicated proxies from
    should I use if for everything or just scraping and posting?
  • donchinodonchino
    For PR checking and verifying I haven't used proxies cause I see no point in it...
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @donchino - when you are PR checking, surely proxies make a big difference? as just using 1 IP will get blocked pretty quickly! 
  • donchinodonchino
    @AlexR - hmm so it uses some PR website to check those that has ip limit? I remember one ser tutorial where guy showing that using proxies only for search and submission to get better speed and lpm.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @donchino - do it in SB or another scraper. Try and do a PR check on 1000 websites with 1 IP and see how it goes. ;-)
  • guys I am having a problem.
    I am using 10 semi dedicated proxies from These are USA proxies.
    I am using private proxies for search engines, and submission only.
    But when I watch log closely, I am getting few  " *proxy* might me blocked on *particular country* SE"

    These are few logs I am posting below:
    [NOTE: ip1-ip4 are 4 different ip addresses]

    [01:12:44] tier-1: [!] Proxy *ip1* might be blocked on DuckDuckGo"Seashells+Elgg+Theme"+games+workshop+rumors&t=D&l=wt-wt
    [01:13:03] tier-1: [!] Proxy *ip2* might be blocked on blekko"Article+Directory+All+Rights+reserved."+"Expert+Authors"
    [01:13:06] tier-1: [!] Proxy *ip2* might be blocked on IXQuick
    [01:13:16] tier-1: [!] Proxy *ip3* might be blocked on DuckDuckGo Canada (fr)
    [01:13:23] tier-1: [!] Proxy *ip4* might be blocked on IXQuick

    Can someone please tell why these semi private proxies are being blocked?
  • SvenSven
    How do we know? Most likely you use a too low number of "search engine waiting time between queries"
  • cherubcherub
    Looks like IXQuick and Startpage need to be updated, from to just search? in the query string
  • SvenSven
    thanks, will update it.
  • thanks sven, i kept it to 20s. Now i have changed it to default. lets see if it improves
  • @ron you mentioned you're using 120 different search engines. By this statement, do you consider to be a different search engine to for example? Or are those 120 different engines really different providers such as google is to yahoo or lycos ?
  • just got on mail review of igl00 from -
    seems proxy51 is dead
  • One quick question from a beginner. 

    I just purchased GSA and now i am going to start it with a single website at the moment. So i am going for  at the moment to start. So i think 10 proxies will be ok to start right ? Also, do i have to buy other proxies from other providers as well. Since, i came to know that proxies has to be located in different locations/countries/continents/states etc around the world ? 

    Since i am very new to this tool and proxies, can you just suggest me ? I want to make sure that i have done my homework well before i start the GSA engine :D 

    Thanks :)
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