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Massive Rank Drops!

Have you had any rank drops after September 1st? If you have what link building strategy were you using? Also if your rankings remained solid please share your link building strategy as well. I have two major money sites one of the i used tiered link building and one of them i did not. 

The one that had no tiered link building remained solid and as for the second site it got tanked... 


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    what is your exact match anchor %. that is the main thing that can be an issue i've found in tiers, even if its 2 or 3 levels deep it doesnt matter. as far as rankings my rankings have stayed the same
  • 45% Naked
    35% keywords
    20% generic
  • shaunshaun
    Tanked as in out of the index, off the first page or out of the top 100?
  • shaunshaun
    BTW there have been moderate to high updates to google rankings for various websites since the 31st August, perhaps you were using something they patched out.

  • I know about the updates im trying to figure out what triggered them
  • shaunshaun
    What are you classing as tanked? are they deindexed?

    Also type up a little breakdown of how your tiered your links with catagories/platforms and such.
  • Rankings are dropping like crazy.. The site is still indexed. 

    My tier 2 was built on articles, social network, and wiki. 

    All links were do follow & contextual. 

    I also did not build on k2 & php web sites.

    Rankings were going up daily until algo update.

    There are no pbn's pointing on this domain. And the tier 1's are Diversity packages from reputable members from BHW.
  • shaunshaun
    Are your T1's still indexed? 
    Are they web 2.0?
    Did you use a T3? If so what was it?
  • T1's still indexed.
    Majority of them are 2.0's
    I don't have t3.

    How have your sites reacted to this pre update?
  • shaunshaun
    None of my sites have been affected by it so I havent paid much attention to it in all honesty.

    Are there no threads on BHW of people trying to work it out?
  • There are a lot of members that have the same issues I do but no one is trying to figure out what is going on. I analyzed a few sites and noticed that anchor ratio might have played a role in the droppings and also inconsistent link building patterns. But with only a small group of members I can confirm anything.
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    35% keyword is high. i actually have seen REAL TIME drop in rankings when my anchor text was that high. i built out more branded to water them down to 10% or less and my rankings started to climb almost just as fast. 
  • 35% on tier 2 is high? Really?
  • jackeryan was a google update i lost 1 website and see changes in others, the site banned has exact match anchor text was 1% and 40% brand and url and the rest longtail keywords
  • @jackeryan Nothing dropping on my end. Just usual bouncing around, up/down 5 spots. I have only one MS without PBN that I use to test MS<2.0<GSA<GSA and it is still solid right now. Anchor ratio on that is ranging 6-8% exact, and 28% variants. Very steady flow of 2.0's, constant cranking on upper tiers. The main MS I have only gets PBN and hand built 2.0's. All on site content is hand-written. That site is pretty solid right now.

    I think maybe you should look at changing the ratio of keyword and link types/platforms. An obvious suggestion. But as others have stated, G probably got a twist over one or both of those issues. removing the issue will at least stabilize things for you.

    Your issue is exactly why I added a few layers between my MS and SER links over the last year or so. I just am not comfortable putting in that much work and having that much risk.

    I have been where you are right now and I feel your pain. If I see or hear of anything that can help, I will post asap. Good luck.
  • I agree, 35% kw anchors seem a bit high in general, however, this is very niche specific. The best thing you can do is to reverse engineer your top 5 competitors for your anchor ratios. How many pages do you have index on your moneysite? 
  • I'm skeptical that anchor text in your second tier is causing the issue. Have you checked to see if the T2 links are still alive / indexed?
  • @jackeryan how are you making out these days? have things stabilized? I just saw a friend's site drop off quite a bit for some keywords. He is MS<2.0<SER<SER and pretty low key. I am trying to get a listing of 2.0's used and any other metrics to see if they sync up with your experience.
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    Even sites that never build any links to their site are geeting tanked. Maybe the sites that you post on have been devalued now and are worthless?

    Making tons and tons of parasite pages on amazon (along with tons and tons of internal links) is a good idea because you can never ever get those pages tanked.
  • just checked over at moz. they have a 'major update' listed for G in September. It is still rolling out. No other info is available there at this time. Looks like we are going to get a bit bumpy for a while. Please, anyone with hard data, share here. I will do the same. The only thing I have seen so far, is that my friend's site was heavy on WP links. Again he uses MS<2.0<SER<SER. His keyword losses are recently added keywords. Older keywords are holding in serp.

    On my site with same strategy, holding ok so far. Don't have any new keywords there.

    My PBN supported MS is fine.

    Good luck all.
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    My site ranks drop like carzy too! From page 2 to page 8...
    My basic link template is MS>High PA Web2.0>Web2.0>GSA
    Anchor ratio is 3X% exact, 2X% LSI+partial, 2X% URL, others generic.
    (In Ahrefs 23% is Beand, 8% a post title,8% exact anchor)
    And I've check few of my T1 high PA, rank drop too.
    I just bought some links from Buzzfeedish site...seems all wasted.

  • @viking - I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary across a lot of money sites utilizing a lot of different strategies. When you say "His keyword losses are recently added keywords. Older keywords are holding in serp" couldn't this just be the usual dancing?
  • @redrays I guess so. Just trying to find some commonality in the drops being reported. MOZ had it's heat index way up high last week. Fortunately I haven't seen any personal issues yet. But I do know others who have and their strategies aren't much different than ours, which makes me worried.
  • @viking - Yeah I've read through a few forum threads about this, and I can't really figure out what's happening.
  • @redrays my current thinking based on purely anecdotal observation from a few fellow seo'rs is that for some reason recent link activity was de-valued. It looks like links created in the last 45 - 60 days got pinged a bit, while older links are holding. Not sure if anyone else sees this? It may be all about nothing though as it looks like a lot of lost rankings are coming back this week. So this validates that the MS<2.0<Ser<Ser strategy not only works but withstands a big index update...for those brave enough to go that route...
  • @viking what do you use to make 2.0s? do you create them manually or outsource them?
  • @kwangsgoal well about a year ago I was using FCS. I made a ton of accounts to keep in inventory knowing that they drop off quickly. When Dan sold FCS, imo the quality of the service dropped way off. I cancelled the subscription and began doing trials of all the others RW, RankerX, etc etc. Each one failed for what I needed, whether images, full content control, ease of use, etc. So out of desperation, two weeks ago I resubscribed to FCS to see if it has improved. It has not. It is worse. Support is horrible. Account creation has a high fail rate, and it can no longer post to WP accounts. So just this week I cancelled it again. 
    Right now I am unfortunately manually creating the 2.0's as needed. I use KM to upload content and SER to blast them.The 2.0's point to my PBN's.
    I watch this forum everyday for an announcement from @sven that he has the 2.0 service ready for purchase which I will purchase immediately.
    How about you? What are you using for 2.0's?

  • s_matysiks_matysik
    -90% my website jump in Google.
    -Even 100 positions up or down.
    -Old and new domains.
    -The different links, different proportions of anchor.

    I wait will the end of update for conclusions.
  • Did you just hear about the latest Penguin?
    It's all about the internet now..
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