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**Web 2.0's - List and New Suggestions**

As there are several threads about Web 2.0 platforms I thought it is a good idea to structure this somehow. The idea is to list all possible targets and already scripted engines.

- If you want to suggest a possible target than leave a comment
- If you have scripted a new engine you can add it in this thread or start a new thread for further discussion

This list has not the aspiration to be complete and/or correct.

PR=PageRank || DF=DoFollow || NF=NoFollow || nonEN=nonEnglish || notUS=no US IP || Micro=MicroBlog || WoPr=WordPress

##Web 2.0 Lists## (with descriptions)

##Web 2.0 Frameworks##
Sun Media Footprints:"Sun Media Group"|"are members of Canoe Sun Media Community Newspapers."

##Article Directories## PR4 DF PR5 DF PR4 DF PR5 NF PR4 PR6 PR3 PR5 DF PR6 DF PR4 NF PR2 DF

##Social Bookmarks## (BMPress) DF/NF DF/NF

##Web 2.0's## PR5 PR5 PR4 PR5 PR6 NF PR6 PR7 Pr3 PR4 PR5 nonEN PR6 PR7 NF PR5 DF PR6 PR4 PR6 PR5 DF notUS PR2 PR5 notUS DF notUS PR6 PR6 nonEN nonEN nonEN nonEN nonEN PR3 PR5 NF notUS PR2 PR2 DF DF NF NF DF DF PR0 DF nonEN notUS notUS nonEN PR2 notUS DF notUS nonEN notUS notUS notUS DF DF NF NF nonEN notUS PR2 NF notUS NF DF notUS NF notUS DF notUS notUS DF PR4 NF NF nonEN NF nonEN DF DF PR4 notUS nonEN NF DF nonEN DF PR4 DF IN PROGRESS nonEN A BIT COMPLICATED DF PR7 notUS PR0 nonEN Micro DF nonEN DF notUS notUS DF DF NF NF Micro DF notUS NF PR2 DF PR5 DF PR8 DF notUS PR8 DF notUS DF INVITE ONLY NF DF PR2 DF notUS DF notUS notUS notUS DF DF notUS DF NF (starts there) PR7 DF PR2 DF DF DF DF



  • I'd Like to add - PR6 PR5 PR8 PR8 PR3 -  You basically use this for a social bookmark  but you get a ton of quality backlinks from it. - PR8 Pr3 - PR 8

    These are quite a few I have my VA's do manually and see great results  a lot of the others ones they do manually are actually listed above. :)

  • SvenSven
    just added some more sites a customer just sent me to the first post. and the other from
  • There are few dolphin (platform) sites were we can have DF links, i will send it separately .

  • SvenSven
    dolphin is an own platform thats already done. Will be available in upcoming version. I have that done already. No need to add the sites here.
  • @Sven, Dolphin can have profile links as well as Contextual links.. Are you saying contextual links will also be supported in new versions ?? WOW..
  • SvenSven
    I scripted it for contextual only for profile links
  • Ok, I really don't know if this script is hard to fix or not ;)

    (latter version is more complicated but I wrote this first and won't to withheld that)

    @hunar, can you confirm that
    - registration is auto approve
    - anchor text links aren't possible if you upload text (it might be possible whith uploaded *.pdf or *.doc)

    - article links are dofollow, profiles nofollow so you might want to skip the [step1] part

    Now to the hard part:

    Once we want to sent our text in [Extra_Step1] this message pops up. I have no clue how to solve this.
  • @ozz Yes once you register it's auto approved and you can publish a file.

    In order to get a link in the file you'll need to upload the PDF  this is actually a very very simple thing.  You just get a program called Open Office.   It's a free program  and it's exactly like Microsoft Office,  After that,  Create new text document paste in your article  select the text you want to be your link  insert the link.   

    Than go up to the file  click on export as PDF and publish.   Takes me all of 1-2 mins to do all this.
  • Hey Hunar, I use OpenOffice, too :)
    But I think that this isn't convertible to SER as it could not create a pdf- or doc-file first to upload it to scrubd then. Sure, SER might do that with one fixed document, but I think that most user want to upload their spinned articles to that platform.

    I have a hard time to understand how to customise HTLM codes to each engine. Maybe this is the case here too and I'm just not realising how to post anchor text links to scrubd. "Plain text" links like "hxxp://" are converted to a link automatically.
  • SvenSven added now but you have to choose a pdf on the editor.
  • wonderful.
    to upload a pdf might help to make use of some other web20's/document shareing sites :)

  • This is really great.. I only see one problem: Duplicate content? Wouldn't it be possible to generate a PDF via article-text on the fly to solve this problem?
  • WOw,  Thank you very much Sven and Ozz.  :)
  • SvenSven
    It's just one engine using that pdf file. So not much to worry for now.
  • Haha, this one is too good to be true (if it is not supported by an article engine already??!)

