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**Web 2.0's - List and New Suggestions**



  • +1 for above request, no seo tool as far as i know can do this so far but it would be of huge benefit. I would love to see GSA SER being the king of web 2.0 bots
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    @Jack: Very good suggestions. I also like to know which Web20s are able to multi-post or how to identify them, hehe.

    I also made some suggestions to Sven how to strenghten our Web20-blogs and articles, which I think would be outstanding in the long run. But one step after another :)
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    xStone: There are tools like like SENuke which have Web 2.0 post scheduling built in and custom tools like ZennoPoster which you can code to do this. So if we're going to implement Web 2.0's we might as well do it right and more importantly it would add value to GSA to do allow for multi posting in this way.

    Ozz: I think it's great that you've put a lot of effort into coding the Web 2.0's like your template here:

    Agree with your suggestions, and it would be also great if we could implement the ideas above at some stage too.

    Here's a list of Web 2.0s that allow multiple posting:

  • Love the early web2 support so far guys.

    @Ozz: Practically all Web2 blogs support multiple posts as that is rather the point of "blogging."

    If GSA is going to do Web2 properly we definitely need multiple post support. Support for tags and categories would be nice and even better would be an option to create internal links to other posts on the same blog know, like a real blog would ;-) .

    Is there a way to export the web2 login info so that we can manually log in and do some clean up (delete hello world post, change theme, etc)?
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    @marketmonster: Of course I know that. I just wanted to know how to identify the Web20s which SER are able to multipost already. Do you think I've wrote all the Web20 scripts and didn't realize that I can't multipost to them? ;)

    Regarding your question: Open/Doubleclick Project -> Tools -> Export -> Account Data
  • @Ozz no disrespect intended. I'm very much in awe of the great work you have contributed to this tool. I didn't realize that it multiposted to any of the web2's yet. I haven't seen any of mine with multiple posts, though I must profess I haven't checked all of them.

    Thanks for the tip on exporting account data. Cheers mate!
  • are all those platforms already on gsa?
  • what is in Download  like ?
    all broken here.

  • @awint: the link itself isn't broken. just cut that part from the url.
  • Great Lists Mate. This is my first post after reading here for a while.  :)
  • I am still wondering how to extract those links an easy way..
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    oh thisisalex .. its easy with regex ,) everywhere .. with a regex something like this ,)

    (working with the url i posted)


    just select whole source code of webpage and use the regex above ;)
  • or use something like a site crawler.
  • I am new onto GSA & purchased it one week ago,can anyone please tell me how do I add those link mentioned above on my GSA to build links on them only?
  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    not possible until you write a specific script for those urls which is not easy if you have no knowledge about coding. even if you have some knowledge you need to learn how to use the script language of SER, how to debug and so on.
  • robinh12robinh12 united states
    not possible unless you write a particular script just for those urls, which is difficult if you don't know how to code. Even if you already have some knowledge, you still need to learn how to use SER's script language and perform other tasks like debugging.
  • OverOperationOverOperation Hong Kong
    Ozz said:
    @Jack: Very good suggestions. I also like to know which Web20s are able to multi-post or how to identify them, hehe.

    I also made some suggestions to Sven how to strenghten our Web20-blogs and articles, which I think would be outstanding in the long run. But one step after another :)
    hi, please advise if we can use GSA to post such web 2.0 resource without Serling add on, I can not post any web 2.0 links until now.
  • OverOperation now  you are bumping thread from members talking from 2012 just 12 years ago?  I have told you, you will not be posting to some off those links before and I saw @cherub mentioned same thing.

    The few "web 2.0" engines in SER engine pane do not work as they need to be updated all the time so for sites like that, some people use the add-ons for this.

    Also do not confuse people calling things web 2.0's, since they are all really web 2.0, and we are moving to web 3.0. But back when the dinosaurs were walking around we used to call the web 2.0's and mean free blogging sites, then when they died off, some started calling web 2.0 profiles. Many software companies label things oddly and users call things differently. For me, I have a category some would call web 2.0's but I have them as "website builder's. I like to call a spade a spade. Then there is no confusion.

    So you will not be posting to many of those sites in your image from other post, just uncheck them and save your resources, you will not be posting to other peoples add-on links from "web 2.0". These I don't know why people buy as targets???

    If its not obvious just uncheck the web 2.0 from SER, also its not needed to be checked for using add-on either. This is how we know you were not using it as there would be extra engines in your pane. Really, it shouldnt be checked at all. I would uncheck twitter clones too from your image in other thread.

    If your looking for the other web 2.0 in your images, you need to build them fresh from the add-on which was not installed in your other images and @sven pointed this out as well - Needing the API with the scripts for them.

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