SocialSER - send social signals from SER (FB/Twitter/G+ shares, likes, comments)

GintasGintas Lithuania
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This is finally working 100%. SocialSER allows you to send social signals directly from GSA SER into your money site or auto-generated tier 1/2 links, PBNs or money sites that prove Google your sites are not trash.
Stop wasting time & money buying social signal packages!
With this game changing plugin, you can buy social accounts, and keep using them for pumping social shares forever.

Think about it:
 do you really think webpage can be high quality, authoritative & useful but never shared on any of the world's biggest social network sites? Facebook + Twitter + Google Plus together have 2.4 BILLION of monthly active users and you are saying your tier 1/2 web 2.0 blog post is high quality even though no one has ever shared it? I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but if I figured this footprint out, Google 100% did too.

This is where SocialSER comes in:

SocialSER features

  • Google Plus engines - custom shares, post likes, custom post comments
  • Twitter engines - custom tweets, retweets, likes, custom replies
  • Facebook engines - custom shares, post likes, custom post comments, webpage likes
  • Super easy setup - launch SocialSER, input your accounts & proxies into it's dialog one time (saves/loads everything automatically), use it
  • Headless browser emulator, which means SocialSER 100% acts like a normal human person
  • Session storing! If you log into your account 100 times per minute - it's obvious that it's a bot doing the work, so SocialSER will login once and store the session cookies.
  • Same proxy for account - if you log into your account from 100 proxies - it's another footprint, so SocialSER will use the same proxy you specify for all of it's work with that account.

  • Circuit-breaker limits - afraid SER will accidentally post 500 tweets in a minute on your account and it will get suspended for suspicious activity if you miss some option? This will not happen, because of custom hard limits that it can't get through (useful when having many projects):


P.S. This was released as beta couple months ago, it had stopped working for very short period of time, this is relaunch, everything works and support is being provided. Your money will help me pay my college fees :) So help a brother out by subscribing or getting a lifetime license :)
If I see enough demand, LinkedIn & Pinterest engines will be added.


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    Next update of Search Engine Ranker fixes a bug that was discovered using those nice engines.
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    DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    Super, cool @Gintas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love finding out about new engines for GSA-SER!!! :)

    This looks incredible. And, incredibly useful.

    You wrote " can buy social accounts..." How does this work? Are these established accounts? Auctions? Can your engines also just create new accounts?

    I will def check this out in a little bit. Without a doubt! I'm actually up to learning about engines right now, so it will be soon.

    These engines def increase the scope of GSA-SER's functionality. This is a good way to start a Monday!

    Thanks for the engines. I hope we see more and more added to @Sven's amazing platform! :)

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    GintasGintas Lithuania
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    @Deeeeeeee thanks. You can buy already precreated social accounts on, this is the cheapest and most reliable store I found. Once you acquire them, you can reuse them basically forever, if you don't spam the hell out of them. :)
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    GintasGintas Lithuania
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    Over the last few days, final touches have been updated, so all the rare issues will not occur anymore.

    I ranked all my money sites myself on the first page of Google with this social signals strategy. In fact, that's exactly why I decided to turn it into a plugin, so that other SEOs can use it.

    The secret strategy is to get your money site, tier 1 links, PBN links automatically shared on a random social network every ~30 minutes (can do that easily with GSA SER), so that Google can see there is constant social activity going on all over and near your site.

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    can you share how did you connect your scripts with SER engines?
  • (November 19 07:29PM )
    GintasGintas Lithuania
    New update, now all those custom social ser engine scripts are installed into GSA SER's directory automatically. So now there's only one .exe file, no more fiddling. Just download one file, run it, input account info.

    Already getting few reviews in email thanking me for boosting rankings :)
  • (November 20 12:07AM )
    shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
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    Can't help wonder why people are apparently emailing you reviews of your own product rather than posting them in the public sales thread...
  • (November 20 01:15PM )
    GintasGintas Lithuania
    Because some of them come from promo emails I sent and not from this forum, @shaun
  • (November 20 05:26PM )
    shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    Perhaps but in all honesty, i'm calling bullshit on it as I see your tool as a predatory cash grab "service" aimed at fleecing noobs.

    You once accused me of hating to help people so I'm going to take this opportunity to prove you wrong by helping anyone who is new to SEO and the forum and considering purchasing your tool.

    You created this tool before you had even ranked a site of your own. If I remember correctly you had one or two money pages at the very bottom of page one of Google and then the rest were on page two and three for a non-English market. In all honesty, I would imagine they were just the money pages initial entry positions into the SERP rather than the result of any SEO efforts.

    Without any experience of your own to prove your theory you just magically decided that social signals were a major ranking factor in Google to try and earn a little side cash from your plugin. As you could not vouch for the tool helping your own site's rank and no one wanted to have their name/forum alias associated with your product you put some made up quote on your sales page by "Blackhat SEO Expert" to try further your scam.

    I'm calling bullshit on anyone having ever said that about your tool and if they did, it was you and as already pointed out, you are not a Blackhat SEO Expert. You also seem to have added the below screenshot from BHW to your sales page in an attempt to provide "evidence" that social signals have an effect on SEO.

    As you can see, the guy has a grand total of 63 posts on the forum since 2013 and provides zero evidence to support his claims. The thread was basically the blind leading the blind and the only reason he made the post is because he also has a social media tool to try and sell (as shown in the screenshot below) but was also unable to prove it had any effect on SEO so failed to provide analytics or rank tracker data to back himself up.

    Also, the guy who made the fake social signals have a positive effect on SEO post who you still have screenshotted on your sales page as "evidence" has now been banned....

    Out of all of the people who appear to have tried your product in your beta thread, not a single one has posted in that thread or any of the other threads you have made to promote your tool with an update on how their SERP positions have changed due to your tool. This leads me to believe that they saw no rank improvement on their sites after paying for it. From first-hand experience, I know how persistent you can be when you want something so I just don't believe you would have let it go if any of them had anything positive to say about the tool.

    If you read the beta thread there are only posts commenting on how the tool performs with regards to creating social media links not how it performs with those social media links ranking your site in search engines. When I read through the post the only two posts I could see that offer any insight into the performance of social media links were the two below and they both point out there is no evidence of social media having any benefit towards ranking.

    In addition to this, you were initially asking $50 per month for this tool. You reached out to me and I pointed out this price was insane and you instantly knocked it down to £30 and I still feel that is massively overpriced considering there is no evidence social signals have any effect on SEO.

    Another thing that makes me think you are only here to try and make some quick money from the community is that you post affiliate links directly on the forum as shown in the screenshot below.

    I know that I post links to my blog on here and my blog contains affiliate links but I had been an active member here for years before I did so and the information I share on my blog had not previously been shared anywhere else and thus provides value to the community.

    In addition, these engines are not free to the GSA community and this is essentially a BST thread so should be in the BST section of the forum to stop you bumping the thread every few days to try scam more people. I'm not sure why it hasn't been moved there but I feel it is unfair for members such as Tim who has been involved in the GSA community for years but his threads are locked in the BST section with no access to the front page of the forum.

    Finally, after you trying to get me to promote your tool for you three times and me rejecting you all three times, you said you don't know why I wouldn't be interested...

    Now you know....the whole thing screams scam/cash grab to me.
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