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What VPS would you recommend for GSA SER?

I started using GSA SER some time ago but I need a VPS because my laptop is quite ancient and cannot cope with the software. Could someone please recommend a reliable VPS? Thank you


  • SvenSven
  • Green cloud also recommended
  • all the way using them from last 4 years and they have the best support
  • Thank you for all the answers. One more question: what type of vps should I choose, for example a windows vps or a dedicated server?
  • SERPowerListsSERPowerLists
    I recommended my customers solid seo vps and greencoulds.  We use only greenclouds as they are super easy with payment handling.  Both are perfect...make sure to go with europe plans as they offer unlimited bandwidths..
  • SERPowerLists Thank you for recommending us here and also on your site, we dont really have a billing problem, we only have a very strong anti-fraud detection system.

    Most legit client wont really have issue, it just help us keep the bad guys away. Unless someone is ordering with wrong address/country or using a VPN, the order will go straight to us

    We prefer having this system and just loose this order, than provide the service for this period of time then ending up with a dispute + chargeback

  • While i have nothing against solidseovps or other providers out here i would really stay away from all "seo" or "marketing" vps providers, just to be safe ;) If they work in seo and know that all their customers work in that field it is trivial to see what your doing and steal your "things". Just saying
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  • I used SEO vps in the past and most of them were oversold craps. (Never used solid seo though.) You can check around google for vps that is close to you or rather your proxies. It's not efficient spamming the us while in the uk but can be done.
    With all being said I used nominalia vps in the past and it was the best vps I ever had. In the UK it is called simplyhosting. You will need 4GB ram and at least 80GB hdd as a bare minimum to run SER and Captcha breaker on Windows.
    If you are not using a SEO vps don't even think about using your tools without proxies.
  • Bumping this old thread as I couldnt find a good answer. I see getting recommended in a lot of places but what type of VPS/Plan should I go for? From what I understand GSA SER/CB are both 32-bit and shouldn't consume more than 2gb of ram. With this in mind and leaving some for Windows itself i believe more than 4-6gb is useless?

    But what about the cores? Is there any point of getting a vps with more than 1 core?
  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
    edited February 2020
    I've found using anything under 4GB a struggle. 6GB is sweet and allows you to run other programs beside GSA like scrapbox, proxy scraper, without problems.

    These things generally come bounded together. You will need at least 4GB memory and at least 80GB storage. If you select these two they generally give you a number of cores that you can be content with.

    Other than that yes SER can have a use of more cores but only to a certain point.
  • Unre3alEy3Unre3alEy3 Inside your Brain!
    I use SEREmails. Works well for my campaigns.
  • And how big difference is there really between a VPS and a dedicated server? I mean lets say they have the same CPU and cores, will I notice any difference?
  • In theory no in practice maybe. It all depends on how oversold the vps is.
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