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  • I would love to try a review copy! If you dont have any review copies left, I would like to know the discount code for the website. Thanks in advance. I think your service is going to be a homerun!!
  • I'm really surprised about this service! This service is much better Nuclear Link Indexer, Xindexer that I have ever used! How can i upgrape my account
  • innozemecinnozemec

    I have just activated your trial and I hope you will like my service!
    I am going to PM you the discount code right now


    I am happy you find my server better than the others!

    You are welcome to upgrade anytime, let me PM you the discount code as well!
  • innozemecinnozemec
    Wow, Today i woke up and saw all those orders from here which really made my day!

    I want to thank to all of You who trusted in me and my service by directly purchasing without asking for a trial even! That means a lot to me!
    I highly appreciate Your support as You guys didn't even asked for the discount coupon! Much much appreciated, thanks!

    I really hope to find my service useful for Your business!

  • innozemec can you give me the coupon to upgrade my account phuongminhduy
  • innozemecinnozemec

    I have sent it to you already via a private message here. Check your messages please and let me know if you haven't received it.
  • Nice backend. Finally something with proper invoicing.  Purchased the biggest package, but somehow our VAT ID didn't remove the added tax, but as it's only a few bucks, we don't really mind.

  • Hello,
    i want to make an new Integration but how can i make an api Key for GSA?
    I dont see it there!
  • innozemecinnozemec

    Thanks for Your purchase!
    I am happy You like the backend control panel and I hope you will like my service!


    Click on "Howdy, your_username" dropdown on top right side of the screen and in the list click on "API"
    There you will find your API key to use with GSA

    Let me know if you have any more questions.
  • Hello.

    Do you still have trials available?
  • innozemecinnozemec

    Yes I do, register yourself an account at my website and provide me here your username to activate your trial.

  • Hey!

    Just signed up for the trial.
    username: janky

  • innozemecinnozemec

    Just activated your trial!
  • Hello.

    Thank you, for the trial ofer.


    Will you pm the password?
  • innozemecinnozemec

    Hi there, I am not able to locate an account with that username. Did you create an account for yourself? If not register one in quick at
  • Sorry.

    I had not understood.

    I have just created my account, with username ruimartinho
  • innozemecinnozemec

    No problems, I just activated your trial and you can begin using your account right away!

    I hope you will like my service!
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    Can you give me a Trial for 15 Days that i can test. Otherwise i will buy but if it don’t work then i have to use Money back guarantee.
    username:- sjishah

  • edited October 2013
    Hey, I thought the Incredible Indexer was the BEST indexing service in this forum?

    Price is WAY to high. That's nuts to pay $47.77 / mo for 50,000 daily links. I can get 100K links/day for $25/month with the Incredible Indexer!
  • innozemecinnozemec

    I just activated your trial
  • innozemecinnozemec
    edited October 2013

    Well, think again!

    As long as I remember their prices were x20 just before few days ago when i publicly announced my service.
    So, taking off your prices with x20 doesn't speak good infront the eyes of your customers, because you either are lowering the quality a lot now or your service was heavily overpayed.

    But thats enough, I am not going to start a fight about the price of the different services here, though I have lots to say!

    Everyone has his own price tag for the quality of work he provides and You as a buyer have the choice to decide who to trust your business.

    So please, don't comment such things here in my thread
  • innozemec is a great guy with the best flexible and quality service of backlinks indexing.
    I am a regular user of his indexification service (in a JV with my IM friend) and it was the best and CHEAPEST service around with a good indexing rate.
    Now with the new service, he is carrying out the same flexible structure for all type of users. I am likely to grab the lowest package from next month, since I am only building small amount of backlinks everyday. (already paid for indexification this month ;) ]
    The screenshot is enough to provide the quality of this service.
    Before using instantlinkindexer:             5 minutes after using it:
    image     image

    Doubled my indexed links. Got almost 70% link indexed, great service!
    Good luck with your services buddy!
  • Tim89Tim89
    Boom boom let's shake the room.
  • Trial for testing please. Username from indexification is brianhill. Thank you very much.
  • innozemecinnozemec

    Thanks for the kind words and the screenshot I am happy You like my service!
  • innozemecinnozemec

    Yep, for sure :)
  • innozemecinnozemec

    I just activated your trial and you can begin using your account right away!

    I hope you will like my service!
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited November 2013

    I'm shaking the room over at   Lol
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    Love to have a trail...already im on Indexfication..but unscribed for next month still using yet... Love to try this too ...can i have a trail ... Username at their ... vkp1988
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