What VPS would you recommend for GSA SER?

I started using GSA SER some time ago but I need a VPS because my laptop is quite ancient and cannot cope with the software. Could someone please recommend a reliable VPS? Thank you


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
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  • austinchipaustinchip SLEAPFORD
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    Green cloud also recommended
  • Accepted Answer
    SolidSeoVPS.com all the way using them from last 4 years and they have the best support
  • Thank you for all the answers. One more question: what type of vps should I choose, for example a windows vps or a dedicated server?
  • SERPowerListsSERPowerLists SERPowerLists.com
    I recommended my customers solid seo vps and greencoulds.  We use only greenclouds as they are super easy with payment handling.  Both are perfect...make sure to go with europe plans as they offer unlimited bandwidths..
  • solidseovpssolidseovps solidseovps.com
    SERPowerLists Thank you for recommending us here and also on your site, we dont really have a billing problem, we only have a very strong anti-fraud detection system.

    Most legit client wont really have issue, it just help us keep the bad guys away. Unless someone is ordering with wrong address/country or using a VPN, the order will go straight to us

    We prefer having this system and just loose this order, than provide the service for this period of time then ending up with a dispute + chargeback

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