    I suppose that something in the [setup] section could be modified, but anything else should be working or easy to fix.

    [] Article/Web 2.0

    PR4, dofollow, instant article submission, HTML allowed, Categories and...
    ...they are using only 6 different captchas, lol. This needs to be defined though as I just found out.

    Captcha 1:  Answer: Jack Sprat
    Captcha 2:  Answer: Mable Lean
    Captcha 3:  Answer: 4Ever uS
    Captcha 4:  Answer: Tootie Fruitee
    Captcha 5:  Answer: Misty Fie
    Captcha 6:  Answer: NoveLLa

  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    I just updated the list and removed all DONE engines because its easier to keep order this way.
    If you want to know which engines are supported you can take a look into SER anyway.
  • Sorry, I don't know how to get this working and maybe I "overfixed" the whole script.
    - registration works. it shows me the username.
    - login is the problem and I got all kind of different error messages like "no form at all" or somehow the script can't modify the url and stop at or
    - %rnd_email% may not be necessary
    - "submit succes" and "submit succes skip verify" could be "overfixed"

    I have not clue what to do anymore as this engine seems very doable to me without many hindrances.

    [] Social Bookmarks/Web2.0
  • @hunar: only nofollow in profile and bookmarks?? any backlink-propability i missed?
  • What friendsite does is it posts your bookmark On a whole bunch of other pages.  So In turn just posting it from what place you end up getting like 20-60 backlinks from it overall.  It could be more but i never really tracked it further than that.   

    But yes, Profile and bookmark and that's about it. :)

    as far as nofollow/dofollow  I'm not quite sure.
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    It would be nice if you could write something about the other engines as well, because it takes too much time to figure out, what needs to be done for successful backlinking.

    I can't promise anything though.
  • Yes, I will for sure Ozz,  Thank you very much again. :)

  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    Updated the list with social bookmarks. I have to test them if they are not already supported by some engine thoug.

    @hunar: friendsite is scripted so far, but i couldn't test it because of the captcha they are using ("AntiSpam Captcha")  is not supported by ShaniBPO as it seems. I have to answer the captcha by hand but that needs me to stop all my running projects.
    However, you can post a nofollow profile and bookmark on this site as well as a dofollow blog.
  • That seems like it would be a very easy captcha for ShaniBPO to solve,  Unless they use a OCR for all of their stuff.  
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    yes, i tested it and its on my end. it doesnt show me the captcha image but rather some text like "please fill out blabla.."

    this is the html source:
    <td align="left" valign="top">
    <table width="320" height="150" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" background="">
    <td height="95" width="295" align="center" valign="top">
    <div class="Clear"/>
    <td align="center" valign="bottom">
    <input type="text" size="16" name="CodeProtection" value="" autocomplete="off" style="bottom: 13px; left: -57px; position: relative; border: 0px hidden; padding: 5px; font-weight: bold; font-size: 16px; height: 20px; width: 165px; "/>
    <input name="CodeProtectionCode" type="hidden" value="6FB1942EC043AC61E5B2F07C9E8A5940CCF85B497941FEAC"/>

    I tried with the fields "
    CodeProtectionCode " as well as "
    CodeProtection ".
  • SvenSven

    In that case use...

    CodeProtection=%captcha% /image.asp?code=

  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    No, that doesn't work for me :(
    No Captcha, just this text. 

    But I do not want to bother you with more scripts as long as GSA for some time as there were added a lot in the past few days. If I feel that you have more time for this, than I will upload this ;).
  • SvenSven

    Naw no problem. But indeed I spend more time to optimize the code lately than coding new engines.

    I will have a look on that asap. 

  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    I updated the web20-list above with the link to the friendsite-script.

    However, this thing has an "Extra_Extra_Step" which is a temporarly solution as you can choose which parts of the script might be usefull.

    Step = Profile
    Extra Step = Bookmark
    Extra Extra Step = Blog

    You can also post bookmark via a "mobile code". I don't know if this has some merrit.

    ;o quickly add URLs to your bookmark list or to link through to a page on a website and add a bookmark to members pages with one click, simply use the link:

    ;U - Page URL (required)
    ;T - Page Title (optional)
    ;D - Page Description (optional)
    ;I - Page Icon (optional) 

  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    [] **Working Script**
    - just a profile link
    - PR8, dofollow

    This script just create a profile link as the social bookmarking needs to add some code to the homepage.
    But hey, its PR8 and for free :)

    Edit: technorati is PR8, not PR9
  • SvenSven
    Great...working perfectly here as well...added it for next release :) Thanks so much!
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