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same problem .. lag on 1 thread ..

Hello . 
I posted an issue yesterday .. that the program hang on 1 thread ..
and @sven make an update of the program in order to fix it , 
but it didn't . the program worked good and done 26 keyword , then the problem back .. 
for 12 hour it only done 2 keywords . 

i don't know what to do i tested it on my pc , windows server , in my friend pc 

same problem 

i think that  have to put a timeout thing or auto thread close after 1 min of pharsing the same website .. 

thanks a lot 


  • SvenSven
    this is already happing. The only reason why this is not happening would be a firewall/anti virus blocking it.
  • can't be bro .. 
    i tested it on windows server(2008/2012) ,windos 7 ,windows 8 .. 
    it keep hang on 1 thread .. for 1 hour or 2 hours then it continue ..

    all of them having the same problem 

    i think some thread don't close .. 

    bcz it show 1 thread but when i check cpu usage i see the program have 12 ..

    put a keyword list with 100 and see if the problem will happened to you . 
  • SvenSven

    please don't get fooled by a simple taskmanager information. Of course each program runs on many threads, not just one in most cases. That 1 thread yous ee if the parsing thread. In background there are other tasks.

    Anyway your collection of links have all the same issue...In the end it all works fine, I don't know what it is that keeps it from searching on certain PCs. It can also be that some setups have simply a slow connection or a bad router causing this.

  • okay @sven
    can u tell me the recommended setting for the program ?
  • SvenSven
    the default one should be fine. How many threads do you use? Often it happens that people use way too many threads and then the router breaks down and is very very slow. You can check this if this poblem appears and your browser is slow at the same time.
  • the speed of window server is 1gb .. 
    so internet is not the problem maybe system requirement ? 
    is there any special program that i have to install ?
  • SvenSven
    no not at all. But Microsoft Windows Defender is known to make things slow.
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