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Email Spider problem, hang after 1 keyword

edited August 2012 in GSA Email Spider
So I am testing of the newest ver. and have this problem.
Loaded  with 10 keywords list .I am using 400 threads and it will stuck on 1,3,5 thread and without going to to next keyword. This Loading Thread, don't have any timeout function. it just stuck forever. Not sure anyone have see this before. And know how to solve it.

Are using the same i7 server 100mb for xrumer for 700 thread without any problem. Anyone know how to solve this problem ?

thank you.

I really want to purchase this software, Because of this problem . I may go for another softwore


  • SvenSven
    is it a special url where it hangs?
  • I loaded different list.

    I tried different keyword and it show different URL, And always left 1 or 3 threads. and it just stuck there,

    I don't understand why. I have install in remote server and my own computer and it happen the same.

  • SvenSven
    Never happens for me. do you use any anti virus or firewall?
  • I have a antivirus, but it did not show any meesage
    When I click URLs in Queue, there are no url inside. it means all url has been done.

    But the parsing still showing 1 url and threads 1

    I am not sure are the search engine problem or not. I am using chinese keywords
    Only use china, hong kong and taiwan , 3 place of search engine . and all other setting are just defailt.
  • I also has decrease the threads from 400 to 100 now, and is still having the same problem,

    Using windows 2003 server right now.

  • SvenSven
    I have tested things a bit on a system like yours and improved parsing/timeout. Hopefully it is solving your issues (new version available in some minutes).
  • Actually When I  try lower thread it look fine, around 70 ,  If I have it in high thread like 400 it will stuck.
    But the problem is like 6 times slower.. Let me try the new update see what happened.

    thank you
  • Ok, this is great I am using 6.72 now. using 800 threads, nice , fast no stuck any more..

    Going to purchase this software now...

    thank you very much
  • Hi am back again, After Upgrade and purchase the soft.

    The thread has start to stuck again, at threads 1 after few keyword, ,some times 6 sometimes 8 keyword.
  • SvenSven
    But the update didn't change anything int hat area. Sorry but I don't think it is a problem int he software anymore.
  • on the update 6.71 is every single keyword will stuck and left at thread 1, Now for the 6.73 , it did not stuck any more. But it did not complete the keywords list, i put 100 keyword list, it run 6 keywords, after that, it stop and show back the path on the keyword place , and at the bottom is showing thread 1.
    First time stop at 6 keywords
    second time 8 keywords
    third time 18 keywords.

  • SvenSven
    can you send me that project/keyword list? I can't seem to get the same issue here. Working fine for me and it seems for everyone else as I didn't get any reports on such matter.
  • I'm having exactly the same issue on version 7. Did this ever get resolved?
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