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Ver.6.86 Hang at Threads 1 left again

edited December 2012 in GSA Email Spider
Ver.6.86 Hang at Threads 1 left again
Hi Developor, The Problem has fix before. But after I upgrade the 6.86. The problem show up again.
I can't even complete 1 keyword now with a complete keyword list.

After a while I stuck



  • SvenSven

    But there has nothing changed in that version that could influence this (see changelog).

    That screenshot is odd anyway as it shows that button is "START" but it is still parsing. That could never happen really as the button should be STOP when it is still processing. So there must be something else wrong.

  • When I click the "Start" button. It actually said Stopped. Either the program did not update the button, or my windows remote. did not update that screen. 
  • I've had this exact thing happen a few times as well.
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