Free Software - SER Footprint Editor (easily add footprints to SER engines)

s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
edited January 2014 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
*NOTE* - Please note I consider this software in "beta" so if you find bugs, please let me know.

What does the software do? The whole idea behind SER Footprint Editor is to make it easier for SER users to add footprints to existing engines in SER. By adding more targeted footprints to your engines, you can scrape more targets and drop more backlinks. :P

Screenshot of the app:


Instead of explaining how the software works, it might be best to check out the video:


  • 100% Free - No Opt-in, OTO, or other BS!
  • Automatic Updater!
  • Proxy Support!
  • Automatically fetches Google search count for every footprint!
  • Allows you to easily modify engines footprints!
  • Another generic feature to make it sound better than it really is!
  • Other features that I'm too tired to come up with right now!


Keep in mind this is free and hasn't been tested too much so there might be some bugs. If you find a bug, just let me know so we can fix it and push an update out as soon as possible.

Happy holidays!


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