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SER keeps hanging on 1 thread

edited January 2013 in Need Help
Last night and this morning, I've noticed that SER will keep hanging at 1 thread and never progress past it.

Basically, what happens is SER will start processing 1000 or so links and then get stuck at 1 thread.  I'll wait 10-15 minutes, check again, and see that it hasn't moved.  I'll force quit SER and start it up again.  It'll go through 1000 or so links and then get stuck at 1 thread again.  Force quit, repeat the process.

Anyone have any insight into this?  Happening to anyone else?


  • SvenSven
    Strange, any anti virus program you use?
  • Looks like Microsoft Security Essentials was installed on this VPS by default.

    Could that be the culprit?
  • SvenSven
    If it blocked some potential dangerous url (again, don't worry, nothing gets infected even on malicious sites), it could produce a hang.
  • Ok.  I've disabled and will let you know if anything changes.
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