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Hey there fellow GSA users,

First I want to introduce myself.

I am innozemec, the guy behind the kickass proven link indexing service trusted by thousands of IMers, which totally smashed down its competition for about an year it operates already.

Now I am here to present You my next masterpiece

While Indexification is pretty good service and does its job pretty well, and will continue to do so, the techniques it uses can't provide that fast and better results as the new service I am launching.

Since couple of months I have been quietly working on turning a long time privately kept link indexing method into a service for mass links processing, refining it, fine tunning it and I am finally done with it and results are simply amazing as my beta testers say!

Back in the late 90's We needed to pray for more than 3 months to get our websites indexed in Yahoo, Altavista, Google and etc.. and now Link Indexing can take only few minutes! Yes, few minutes really!

Anyone can now take advantage of this extraordinary method by using our service to get his links Indexed like a pro!

The main difference between Instant Link Indexer and Indexification, and all rest indexing services pre 2013, is We don't talk about Crawling at all, but directly for INDEXING and only INDEXING! So, forget about Crawling guarantees and focus on INDEXING!

Get Your Links Indexed in mere Minutes absolutely GUARANTEED!

My service GUARANTEES Link Indexing at about 70% - 80% rate. Depending on the links quality it can go as high as 95%! And that's not all! The best part is I GUARANTEE about 40% - 50% Indexing rate within the first 10-30 minutes!

Absolutely Whitehat and 100% Safe Google Approved Methods!

You will probably say my Method must be some kind of Blackhat and not safe to use, right?? Well, SURPRISE! SURPRISE! All the techniques used in the service are 100% Whitehat following Google guidelines. I am using only techniques that Google not only recommends, but is urging webmasters to be used! Using my service is absolutely safe for Your backlinks and sites! Yes, You heard it right! My service is that safe, that it can be used for indexing the pages of your new sites, not just backlinks.

What exactly You can Index with this Service?

All Pages of Your own Websites
Backlinks of Anykind - From Tier 1 to Tier X
Blog Network Links
Private Blog Network Links
Web 2.0s, Articles, Wikis, Social Bookmarks, Blog Comments, Forum Profiles...

I have put all that into a kickass modern state-of-the-art Interface that is absolutely easy and userfriendly to use!

Here's exactly what You get with Your account

100% Automation - Submit Your Links and Forget!
Add Unlimited Campaigns and Unlimited URLs per Campaign
Schedule Links for up to 30 days ahead
Guaranteed Indexing to up to 70% - 80%
3rd Party Linkbuilding Services Integration
Full Remote API Access for even more Automation
Whitelabel Realtime Progress Reports
Whitelabel CSV Progress Reports
Free Lifetime 24/7 Class A++ Customer Service & Support

All sounds pretty good, but whats the price?

Well, here comes the best part!

As with Indexification I provide You my new service at lowest possible price - the lowest prices on the market!

I provide the most Flexible Plans among all Link Indexers online!
I have a solution suitable & affordable for Starters and Large Corporations alike!

My premade packages start from $13.77 / mo for 500 daily links..... going to $47.77 / mo for 50 000 daily links

And that's not all! I can provide any kind of custom packages to meet everyone's needs!

Wait, that's not all at all! I provide 10% DISCOUNT on the prices listed on my website to GSA users.
Simply post in here to receive a coupon before purchasing!

As an Introductory offer I would like to give away 15 trial accounts valid for 15 days with 1000 daily links limit. Simply register yourself an account at my website and post here You username. The first 15 people take it!


Note: Feel free to ask me any questions You might have here in this thread. For support / issues reporting on my service it is always best to use my Ticketing system at my website as that ensures fastest response times!

Note: I've put a ticket to Sven for integration with GSA and i just received confirmation it will be added for next version and he gave me a permission to introduce my service in this thread.



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